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Old 07-15-2018, 05:59 AM
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Ah but the point is that that estate belong to them now and I bet they took great care of it for in saving all that money, it meant something to them.....maybe a dream come true.
Old 07-15-2018, 09:18 AM
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As interesting as it may be, let us please get back to Queen Margrethe's current events! Thank you!
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Old 08-11-2018, 09:13 AM
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Queen Margrethe is currently on her annual holiday in France at Cayx.

Found this posted on tumblr:

Concert in honor of Prince Henrik of Denmark to be held in the Chateau de Cayroux, France
« The yard of the castle Cayrou will host Saturday, August 11 at 18:30 a piano recital for the benefit of the association “Issa pourquoi pas”. This concert will pay tribute to Prince Henrik of Denmark, a native of Albas, (who died last year) and will be given in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. Sister Catherine de Monpezat (Henrik’s sister) chairs the association which provides school and medical aid to the children of Burkina fasso and Guinea Conakry.

The concert artist Alan Gampel, a pianist of American origin, received at the age of 16 the “Presidential Award” at the White House; he has also been awarded prestigious prizes and gives recitals around the world. Eager to pass on his passion for music to young people, he gave 300 recitals to school children. On the program are works by Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Gerschwin and Brahms. »

‪(Info from La Depeche, a local newspaper)‬

Sorry, I couldn't work out how to do a direct link to the tumbr post so I've just copied and pasted the text - hope that's ok

Prince Henrik always enjoyed hosting the annual concerts there every year in aid of his sister's charities so this is a nice remembrance for him. If I remember correctly the last planned concert had to be cancelled a couple of years ago because France was on a high terrorism security alert at the time.
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Old 08-12-2018, 04:41 AM
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Pictures from this concert with the presence of course of Queen Margrethe

Concert en hommage au prince Henrik de Danemark - Noblesse & Royautés
Old 08-12-2018, 03:13 PM
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Thank you both. It's lovely that they held the concert at Henrik's chateau in France. I can feel an empty patch by Margrethe whenever I see photos of her post Henrik's death. It seems that she has been (publicly) handling the sad occasion well, she's always smiling whenever we see her.
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Old 08-12-2018, 03:55 PM
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Did any of the late Prince Henrik's siblings attend,it must have been sad for the queen to be there without him.
Old 08-12-2018, 05:29 PM
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The above posted blog entry mentions both his sister Catherine, who held a speech, and his youngest brother who played the piano. Right now I can't remember whether Étienne or Jean Baptise is the youngest, but at least we know that two of them attended
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Old 08-15-2018, 03:15 PM
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Summer at Chateau de Cayx with the Queen!!
Old 08-15-2018, 04:26 PM
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A nice gallery with QMII going to the market at Cahors, something she does every year, she's in France and clearly enjoy it.
It's also normal that the press follow her around on one of those trips.

More interesting however are the comments from the locals.

Phillipe Champaign has been selling fish to QMII for many years and he said: "Well, she's alone now. - I condoled to her on her loss." And she responded with a "Merci".
"She is very, very kind. She is queuing up like everybody else."

Bernadette Delcasse sells lavender.
And her stand has been browsed by QMII for years, but this year, QMII took up her purse (that's new. Usually her LiW has been paying.) and bought four bags of lavender.
"There is cocaine in the bags, but don't tell anyone. - I can easily recognize her. I've seen her with her bodyguards and my father went hunting with Prince Henrik many years ago."

Gillies Ballu has been selling cheese to QMII for ten years, and this time she bought three.
"She's very sweet and kind, a very pleasant person. - People know who she is, but are very discreet around her."

Not everyone know her though. A basket-seller didn't know her. QMII's LiW bought a basket and the seller said afterwards: "I was told it was a Queen."
Old 08-16-2018, 07:15 AM
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Today, August 16, Queen Margrethe held a press conference on the occasion of the upcoming state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron at the end of this month. The press conference took place at Chateau de Cayx, and Prince Henrik was therefore one of the main topics:

"Of course, it's different to be here alone. But it's good to be back," she said, "He does not just come to the door asking if we are going to do that or that. I have to make that decision myself. You must learn and live with it, and so do you too. There are many in my age who are in the same situation".

** dailymail: Danish queen: Work helps tackling husband's death **

** BB: Pressemøde på Cayx: Nu fortæller dronningen ** translation **

** Dronningen: Henriks aske er ikke spredt endnu ** translation **

** Første pressemøde i 10 år: Vil dronningen i dag afsløre stor nyhed? ** translation **

** Dronningen om tiden efter prins Henriks død: »Det har været en mærkelig oplevelse« ** translation **

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Old 08-16-2018, 09:49 AM
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Its a beautiful setting but I feel sad for the queen who's all alone there!
Old 08-16-2018, 02:58 PM
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The gist of the press meeting, very briefly, based on articles and comments.

This is not a new start of the old tradition about meeting the press at Cayx every summer.
The only reason for this meeting was practicality. That she prior to a state visit meet with the press of the other country. In this case France. Because the French President will visit DK at the end of this month - and very conveniently Chateau Cayx is located in France.

She does however plan to go visit the chateau more often than just during the summers. But there will be no further visits this year.

There are no specific plans about who is going to take over Cayx. She will leave that to Joachim and Frederik. - Commentators have speculated that this suggests that PH did not make a will in this regard. They also find it most likely that M&F, rather than J&M should take over the place. Partly because the chateau is too small to create much of a surplus, if any. And partly because M&F, especially later on, may wish to have a place where they can remain very anonymous. - I do not agree. I find it likely that should M&F invest in a place where they can be themselves, somewhere in Australia seems more likely.
I believe the chateau will eventually be sold, perhaps to relatives of PH, who have land in the area.

She explained that the death of PH wasn't a sudden shock to her. Things had after all gone down for about 1½ year. She was however glad that he died in a dignified manner. (I.e. IMO that he died before his condition deteriorated seriously.) She also described the support she and her family got from the Danes at the time of the funeral as a "great gift".

She has no plans of abdicating! She likes to have something to do.
Old 08-18-2018, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
A nice gallery with QMII going to the market at Cahors, something she does every year, she's in France and clearly enjoy it.
It's also normal that the press follow her around on one of those trips.
I've always liked those photos of Margrethe at that local market. Although she always knew that the photographers were there, the photos always looked so natural and the Queen looked like the woman next door - just like this year

Here's an additional gallery that includes both some more photos of the trip to the market and the meeting with the press:

** belga gallery **
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Old 08-26-2018, 04:12 PM
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Summary of a very comprehensive press meeting with QMII at Cayx in Billed Bladet #34, 2018.
Written by Trine Larsen.

As you can expect, when QMII opens her mouth something meaningful come out! At this press meeting a lot of meaningful things came out!

First the scans:
Billed Bladet #34, 2018:

And last week, Billed Bladet #33, 2018:

QMII spoke first in excellent French to the French reporters there for the upcoming French state visit.
Then to the Danish reporters.

QMII starts out by saying she looks forward to the visit by the young French President about whom she has been reading up.
She also mentions that it is different being here at the chateau alone.

She explains that it is indeed tradition only to have one state visit to an individual country during a reign, albeit there are lesser official visits here and there as well. But she decided it has been such a long time ago, back in 1978, there was last a state visit from France that it was time to break with the tradition and have a second.

But what will she talk with President Macron about?
She won't have substantial talks as such. The political issues with be handled by the Danish PM, but she looks forward to learn how he is, being a somewhat untraditional politician compared to his predecessors.

QMII very elegantly dodged questions into what she would specifically discuss with President Macron during the visit. Oh, chit chat...

What does it mean to her that now, so shortly after the death of PH, that the first second state visit is from France?
It means that it is someone who understands her affiliation with France who is visiting, more so than someone from another country.

How is it being at the chateau alone?
Well, that's pretty obvious, isn't it? He isn't just coming through the door asking if they should do this or that. But you have to learn to live with it and she is hardly alone in that situation among her friends.

Is it sad coming here?
No, not really. It's after all a lovely place she and her husband created together and were very fond of and with more than 200 members of the Montpezat family around, many of whom live around here, she is hardly alone.

The first birthday, Christmas and so on can be hard. What times might be hard for her?
Not really, because she knew where it was going, but Frederik's birthday meant a lot to her - and that her husband wasn't around to see...

Is she reflecting on her future in the light of the death of her husband?
She takes the days in her stride.

But is that difficult? Now that everything is very different.
Yes, but in contrast to others of her age, QMII still has a job. And that has been a tremendous help. As long as there is something to do, you don't go down.
Being busy has very much helped her. So in the light of that she believe she's coping fine.

How did she experience the days from prior the death of PH and until today?
It was a strange experience because the public support was so very moving. It was a huge support that people spoke so well about PH and remembered him fondly. It was like riding a wave. It was very positive and something that delighted her a lot.

How has her day to day life changed after the death of PH?
Well, they don't do things together anymore.
They were not that much together for the past 1½ year, because he was ill, so it wasn't a sudden shock that he died.

How was the last time?
It was the way it was. But she is very pleased that the end was very dignified and beautiful. And the public support and rallying around the family was a great gift.

How about his decision about not being buried next to her?
He was a free man and she accepts his decision.

She is often reminded about PH when she is going places or as here in France attending a memorial concert, how is that?
Lovely. It's nice that he is remembered fondly and often with humor.

How about the future for Chateau Cayx?
She expect to continue coming her during the summers and perhaps at other times as well.

How about the wine-production?
She isn't without influence but the production has been out-sourced.

What is she doing on a typical holiday?
Getting up and having breakfast. Wandering a bit about the chateau and going to the local market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Will Frederik inherit Chateau Cayx as PH has talked about?
The family, and especially her two sons will work that out over time. For the time being she will not interfere in that discussion at all.

But does she wish for the chateau to remain in the family?
She hope and believe it will.

Has PH's ashes been scattered over the sea and buried at Fredensborg?
It will happen! But not everything is ready yet.

Will she abdicate? Reflecting on now being alone for the past six month?
No, not really. She likes to have something to do and expects to continue doing so.

Has she had visits from Denmark while down here?
Oh, yes, gesturing towards the Danish journalists.

By the family?
No, but Joachim and his family was down there before she arrived, and she has had visits from friends.

She looks really well, despite being alone. How does she cope? Where does she find the strength?
She does because she has a good day to day life to fall back on. And because many people are so very sweet. Both in asking how she is - and in leaving her alone. And that's the way she likes it.

She seems to have a very good support in her family?
Very much so.

Her sisters have been supportive. Will Benedikte have a greater role.
Not really. No more than she is already doing and she also has her own things, apart from coping well after becoming a widow herself.

Will she hand over more responsibility to the next generation?
There are a number of things that she ought to take care of, and that she intents to keep doing.
And it's fine that M&F are more busy.

How is it to seen the oldest grandchild being of age, graduating as high school student, start a military education - and walking the cat-walk?
That's very funny to see. And she is very pleased for him. Also that he got fine grades at the graduation. She is also pleased that he is taking a stint in the military. It's good for a young person to get that training. And it pleased his father so very much! - And also farmor (paternal grandmother) as well!

Him being a model, had she seen that coming?
No, you can't say that! But people do many things.

Nikolai has said that the family was involved in the decision of him joining the army. Was she also involved?
They didn't actually ask her but they were very well aware of her opinion, so that wasn't necessary.
But she is very pleased and sure it will be a good experience for him. It was for her two sons. And she looks forward to seeing him in uniform.

When will that happen?
She doesn't know but it will happen for sure. (New lieutenants go to an audience with the monarch.)

How important is it that M&F visit the Faeroe Islands?
It's an extremely important visit. She is pleased with maintaining the contact to the islands and she is sure they will have a great experience.

Will she go on such trips with the CP-family in the future?
She will certainly go to both Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. Whether she will bring along others from the family has not yet reached the planning stage.

But couldn't it be fun to experience such things with the grandchildren?
Sure, but one thing at a time.


This interview really deserve a full translation, but I simply haven't got time.
Old 08-26-2018, 06:09 PM
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Oh that was wonderful. And I thank you for taking the time. The Queen looked very frail to me in the photos I saw of her. Henrik's death has hit her hard. But from this interview she seems still very strong in the mind and that will keep her going well into the future.
I really do hope and expect the Chateau to remain with the family to share. No reason why it can't pass from generation to generation.
Old 08-26-2018, 06:20 PM
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It sounds as if no decision has been made for sure about who will get it in the future, maybe there is a way it could be owned, or at least used, by both of Henrik's sons.
Old 08-31-2018, 05:26 PM
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Queen Margrethe looked great this evening!

The first of the following links contains a short video of her arrival:

** Rød løber: Aarhus Festuge anno 2018 blev skudt i gang ** translation **

** Dronningen og borgmesteren åbnede festugen: Lad festen begynde! ** translation **
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Old 09-04-2018, 04:28 PM
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The commercial Kanal 5, will show a six episodes docu about conscripts in the Royal Lifeguard Regiment, and as an extra scoop QMII will add a few comments about this regiment that for almost 400 years has been so closely affiliated with the DRF in each of the episodes.

The docu will follow the recruits from day one, until they are eventually dismissed from service. Some of them will stand guard at the royal palaces.
(And a little note that I picked up yesterday: The rate of female conscripts have gone up to 17 % from 7 % ten years ago. Women can in contrast to men volunteer for conscription. That is a right they have and to the delight of the military women seem to have embraced that in ever greater numbers. There are very few considerations made. Women will have to share the same quarters and showers as the men. However, female conscripts can in contrast to men, sign out anytime they want. - Because it is a right for them to serve, not a duty.)

But back to QMII, she is in this article quoted for saying:
"They have to do some things, that other soldiers don't need to learn. (Much more spit and polish.) They don't have much time for it and at the same time they must master the soldierly skills, otherwise there is no point in it."
She is also quoting the favorite sergeant-mantra, so well known to recruits here in DK:
"You can do twice as much as you yourself think you can and ten times as much as your mother think you can."

In the video segment, QMII starts by telling about Frederik's time as a recruit in the regiment. - Which was totally different to what he was used to, even though he had been around guardsmen all his life. - And all of a sudden he was in it himself!"
Old 09-21-2018, 12:47 PM
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H.M. The queen received new ambassadors from Italy, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovenia and Latvia on Friday, 21 September 2018 at Fredensborg Castle.
Ambassadørmodtagelse | Kongehuset
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