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Old 01-17-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by carlota View Post
quita is the most adorable little thing. nice to see alexandra coming to see her ex in laws.
They mantain a very good relationship with each other.

Old 01-17-2013, 04:18 PM
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Quite a lot of details in this weeks issue of BB, so some summaries tonight, the rest tomorrow.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #3, 2013.
Mary og Marie til vinterparty - Mary and Marie to winter-party.
Written by an apparantly freezing Helle Skram de Friis. (It has been pretty cold lately).

A member of the LEGO-family, Anders Kirk Johansen and his wife Anja had a christening Saturday. They actually have a manor in Jutland but like so many of the very rich, they have a huge house in central Copenhagen as well.
Anyway, their child was christened in Esajas Kirke, the church where the Lucia concert with M&F and children was held. Here Augusta-Benedicte Kirk Johansen was baptised. He already has a two year old sister to keep an eje on him.
Mary attended the christening, wearing a long bluish black coat and long boots and holding a Bottega Veneta clutch. She wasn't a godmother. Afterwards she walked from the church with the other guests to the home of the Kirk Johansens and had afternoon tea.

But in the evening there was a party at 20.00 and about 100 guests were there, many of them belonging to the circle of friends of both M&F and M&J.
Joachim and Marie arrived and posed briefly for the waiting photographer. Our Marie dressed warmly in a fur coat with her hand buried deeply in her pocket, the othe holding Joachim's hand. Joachim, being a gentleman, naturally also put his other hand in his pocket in sympathy.
Mary and Frederik rushed past the photographer.
As the caption puts it: Crown Prince Frederik was busy getting inside in the warm, while Crown Princess Mary had time and surplus to smile warmly to the photographer. (*)
Mary also wore a furcoat, that to my untrained eye seems more fashionable than the practical coat Marie wore. Mary's coat had a kind of partings in the lower part, beneath the belt, which offered a view of the short lilac dress she was wearing underneath, very neat, but it can't have been as warm as Marie's.

The Kirk Johansens are friends of M&F but apparantly not so much J&M, even though Joachim has a close relationship to other members of the LEGO-family. But this time they were invited. (**)

Among other friends at the party were:
Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. (She's old nobillity. Bille is a medieval noble name).
Charlotte Velin, with whom Mary goes riding.
Ellen Hillingsøe.
Christel Lüttichau, whose husband is a close friend of Frederik.
Holger Foss with his wife, Rose Gad.
The Buchwald's were there as well.
Pernille and Bendt Tido Wedell.
Anna von Lowsow, with brother Christian Lerche-Lerchenborg (also nobillity) with hs Amalie.
Nina Wedel-Wedellsborg (more nobillity) was also there.

(*) After having read the articles for many years, you can sometimes read between the lines if the journalist is annoyed. In this case it's an example of: We have been freezing our butts blue standing out here, the least you can do is to bloody stop for a few seconds to pose!

(**) It seems to me that Joachim and Marie have begun to socialise much more since Marie became established in DK and in her marriage. Joachim used to associate few, but very close friends and some of the most rich and influential families in DK, but discreetly. Lately they appear to also associate the circle of M&F's friends. - I wonder if this has something to do with Marie? I must confess I can't remember who Joachim and Alexandra associated when they were married..

Old 01-17-2013, 06:41 PM
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thanks Muhler
So Frederik didnt go to the christening? just the party?
I dont blame him for not stopping to pose it looks frezzing in DK
Old 01-18-2013, 03:11 AM
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Here's a very small view on the Billed-Bladet coverage of the christening Muhler has mentioned:

** BILLED-BLADET denne uge - få et smugkig her! **
**** Welcome aboard! ****
Old 01-18-2013, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by polyesco View Post
thanks Muhler
So Frederik didnt go to the christening? just the party?
I dont blame him for not stopping to pose it looks frezzing in DK
No, Frederik didn't attend the christening in the church. Neither did prince Joachim and princess Marie. It was only Mary who attend both the christening in the church and the party in the evening

I bought Billedbladet today and it's annoying that we can't see more of Mary's short lilac dress. It looks very ... sexy I know it's freezing cold in Denmark these days, but dear Mary, you could have arrived without the jacket. Just so we here on TRF could get a little look at your dress
Old 01-18-2013, 05:49 AM
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This is the story about how a relationship between a member of the press and the DRF can evolve into something bordering on genuine friendship.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #03, 2013.
Alexandra tilbage på slottet - Alexandra back to the palace.
Written for Jørgen Kølle by Annelise Weimann.

Jørgen Kølle is a BB photographer, I belive he is also freelance and he had somehow got hold of a 27 kilo halibut which he gave as a present to Prince Henrik around noon last Sunday. (*)
The fish was presented by Jørgen Kølle, while Alexandra happened to be visiting with her two sons.
Jørgen Kølle used (still do?) live close to Schackenborg and as such he and Alexandra know each other well. She greeted him with a: "Oh, how cosy. How are you"? Nikolai and Felix, who also know the photographer well, hugged him.
Prince Henrik was enthusiastic and pretty much salivating at the sight of the fish. The fish-chef, Annegrethe Berg Madsen, who is newly employed and comes from the fishing town of Skagen, was called up.
Prince Henrik said: "I've never seen such a big fish here at Amalienborg before. We must taste it tonight".
Prince Henrik is very fond of food from the sea, unfortunately he has developed allergy agains shellfish.

While there, Prince Henrik's new dachshund puppy, Querida was presented.
Querida apparantly means "my beloved". The last dog, Vega, was run over and killed in November.
Prince Henrik: "It's almost twelve weeks old and (it's) a hairy dachshund just like Vega".

BB is up.

(*) Presumably because they are friends, but also because it's Prince Henrik who is in charge of the cuisine.

Originally Posted by iceflower View Post

Prince Henrik has gotten a large halibut of impressing 27 kg. Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix and Countess Alexandra were at Amalienborg Palace as well when the halibut was delivered. And Henrik proudly presented his new puppy Quita

** ppe gallery ** Prins Henrik fik en kæmpe helleflynder ** translation **

I'll translate.

Jørgen Kølle now seems to live in the town of Næstved on Zealand.

Næstved's court (*) photographer Jørgen Kølle has done it again. Got some fine pictures of his good friend Prince Henrik. And on top of that together with a huge halibut weighing 27 kilos.
How did that come about?

Jørgen Kølle explains:
"I have a good friend who is a skipper on a fishing boat at Rømø (an island next to Jutland). Last week in Skagerak (Between Denmark and Norway) he caught two large halibuts weighing sixteen and 27 kilos respectively. He asked whether I thought it was something Prince Henrik would like, who isn't keen on oysters", says Jørgen Kølle, who has known Prince Henrik for many years.

"I called the Prince Consort and asked whether he wuld like one of the fish.
He would very much like that and it should be the big one", says Jørgen Kølle, who drove from the home in Vejlø, east of Næsteved to Rømø. Put the 27 kilo big fish in the trunk and drove to Amalienborg. Here he was recieved by Prince Henrik, who was being visited by his two grandchildren, the Princes Felix and Nikolai. And everyone naturally wanted to see the big fish. Even Prince Henrik's new dog Quita was interested.

"They were impressed and the boys thought it was fun to see the big fish. It was the largest they had ever seen. I'm pleased with seeing the Prince Consort glad", said Jørgen Kølle to Sjællandske (the newspaper).
Jørgen Kølle has for more than 40 years followed the DRF, especially Queen Ingrid and Prince Henrik with his camera.
The court photographer has sold his royal photos to Billed Bladet.

(*) Not sure it that is a title or whether it's just something the paper calls him.

- I guess we will eventually figure out the right name of the dog.

ADDED: Here are som pics by Jørgen Kølle (translated to English his name means George Club/Mallet:
Old 01-18-2013, 06:33 PM
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While there, Prince Henrik's new dachshund puppy, Querida was presented.
Querida apparantly means "my beloved". The last dog, Vega, was run over and killed in November.
Prince Henrik: "It's almost twelve weeks old and (it's) a hairy dachshund just like Vega".

Querida in portuguese it also means darling or honey, I think it's the same in spanish. I would like to know after which languege the prince named the new puppy!
Old 01-19-2013, 03:37 AM
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Prince Henrik is quoted for saying: "I have a new dog and I've given it a Spanish name. I call it querida, which means my beloved".
Old 01-19-2013, 04:20 PM
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querida is in spanish and it has several meanings: it can mean "mistress" too! althoug I don't think prince Henrik wants to mean that probably
"darling" , or "dear" is more correct translation
Muhler with my respect to you the translation of my beloved is more" mi amada"
but over all I think probably the name is after the dog that he lost and it was very dear for him. and he wanted to honour in someway!
Old 01-20-2013, 03:04 AM
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Thanks for the explanation, Ashelen

The good thing about this forum is that no matter what it is, there is always someone in the know.
Old 01-20-2013, 03:49 AM
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The new thread can be found here

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