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Old 10-26-2017, 02:37 PM
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This is totally random but I think my favorite prince is Albert the Navigator. I love what he said about the world needed more intellectuals and less princes, though I have nothing against princes, per say!

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Old 12-05-2017, 08:36 PM
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Oberto Grimaldi

I just created this page on Wikipedia. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If this genealogy from Gustave Saige is correct, then Oberto was the great-great-grandfather of Francesco (François) Grimaldi.

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Old 12-05-2017, 08:41 PM
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In what year was Oberto born?

After Princess Charlotte divorced Prince Pierre, did he discard the name of Grimaldi and go back to his original surname of Polignac?

Ercole Grimaldi, Marquis of Baux was the heir of Prince Honore II.
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Old 07-28-2019, 02:21 PM
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List of monarchs of Monaco

Lords of Monaco
François Grimaldi (seized the Rock of Monaco, never reigned) – 1297
Rainier I, Lord of Cagnes (cousin of François) – 1297-1301

Under Genoese control – 1301-1331

Charles I* (son of Rainier I) – 1331-1357
Antonio* (brother of Rainier I) – 1352-1357
Rainier II* (son of Charles I) – 1352-1357
Gabriel* (son of Charles I) – 1352-1357
*joint rulers

Under Genoese control – 1357-1395

Louis (son of Charles I, jointly with Jean I) – 1395
Jean I (son of Rainier II, jointly with Louis) – 1395

Under Genoese control – 1395-1397

Louis (2nd reign, son of Charles I) – 1397-1402

Under Genoese contro – 1402-1419

Ambroise of Menton* (son of Rainier II) – 1419-1427
Antonie of Roquebrune* (son of Rainier II) – 1419-1427
Jean I* (2nd reign, son of Rainier II – 1419-1436
*joint rulers

Under Duchy of Milan control – October, 1436-November, 1436

Jean I (3rd reign, son of Rainier II) – 1436-1454
Catalan (son of Jean I) – 1454-1457
Claudine (daughter of Catalan) – 1457-1458
Pomelline Fregoso* – 1457-1458
*Regent for Claudine

Lambert (husband of Claudine) – 1458-1494
Jean II (son of Lambert and Claudine) – 1494-1505
Lucien (son of Lambert and Claudine) – 1505-1523
Honoré I (son of Lucien) – 1523-1581
Augustine Grimaldi* – 1523-1532
Nicholas Grimaldi* – 1532
Étienne Grimaldi* – 1532-1540
*Regents for Honoré I

Charles II (son of Honoré I) – 1581-1589
Hercule (son of Honoré I) – 1589-1604
Honoré II (son of Hercule, last Lord of Monaco) – 1604-1662
Prince Francis Landi of Valdetare* – 1604-1616
*Regent for Honoré II

Princes of Monaco
Honoré II (son of Hercule, became first Prince of Monaco in 1612) – 1604-1662
Louis I (grandson of Honoré II) – 1662-1701
Antonio I (son of Louis I) – 1701-1731
Louise-Hippolyte (daughter of Antonio I) – 1731
Jacques I* – 1731
*Regent for Louise-Hippolyte

Jacques I (husband of Louise-Hippolyte) – 1731-1733
Honoré III (son of Jacques I and Louise-Hippolyte) – 1733-1793
Chevalier de Grimaldi* – 1732-1784
*Regent for Honoré III

Annexed by France – 1793-1814

Honoré IV (son of Honoré III) – 1814-1819
Joseph Marie Jerôme Honoré Grimaldi* – 1814
*Regent for Honoré IV

State Council* – 1814-1819
*Ruled for Honoré IV

Honoré V* – 1815-1819
*Regent for his father

Honoré V (son of Honoré IV) – 1819-1841
Florestan I (brother of Honoré V) – 1841-1856
Charles III (son of Florestan I) – 1856-1889
Albert I (son of Charles III) – 1889-1922
Louis II (son of Albert I) – 1922-1949
Rainier III (grandson of Louis II) – 1949-2005
Albert II* – 2005
*Regent for his father

Albert II (son of Rainier III) – 2005-present

My blogs about monarchies
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