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Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson, Current Events 1: September 2002 - May 2004

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? I have often wondered about this and forgot to ask, so here it is now...stupid question. Why doesn't Mary propose to Fred instead of waiting. I would if I was with a guy for two years. Its afterall 2002 and the roles between men and women are changing. I can imagine Mary proposing to Fred outside Marseilsborg Palace or Amaliensborg Castle, getting down on bended knees while QM,Prince Henrik and our dearest, Mr Per Thornit are having a meeting and are shocked when they look outside the window and wonder what on earth is going on. Would anyone of you out there propose to a guy?

I bid you all a very beautiful day with hugs, smiles, love and friendship to everyone.

Jacquelines reply to posts :

Lorissa! That is an absolutely fantastic idea. I never thought about that. If Mary can live with Frederick for months at Amalienborg (sorry if I didn't spell correctly)without their being married, surely she can pop the question. Besides, it does seem that Miss Mary is running the show in this relationship, so she might as well go all the way.

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Frederik and Mary - Picture and News Thread

This article was posted by Rick.

Aussie girl to 'marry' Prince


DENMARK'S Crown Prince Frederik has become engaged to his Australian girlfriend Mary Donaldson, a Danish Television channel has reported.

There has been no confirmation as yest from the palace.
TvDanmark said the pair would marry on May 24 next year, citing political sources.

The royal palace said it "had not heard word of any engagement".

Donaldson, potentially the future Danish Queen, has been dating the prince for two years but has received little or no encouragement from the palace.

Denmark's press has been piling the pressure on Queen Margrethe to extend a welcome to the royal girlfriend.

The pressure has mounted since Margrethe admitted last month that she had not yet met Frederik's girlfriend and that she did not want to talk about his private life.

"Meet her" urged BT newspaper, supporting demands from its readers for Margrethe to make the first gesture and get to know 30-year-old Donaldson.

Frederik, 34, was introduced to Donaldson by Spanish Crown Prince Felipe at a reception in Sydney during the September 2000 Olympics.

In February, the Danish court finally confirmed the two were an item.

Gossip magazines have reported that Donaldson, who often stays in the crown prince's apartments at Copenhagen's Amalienborg Palace, is studying Danish.

Donaldson, a trained lawyer from Tasmania, moved to London last year to be near her father John, an Oxford university professor who married Australian writer Susan Moody after the death of his first wife.

This summer she was installed in an upmarket area of Copenhagen, a kilometre from Amalienborg, where she works for information company Navision, a Danish subsidiary of Microsoft.

Julia :

Hey Rick! Really interesting article...wonder what's keeping the Queen from meeting Mary? Disinterest? Disapproval? Wants Fred to marry someone of royal blood? I can't believe that she hasn't met her informally, that is unofficially, you know?
Have a great day!

Kelly B :

Today's Hello online has a snippet about Fred "stepping nearer to the altar" or something along those lines. I guess this TV channel report has kicked it into high gear. Not sure who these UNNAMED political sources are? But its got the tabs in a tizzy--and that doesn't take much.

THEY say they would get engaged Oct 2 (so Mary can attend the new baby's baptism and hence, over shadow the day--nice move by a potential new aunt!) and be married May 24.
If the palace is preparing for an engagement next week and are currently saying "they know nothing of an engagement", and something does happen....they should really revamp their PR dept.

When will it end?

Julia :

Kelly, it's fairly amazing that the tabs know more about the engagement date as well as the date of the wedding than the palace ...It would be rather overshadowing if Mary and Fred were to be engaged just in time for the baby's christening...not terribly fair.

Have a great day!

Lorissa :

Hey Rick, Kelly,Julia and everyone.

How are you? Thanks Rick so much for posting the article. Kelly and Julia, I agree totally with your posts about the Oct 2 "supposedly" engagement. I don't think that Fred or the palace would overshadow the new baby's christening and announce it then. All these re-hashes and media predictions are simply crazy. Its like the same old stories and rumors again. Poor Mary! It must be frustrating as well as nerve racking waiting for him to propose. You two are funny!
The press seems to know more about Fred's lovelife then the Palace or Fred himself.

Have fun and take care!!!
Robb :

I hope not ! If I were Princess Alexandra I would be
cheesed off even though she's not going to be the Queen
she has been in Denmark longer and had more practice as a Pincess
than Miss Mary! If they are going to be sister-in laws why get off
on the wrong foot? But it looks like Mary has no respect for the queen
either !
How/why would Fred be with someone so minipulative/immature something is "fishy" in that relationship !
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Originally posted by Samantha:


Sydney Confidential
by Peter Holden, Jo Casamento and Naomi Toy
English news,2002 Nationwide news pty ltd

SOME weird stuff is going on in Denmark, where the media is in a frenzy over Prince Frederik's relationship with Tasmanian Mary Donaldson. With the announcement of an engagement expected some time soon, an operative reports that local newspapers and magazines have been contacted by greedy folk from Tassie, purportedly with stories to tell and, more importantly, sell. Another whisper impossible to confirm is that the palace is prepared to buy embarrassing photos, should any exist.

Sam :

New digs step nearer to palace for Mary.

214 words
8 September 2002
Sunday Tasmanian
(c) 2002 Davies Brothers Limited.

TASMANIA'S real-life Cinderella Mary Donaldson has moved a step closer to Denmark's royal castle.

She now lives just a few blocks away.

This is the exclusive portside apartment block in Copenhagen that the former Taroona girl recently moved into.

Ms Donaldson, girlfriend of Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, was also spotted after a lunch engagement in the Danish capital this week.

And, observers assured, she is again wearing that suspiciously "engagement" looking ring.

This follows news during the week that Ms Donaldson, 30, has begun a new job with Danish Microsoft subsidiary Navision.

Ms Donaldson holds a law degree from the University of Tasmania and worked at a real estate agency in Sydney before moving to Denmark several months ago.

She met the 34-year-old prince at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Reports of their budding romance and Mary's move to Denmark, plus rumours of an impending marriage, have been circulating since.

But Mary's move may be a lonely one for now, with Prince Frederik resuming his Military College studies this week.

He travels to Brazil on September 11 and also has an upcoming engagement in New York to receive the Danish-American Society's man of the year award.

Lorissa :

Hey everyone,

Thanks Sam! I'm so glad that you kept your promise and posted
new articles up. I hope that more Tasmanians will be bribed into
spitting out interesting info on Mary. Then we can have some real
"juicy" gossip. Funny about the Palace willing to buy embarrassing pics, thats if they exist? What does everyone think?

The same thing happened a couple of years ago with Australia's media tycoon's heir, James Packer. He was engaged to a actress/model Kate Fisher and she had appeared naked in the movie "Sirens" with Hugh Grant and numerous other modelling assignments. If they were to get
married he was willing to buy up every magazine,movie,etc... that Kate starred in nude. I wonder of there is any nude pics of Mary?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

I bid you all a very beautiful day with hugs, smiles, love and friendship to everyone.

Kelly :

Hello All--I finally got here and the computer-challenged dork I took awhile to get registered...(I know...I's not that hard. Be nice to the dumb girl, please )

Good little tidbit on the potential feeding frenzy in Oz.
I figure it is only a matter of time. EVERYONE has something they would rather not see on the cover of a paper or tabloid.

And when it comes to the payoff, some people may wait until "an announcement" may be made. I mean dirt on a royal girlfriend probably won't pay as well as dirt on a future CP. It's all about economics.
I just have a hunch, don't know where from, but I am sure there are people Mary has trampled over or peeved off who are circling to await their moment for a payoff (financial or emotionally)

Jacqueline :

Thanks for the article Sam.

I think that a few new things about Mary that perhaps aren't that flattering will eventually surface, especially if an engagement is announced. I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I always thought that it was a little strange that absolutely nothing the least bit questionable or for that matter at least interesting has been brought up about Mary. It has always seemed somewhat odd to me. There must be something. I guess that we'll just have wait and see.

Mara :

Bla bla bla... Can we talk about something besides Mary? YUCK! Just kidding. Hey, did anyone hear when Fred is going on Good Morning America? I hope I didn't miss that. Please let me know.

Kelly B :

I haven't heard about the GMA appearance at all. It's not getting alot of promotion. What am I saying--any promotion.
I did hear he is hosting a party this Sunday at BB Kings--which is kind of a cheesy concert (overpriced too) hall in Times Square. I was suprised that this place would be chosen to host a party. If you want down home fun, it's one thing, but this is just cheeseball, as they say.

Perhaps there is nothing about Mary that is very interesting. Dirt or even normal information. She is pretty boring, so far. The whole thing about the palace willing to buy off pics or info---not sure if its true--but it's funny.

Jacqueline :

Hi everyone!

No matter how hard someone tries to inform himself or herself, it really doesn't matter, especially when the proper authorities can't even provide you with the information that you need in order to remain informed of current events. Okay, I know that this sounds a little odd, but I am speaking in regards to Fred's appearance on GMA.

I went to the GMA website and I didn't find anything about Fred on the website. I didn't even find something pertaining to the show's schedule and topics for the week. I e-mailed a friend and asked him if he has heard anything about it, since he watches the show daily and he has heard nothing. He said that he would call the show and find out the list of topics for the week. Well, when he called and entered the correct key on the menu that gives detailed information on the week's schedule, he found that the recording did give detailed information about the week's shows-details that go all the way back to the week of May 6. Can you believe that? No one has updated the automated phone system since the beginning of May. I think that my friend said that this particular week was supposedly, "Blast from the Past" week. Whatever. It must have been some week. Honestly, the fact that they are still giving information out on the week of May 6 is a "blast from the past" in itself.

That is just plain horrible. I guess that some of us will never know, especially since the week is almost over.I am very disappointed in GMA. I am sorry everyone. I wish that I had more information. But, GMA just will not cooperate with the public. I guess they're really busy.
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Well, LC had said that he would be appearing on GMA later this month. Well, today is the last day of the month. But the saddest thing is that he was in NYC probably talking with them and noone knew anything about it. Its very sad.

Well, I guess we will soon see what will happen. They should be "engaged" (if that's true) in 2 days. I highly doubt that will happen. I just really find it odd that they would marry May 24th. That's just a couple of days before his birthday. Oh well. :?
Old 09-30-2002, 03:10 PM
Kelly B
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Something on the SRMB said that he pulled out of his appearance at ABC because they wanted to discuss Mary and Greenland and not some other topic. Who knows what the real story was? They didn't promote it at I guess it was never a featured or "hot" story for the program.
Old 09-30-2002, 03:26 PM
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It was the 200 year anniversary of author Hans Christian Andersen. That is what he was supposed to be on there for. I don't blame him for pulling out at all. That really bites that they can't stay on subject.
Old 10-03-2002, 07:30 AM
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(or as always, the press was wrong)

Taken from .......... abuzz at wedding rumours
October 3 2002<img border='0' alt='image'src=>

Mary Donaldson and Prince Frederik of Denmark.

The Danish palace was tight-lipped over rumours that it was set to announce the engagement of Crown Prince Frederik to Australian girlfriend Mary Donaldson, denying that such an announcement was due.

"There will be no announcement today [Wednesday] or in the near future," said the personal secretary to the prince, Per Thornit, dismissing reports of an imminent royal statement as "speculation invented by the media".

A report on Danish television channel TvDanmark2 last week said that, on Wednesday, Frederik would announce his intention to marry Ms Donaldson in May, quoting sources from the interior ministry and royal palace.

Photographers and television crews have set up camp outside Copenhagen's Christianborg Castle - the seat of government where there is also a royal apartment - where Queen Margrethe was meeting Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and other senior ministers on Wednesday.

Speculation was high that the monarch was presenting Ms Donaldson to the Danish Government - a constitutional formality before any royal engagement can be officially announced.

But royal court chamberlain Soeren Haslund-Christensen denied that Ms Donaldson was with the queen, insisting "there is nothing new on this matter".

The prince said last week that reports of his engagement were premature, appealing for the media to halt speculation over his private life.

Danes have welcomed Ms Donaldson with open arms, apparently unperturbed by the possibility of an Australian one day becoming their queen.

She has dated the prince for two years but has received little or no encouragement from the palace. Queen Margrethe, the reigning monarch, admitted last month that she had not yet met Ms Donaldson.

Frederik, 34, was introduced to Ms Donaldson by Spanish Crown Prince Felipe at a reception in Sydney during the September 2000 Olympics.

In February, the Danish court finally confirmed the two were an item.

Old 10-05-2002, 06:31 AM
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Mary's big day draws near.

489 words
27 September 2002
Hobart Mercury
(c) 2002 Davies Brothers Limited

THE excitement is mounting in Denmark that after a fairytale romance Tasmania's Mary Donaldson will finally become engaged to Crown Prince Frederik next week.

Danish television station TvDanmark reported on Wednesday night that the pair would marry on May 24 - the same date his grandparents were married. The report, which led the evening news, sent the Danish media into a frenzy.

In the country where she could end up Queen, Ms Donaldson is fast becoming the equivalent of Princess Diana, with paparazzi following her every move. She regularly makes headlines and the front covers of European magazines.

The couple have just returned from an eight-day holiday in Brazil and Prince Frederik is in New York alone until Monday when he will return for Tuesday's resumption of Parliament.

TvDanmark head of news Jens Hobsgaard, who broke the exclusive story, said "political sources" had told him there would be an official announcement of the couple's engagement next Wednesday.

"We think our sources are quite reliable," Mr Hobsgaard said in Copenhagen last night.

Mr Hobsgaard said Ms Donaldson was the first girlfriend Prince Frederik had been seen with in public.

"He used to hide his girlfriends from the press and slide off somewhere but now he is showing Denmark and the world, `Here is my bride'," he said. "If they become engaged, she will be able to attend the christening of the prince's nephew on Friday.

Mr Hobsgaard said the only word Mary had uttered to the media was "Hi".

"We don't know her, we don't even know her voice, but she is extremely popular," he said.

A journalist with national broadcaster Television 2, Gitta Didriksen, last night said all television channels believed an engagement announcement was imminent.

"We will not broadcast it until we have confirmation but all the magazines are asking will they or won't they say something on Wednesday," Ms Didriksen said.

"We have to be very serious but there is huge interest in Denmark and everybody is positive she is the right girl for him."

However, the co-editor of the weekly magazine Billed Bladet, Peter Juul last night poured cold water on the likelihood of an announcement next Wednesday.

"Nobody believes it, no one takes it seriously but May 24 would be the perfect date because that was when his grandparents married," Mr Juul said.

He was adamant that no announcement would be forthcoming because of the christening of Prince Joachim's second son today week, which will be televised, and Parliament resuming next Tuesday.

Prince Joachim is Prince Frederik's younger brother.

"Personally I don't think there will be an engagement until the New Year," Mr Juul said.

Ms Donaldson, 30, who grew up at Taroona and has a law degree from the University of Tasmania, met the 34-year-old Prince at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Document mrcury0020020927dy9r00003
Old 10-05-2002, 06:33 AM
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OBSERVER - Just princely Boulevard.

130 words
12 September 2002
Financial Times
(c) 2002 Financial Times Limited. All Rights Reserved

Who says life is difficult for non-European Union nationals entering Denmark (new this year: tough immigration rules)?

Mary Donaldson, 30, a professor's daughter from Tasmania, arrived recently armed with a degree in law, a brief career in property and a photogenic personality. What is more, she has landed a job at Microsoft's European headquarters in Vadbaek, north of Copenhagen.

Oh, and incidentally, she is dating the dashing Crown Prince Frederik, Denmark's most eligible bachelor, who has a new job at the Danish defence command, also in Vadbaek.

If Donaldson is facing any bothersome red tape, it may not be for long. Denmark's tabloids reckon a royal wedding is imminent. And royals, unlike commoners, do not need work permits.

Europe Edition 1.

Document ftft000020020912dy9c0005p
Old 10-05-2002, 06:35 AM
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Cool it, says Mary's prince.

313 words
28 September 2002
Hobart Mercury
(c) 2002 Davies Brothers Limited

DENMARK'S Crown Prince Frederik early today said that reports of his engagement with Tasmanian girlfriend Mary Donaldson were premature and appealed for the media to halt speculation over his private life.

The visibly annoyed prince appeared on Danish television to issue the rebuke to the local media, which has been piling pressure on the 34-year-old to take the plunge and announce his intention to wed his popular girlfriend.

"If it were true there would be a statement either from me or from the royal palace," Frederik, who is in New York, insisted, appealing for the media to "examine their conscience from time to time".

"It's funny that I have to comment on rumours that the press itself has come up with," he added in comments broadcast on DR public television.

Danes have welcomed Ms Donaldson with open arms, apparently unperturbed by the possibility of an Australian one day becoming their queen.

The Danish royal family already includes a non-Dane, after Frederik's younger brother, Prince Joachim. married Princess Alexandra, originally from Hong Kong, in 1995.

A report on Danish television channel TvDanmark on Wednesday said that Frederik next week would announce his intention to marry Ms Donaldson next May, but the royal palace refused to comment on the report at the time.

Ms Donaldson has dated the prince for two years but has received little or no encouragement from the palace.

Denmark's press has been urging Queen Margrethe to extend a welcome to the royal girlfriend after the reigning monarch admitted last month that she had not yet met Ms Donaldson and that she did not want to talk about her son's private life.

"Meet her," urged BT newspaper, supporting demands from its readers for Margrethe to make the first gesture and get to know 30-year-old Ms Donaldson.

Document mrcury0020020928dy9s00004
Old 10-05-2002, 06:39 AM
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Castles, wars and a Hamlet touch.

By Scott Fraser.
780 words
29 September 2002
Sunday Herald Sun
(c) 2002 Herald and Weekly Times Limited

"TO be or not to be?" What else could possibly come to mind when standing on the ramparts of the well-preserved, grey sandstone, green copper-roofed castle called Kronborg? It was built in the 15th century to ensure taxes were paid by ships passing through the sound between today's Denmark and Sweden to the Baltic Sea.

The story of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, was fictional, yet Shakespeare drew on a legend.

He was able to build a mental picture of a Danish castle from a description an actor friend brought back from the township of Helsingor (Elsinore).

It's a big, impressive, solid place - simply billed as Hamlet's Castle - set on a low promontory at the end of a small bay housing a harbour from which busy ferries ply back and forth to the twin Swedish town on the opposite shore.

These fortifications - portals, guard houses, a moat, drawbridge and ramparts - form one of several castles and palaces explored by Australians whose interest in the Danish royal family has been increased by suggestions of romance between Crown Prince Frederik and Sydney real estate agent Mary Donaldson.

Much of this building is open to the public, including the Royal Apartments. It also houses a maritime museum said to be one of the oldest in the world. Not far away, but inland, is Fredensborg Palace, built at the end of an 18th century war with Sweden as the "Castle of Peace".

More a country mansion than a castle, it has long, straight avenues radiating through parkland towards a lake and small pavilions. Tourist buses park in a satellite township that is home to courtiers and other staff.

Because Fredensborg remains an active royal residence, the family's country estate, it is open to visitors only at limited times and in a limited way.

The main royal residence in Copenhagen is a nondescript three-storey building.

So, to gain an insight into Danish royal life, most travellers linger longest at the 17th century Renaissance-era Frederiksborg Castle, parts of which had to be renovated after a fire in 1859.

This does look like a fortress, with imposing tall, brick towers and spires peeking over the surrounding forests and dominating the township of Hillerod.

The castle is set defensively on islands in the middle of a lake creating a natural moat, and you reach it through a series of terraces, gates set in thick walls and enclosed cobbled courtyards.

The perfect design for fighting desperate, back-to-the-wall battles, you think. But it is such a pretty place.

The walls are set with statues and reliefs, broken by colonnades, while water sparkles from fountains, cream bricks form decorative patterns in the dominant red, and sunlight glistens on ancient copper-clad roofs that have long since turned green with age.

Behind the main building is a reconstruction of the Baroque Garden, cascades and lake.

Picking up a self-guided tour booklet, I enter one of the four prominent corner towers of the main courtyard, stair turrets linking different levels of the buildings.

I find myself climbing a spiral staircase lined with shields presented to members of the Ancient Order of the Elephant, a royal brotherhood similar to the English Order of the Garter.

I'm told that the Danes had not seen elephants when the order was formed, but knew from stories they were strong and intelligent.

The staircase opens at balcony level to the stunning Lutheran Kirk, still the parish church.

It also is used for coronations and such events - lined with frescoes, shields and paintings, its elaborate woodwork is highlighted by the sunlight that streams through stained-glass windows.

Beyond the kirk, up and down more stairs, the guided tour passes through room after room of art treasures set beneath painted and carved ceilings.

It is a designated museum of Danish national art.

Many of the portraits depict members of the royal family.

You realise it matters little in the Danish scheme of things whether or not the family is soon expected to include an Australian. This is another world.

Snapshot HOW TO GET THERE: Copenhagen International Airport is serviced by more than 60 international airlines.

Lufthansa flies daily from Melbourne, via Singapore and Frankfurt. Scandinavian Airlines goes via Bangkok.

Take the coastal train from Copenhagen Central Station to the Zealand region, home to many of Denmark's finest castles.

UPSIDE: Great beers, seafood and good Danish pastry.

DOWNSIDE: Off the beaten track for those on the Euro trail - and a lot of pickled herring.


Religion: Evangelical Lutheran.

Population: 5,312,000.

Capital: Copenhagen.

Document suhers0020020928dy9t000m3
Old 10-11-2002, 11:47 AM
samitude's Avatar
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Thank you for posting this article. I am wondering one thing, though. I keep reading that Mary is taking lessons in the Danish language and Denmark's art and culture. How do people actually know this? I know when Maxima was reported as having a private tutor there was a picture of her with the tutor, etc.
Sylvia M.
Old 10-11-2002, 11:56 PM
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Thanks for the article Lorissa. It seems to basically repeat many of the same things that we have been hearing, but I must admit that it is one of the more well constructed articles that I have read about Mary (and Fred). Thanks for sharing it with us.
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
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I agree Robb. I thought that the fact that photographers other than those requested by the bride and groom or their families were there was a bit odd as well. My guess would be that someone tipped off the press that Mary's friend was getting married and that she would be there as a member of the wedding party and Fred would be with her.

There are a lot of different scenarios:

....Mary could have told someone at work that she was going home for a friend's wedding simply in passing.
....Mary could have mentioned it to a new friend that she has made in Denmark.
....Someone in Australia who most likely attended the wedding could have tipped off the press about Mary and Fred being in town for the wedding. (I would bet that this is most likely what happened)
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
Old 11-06-2002, 04:18 PM
Kelly B
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Too bad someone tipped the press off. I feel bad for the bride. It was her day and the cameras in the street were taking pictures of one of her bridesmaids. Embarassing for Mary as well, I would think.
Old 11-07-2002, 02:59 AM
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I agree, very embarassing for Mary and sad for the bride. I guess the excitement for Mary's imminent engagement with the prince is just so high in Australia that when the press heard they'll be at a wedding there, they just forgot all about manners and common decency and turned the wedding into a Mary & Fred show. I just hope someone said "I'm sorry" to the bride.
Old 11-08-2002, 06:23 AM
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Hey Robb,

How are you? Interesting point. I wonder how the Journalists find out so soon about the Wedding in Sydney. Poor bride having her wedding ruined by all these Journalists. I would be mad if it was me. :roll: :x
Old 11-08-2002, 11:02 PM
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I hope that Mary gave the bride and the groom and a really nice wedding gift. Of course, it wouldn't take back the media blitz on their day, but getting a useless gift after having your wedding day ruined doesn't help the situation any.
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
Old 11-09-2002, 12:32 AM
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I kinda have mixed feelings about the topic.
Yes, it was the bride and groom's special day. However, the bride had to have known about the "Mary-Frenzy" in Denmark and abroad when she asked her to be in her wedding party. I'm sure the bride considered the possibility that the papparazzi (sp?) might show up. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. In this case, friendship was more important.
Old 11-09-2002, 02:57 AM
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Hey Everyone,

All this Mary has seemed very cool and always "smirking" as many have noted towards the Photographers and Journalists, seems like she is finally showing annoyance and her true self?. Can Mary handle the media following her constantly? :? :roll:

"Marqueeing time at cup"

by Mike Edmons, Peta Hellard and Luke Dennehy 6 November, 2002 Herald-sun

NOT at all happy to be photographed were Danish Crown Prince Frederik and his Tasmanian girlfriend Mary Donaldson, who began their day in style at the Moet and Chandon marquee.

Their two besuited security guards stepped in every time a camera was pointed their way. And when The Eye dodged the security boys to ask Donaldson, a Sydney real estate agent before romance blossomed with the Prince at the 2000 Olympics, who had designed her brown lace dress, she was less than friendly.

"It's a Danish designer," she said. Yes, but which one? "Just write that it's a Danish designer, OK," she snapped rudely, before pointedly turning away.

Thanks for that, princess.
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