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List monarchs of Austria

The House of Babenberg (976-1246)
Leopold I: 976-994
Heinrich I: 994-1018
Adalbert: 1018-1055
Ernst: 1055-1075
Leopold II: 1075-1095
Leopold III (the Saint): 1095-1136
Leopold IV: 1136-1141
Duke Heinrich II "Jasomirgott": 1141-1177
Leopold V "the Virtuous": 1177-1194
Friedrich I: 1195-1198
Leopold VI "the Glorious": 1198-1230
Friedrich II "the Quarrelsome": 1230-1246

The Interregnum period (1246-1273)
King Ottokar II of Bohemia: 1252-1278

The Early Habsburgs (1273-1440)

Rudolf I: 1273-1291 (note the overlap)
Albrecht I: 1291-1308
Friedrich I "the Handsome": 1308-1330
Albrecht II: 1335-1358
Rudolf IV "the Magnanimous": 1358-1365
Albrecht III: 1365-1395
Albrecht IV: 1395-1404
Albrecht V (Emperor Albrecht II): 1411-1439

The Holy Roman Emperors from the House of Habsburg

Friedrich III: 1440-1493
Maximilian I: 1493-1519
Karl V: 1519-1521
Ferdinand I: 1521-1564
Maximilian II: 1564-1576
Rudolf II: 1576-1612
Matthias: 1612-1619
Ferdinand II: 1619-1637
Ferdinand III: 1637-1657
Leopold I: 1658-1705
Joseph I: 1705-1711
Karl VI: 1711-1740
Maria Theresia: 1740-1780 (starts line of "Habsburg-Lothringen")
Joseph II: 1765-1790
Leopold II: 1790-1792
Franz II: 1792-1806 (resigned and started his own Empire)

  1. Franz I of Austria (previously Franz II of the Holy Roman Empire): (1806-1835) m. 1.Elisabeth of Württemberg 2.Maria Teresa of Naples and Sicily 3.Maria Ludovika Beatrix of Modena 4.Caroline Augusta of Bavaria
  2. Ferdinand I (1835-1848) m. Maria Anna of Savoy
  3. Franz Josef I (1848-1916) m. Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria
  4. Karl I (1916-1918) m. Zita of Bourbon-Parma
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Leopold I became heir apparent in 1654 by the demise of his elder brother Ferdinand IV. Elected in 1658, Leopold became the longest reigning Habsburg emperor (at 46 years and 9 months).
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Old 12-02-2022, 05:15 AM
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Leopold I commemorated the defeat of the Turks
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list of rulers

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