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Old 05-28-2006, 05:13 AM
adelaide's Avatar
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Location: paris, France
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We can observe on the different pics of the " Cyrillos" that even the Princess in herself isinjured to not assumed her Honorary Presidency, she is showing a tramandous smiling and a true happyness for this event.

A way as another to give lesson of self control and to show how it's important for her to promove the team " Princes of Asturias " before her own personality. My greatest admiration " MADAM "!

Old 05-28-2006, 05:51 AM
LaChicaMadrilena's Avatar
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I like this pic very much, it shows us that Letizia still gets on well with her former companions:)


Old 05-28-2006, 06:45 AM
madeleine victoria's Avatar
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Beautiful Letizia

Wow! what a gorgeous dress! I really love the black dress and the whole outfit. It really suits her.. love her hair also.. and the shoes.. i gotta have a pair of those sandals.. in my opinion, she is probably the most stunning CP in all of Europe! I can't wait for her to be Queen of Spain.. she will be a great queen..:)
Old 05-28-2006, 09:25 AM
LaChicaMadrilena's Avatar
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Hola: video of the Princes visiting the exhibition.

Old 05-28-2006, 01:31 PM
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The more i see of Princess Letizia, the more I like her - down to earth but dignified, intelligent, warm and lovely to look at. What a lovely lady
Old 05-28-2006, 02:51 PM
Lauritas138's Avatar
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She is warm like spanish people in general
Old 05-28-2006, 03:34 PM
adelaide's Avatar
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Location: paris, France
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Originally Posted by Lauritas138
She is warm like spanish people in general
I agree totaly, it's the reason why I find that the Felipe's election is fantastic choice. He hs succeed to find his wife in his country, marvellous! And a wife who knows very well her land mainly whom is totaly found of.:)
Old 05-28-2006, 03:41 PM
princess gertrude's Avatar
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Originally Posted by lucys
I recently read on opinion piece on Diario Critico (no longer posted) in which the writer was discussing many different things about contemporary Spanish politics. He discusses the visits the Prince and Princess are making to the large municipalities of Madrid --municipalities which traditionally were "red" or "republican" Madrid -- and discusses how important it is that they are visiting these cities, and getting such a warm reception, and how important it is to get the future King in front of people and communities the Crown doesn't generally visit and he states that he believes that the responsibility for these very smart visits is Letizia's -- saying it's her sharp journalist's instincts at work. So he apparently would agree with your comment.

In any case, as I have said many times, these two, as a pair, I find so interesting, that I personally would be disappointed if they stopped doing their public acts together.
I totally agree with you. They make a great team and too would be disappointed to not see them together.
Old 05-28-2006, 08:26 PM
Eliza's Avatar
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Location: Singapore, Singapore
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WOW!!! She's stunning and I simply love both her outfit!

Both she and the CP make a great team - more so than most of the other CP couple - they hve this connection that is obvious to all and they come across as really happy to be with the people and happy with what they have to do.

I like to see them together at the various engagements, it's like seeing 2 halves come together.
Old 05-28-2006, 09:11 PM
adelaide's Avatar
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Location: paris, France
Posts: 2,100
in summarising there interact is truely fascinating, IT'S OBVIOUS;

Let us spare that the Princess is very consciencious of it that I beleive.
Old 05-28-2006, 11:41 PM
marezdote's Avatar
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Location: Baltimore, United States
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Two years after their marriage and they seem more in love then ever. Personally I like seeing them together so I don't mind that she doesn't do solo duties. One of the other things I really like about them is they always seem gracious with people and intrested in what is going on. BTW I have loved Letezia's clothes of late! Thanks for the pics everyone!
Old 05-29-2006, 02:23 AM
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 11
i just can think, that something changend with princess letizia in the last months. to me she seems to be happy. she is looking wonderful.
Old 05-29-2006, 02:35 AM
soCal girl's Avatar
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Originally Posted by michi04
i just can think, that something changend with princess letizia in the last months. to me she seems to be happy. she is looking wonderful.
Perhaps it's because she's madly in love with her handsome husband, has a beautiful baby daughter, and she's going to be Queen of a great nation one day.... :p
Old 05-29-2006, 05:27 AM
lula's Avatar
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From seegerpress

Old 05-29-2006, 05:30 AM
LaChicaMadrilena's Avatar
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Originally Posted by lula
From seegerpress
The second one is so cute, I just love them:)

Old 05-29-2006, 05:46 AM
lula's Avatar
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Alcala, city mosaic of cultures, opens the doors Princes

The Alcalá de Henares that will receive the Princes of Asturias next Friday, the 2nd of June, is a city that 2.000 years after the creation like Cómplutum-efeméride that is commemorated this year - the multiculturalidad continues taking as one of principal stamps of identity.

A characteristic that already was demonstrated in the Middle Ages, with the pacific living together of Jews, Moors and Christians and that today, in the beginning of the XXIst century, is kept provided that this city of 205.000 inhabitants is the second one in number of immigrants of the whole Community of Madrid.

The immigrants suppose at present more than 16 per cent of the total population and the trend continues in increase.

Poles and, in minor measurement, Rumanians and citizens proceeding from Europa's countries of the East, principally, have come to Alcala de Henares in the last years looking for a few better conditions of life and they have found them thanks to the character opened of a society who already in the decade of the 60s of last century could receive to the migratory internal movements that took place of massive form in Spain.

These elements do of the city that aspires to be the capital of the culture in the Community of Madrid a mosaic of cultures that coexist and join and, even, they have could assimilate up to turning out to be almost imperceptible.

Anyhow, this multiculturalidad does not deprive him by no means of identity and this one comes given, especially, by quality as the only City Patrimony of the Humanity of the region of Madrid, title that it shows from the year 1998 and that one has supposed before and one later in the configuration and development.

This beautiful city that the cardinal was dreaming Cisneros and was giving to light the first interview of Colon with the Kings Católicos before his first trip towards the ' New World ', encloses exchequers that little by little are started discovering.

The Rectorado of the University of Alcala, which front was ordered Cisneros constructed for the cardinal in 1537, one masterpiece of the celebrated architect Gil de Hontañón, in which Auditorium, every year, the Kings of Spain deliver the Prize Cervantes; or the Corral of Comedies, considered the most ancient theatre of Europe, since it dates back of 1601, they are two of the jewels of this great patrimonial exchequer.

But not everything is a stone in the history and the culture places, because if of something Alcala is proud it is of having been the cradle of the most universal writer of the Castilian letters: Migueel of Cervantes, saint and sign of identity of village that it celebrates every year his 'San Cervantes' on October 9, coinciding with the date of his baptism.

Don Felipe and Dona Letizia will visit the Corral, San Ildefonso's college and the Natal House - museum of Cervantes and will be able to contemplate in it some of the more original and ancient copies of the 'Quijote', since in this place one guards one of the most important collections.
Everything is not spent.The city also is full of present. With an active population who patrols 150.000 persons, Alcala de Henares has grown in the last years more than six per cent in industrial activity and receives every time major number of tourists.
Old 05-29-2006, 06:42 AM
Little_star's Avatar
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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
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Originally Posted by LaChicaMadrilena
I like this pic very much, it shows us that Letizia still gets on well with her former companions:)
I've always thought that must have been one of the hardest parts of her transition. She's gone from asking the questions to being questioned and by people who probably knew her as a work colleague not so long ago! She's handled that really well.
Please give whatever you can to the DEC's Pakistan Floods Appeal. Millions of lives are at risk
Old 05-29-2006, 12:07 PM
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Princes de Asturias will inaugurate the Cervantes Institute of Palermo next the 5 of June P
Palermo will be the fourth Italian city that counts on a Cervantes center after Rome, Milan and Naples

Princes de Asturias will inaugurate the next Monday, 5 of June, the new Cervantes Institute of Palermo, the fourth center that will work in Italy, that already counts on seats in Rome, Milan and Naples. The new siciliano center will count on an ample program of cultural activities in the occasion of its opening. Between the acts they emphasize several round tables with a ten of writers, a work exhibition of art of the Collection Box of Towns, a debate on the coofficial languages of Spain, a concert and a cycle of cinema on the Mediterranean.
The palermitano Cervantes is located in the desacralizada church of Santa Eulalia of the Catalans, constructed in century XIII and modified in 1630 .
Old 05-29-2006, 02:17 PM
Serene Highness
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Location: Vienna, Austria
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Originally Posted by mtbcm

CP Letizia is having the same role that the Queen had in her first years as a Princess, and everything turn out just fine.

Amazing how story repeats, the only difference was that Princess Sofia was considered a snob and unadjusted (nothing more far from truth) for not participating and Prince Felipe is being acused for not letting his wife participate. :(

I do believe that they have no need to go separately, I'm sure in time and in the presence of her husband she will shine with confidance and without shadowing nobody.

As for the comment that she not even goes out with in-laws without her husband present, I do not believe it. I'm sure she does, as she did in the past. She is not a doll to be shown everytime, she's a newly-mother who certainly is granted the privilege to stay home playing and cuddling her daughter if her present in not obligatory.

Sorry, I strongly disagree.
I don't think Letizia's present situation and role comes close to Sophia's situation and role 40 years ago,
when there was still the Franco regime and it was not even certain that the monarchy would be restored.
Sophia and Juan Carlos had a much harder way to go, they had to be very diplomatic and careful in a very delicate situation.

Now - although there may be some critics and anti-monarchy-tendencies like in all countries - there is a largely accepted monarchy
which can be seen whenever Felipe and Letizia are visiting Spanish cities and so on.
Moreover Spanish women - like women all over the world - are more emancipated now than they were in the 60ies.

Letizia has a completely different role to play than Sophia
and therefore it's ridiculous and oldfashioned
when things are done like there hasn't passed almost half a century.
I think it's very strange and transmits a bad picture of the Spanish society in general and the Spanish royal family/Felipe in particular
when a capable woman like Letizia can't be "active", even when she is HP.

All we can do since 2 years - again: since TWO years - is commenting about Letizias look
and speculating how much power she has behind the scenes.

Actually, in public she has been reduced to being nothing more than a fashion doll/decoration piece.
But of course she is not cutting ribbons - that would be too dangerous for the SRF -
showing her DOING something else than applauding her husband, I mean.
Old 05-29-2006, 03:47 PM
lucys's Avatar
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Might I suggest that the Letizia solo or no solo activities conversation be continued on the "opinion of Felipe and Letizia" thread?

Here are a few miscellaneous images from contrast photo from last week.
Attached Images

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