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September 2007 Newsletter: Queen Victoria and King Christian's descendants

In February, King Harald of Norway turned 70, and celebrated with a party. In July, his wife did the same. And now on September 11th, his cousin’s wife, Queen Paola, will also turn 70. The celebrations will be a bit different than the large gatherings of European royals the Norwegians hosted, but with the programme, we think it looks to be an interesting set of events.

As you can see above, the ties that bring the European royals together isn’t just the fact that they’re all in the same boat when it comes to a career. Most of them are also related by blood. King Harald and King Albert’s mothers were sisters, Märtha and Astrid of Sweden. King Carl Gustav & Queen Margrethe are another set of royal first cousins.

These days, not all are as closely related as that, but most of them are related to either two or all of the following people: Queen Victoria of Great Britain, and her consort Prince Albert, King Christian IX of Denmark and his consort, Queen Louise. We have chosen to put focus on them in this issue.

We'd like to thank Empress, kwanfan and Anna R, who all have helped.

We hope you enjoy.

Avalon, Norwegianne & Zonk.

PS. If you think that there is a topic we should cover in the future, let us know!

We are currently looking for Picture of the Month Representative for Sweden, as well as Picture of the Month Committee members for several other countries. If you are interested and think you've got what it takes (time, balanced and unbiased view, team-work ability and nerves), please contact Mandy, Ysbel or Empress, or any of the Administrators.

New Venture at TRF

We are really excited to announce that starting next month, TRF will be unveiling its articles section. It will allow us to explore topics in more depth and give our members another outlet for their talents. Back in June, ysbel suggested that we add this new area to our forum. We approached Andy with the idea, and he has enhanced our forum, along with some of his other forums, with new software to enable us to do so.

We are proud to say that we have some very talented writers among our membership. A few invited articles are ready to be published, with topics including Princess Diana, Princess Grace, republican alternatives to the British monarchy, and the problems facing commoners who marry into royal families. Articles in the works include some historical articles about French, German, and Spanish royals, an article about royal deaths, a look at some royal homes, and an affectionate tribute to Princess Margaret.

If you are a writer at heart and want to participate in and contribute to this new venture, you can send a private message to any of the editors: Avalon, Elspeth, Ennyllorac, Mandy, and ysbel. Also feel free to contact any of the TRF administrators if you have any ideas or suggestions. The guidelines for article submission can be found in the Announcement Section of the forum.

Happy Writing!


Editor in Chief
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02.08 - Birthday of Charlotte Casiraghi (1986)
02.08 - Birthday of Princess Christina Mrs Magnuson (1943)
03.08 - Birthday of Prince Louis of Luxembourg (1986)
05.08 - Birthday of Princess Irene of the Netherlands (1939)
06.08 - Birthday of Columbus Taylor (1994)
08.08 - Birthday of Princess Beatrice of York (1988)
11.08 - Birthday of Princess Mabel van Oranje-Nassau (1960)
12.08 - Birthday of Achileas Andreas, Prince of Greece and Denmark (2000)
12.08 - Birthday of Princess Sarah of Jordan (1978)
12.08 - Birthday of Queen Sirikit of Thailand (1932)
13.08 - Birthday of Princess Rahma of Jordan (1969)
15.08 - Birthday of The Princess Royal (1950)
16.08 - Birthday of Duke Paul-Vladimir of Oldenburg (1969)
16.08 - Birthday of Princess Luisa of Savoy (2006)
16.08 - Birthday of Countess Ingrid Alexandra Irma Astrid Benedikte von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth (2003)
19.08 - Birthday of The Duchess of Anhalt (1961)
19.08 - Birthday of Prince Philipp Erasmus of Liechtenstein (1946)
19.08 - Birthday of Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway (1973)
20.08 - Birthday of Prince Gabriel of Belgium (2003)
21.08 - Birthday of King Mohammed VI of Morocco (1963)
23.08 - Birthday of Queen Noor of Jordan (1951)
24.08 - Birthday of Alexandre Eric Stéphane Coste (2003)
26.08 - Birthday of Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester (1944)
26.08 - Birthday of Princess Maria-Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1988)
28.08 - Birthday of Prince Nikolai of Denmark (1999)
30.08 - Birthday of Princess Lilian, the Duchess of Halland (1915)
30.08 - Birthday of Former Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (born Princess of Denmark) (1946)
31.08 - Birthday of Queen Rania of Jordan (1970)

Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries
04.08 - Prince Faisal and Princess Aliya of Jordan (1987)
06.08 - Prince Manuel of Bavaria and Princess Anna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (2005)09.08 - Duchess Fleur of Wurttemberg and Count Moritz von Goess (2003)
13.08 - Princess Xenia of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Max Soltmann (2005)
25.08 - Crown Prince Haakon of Norway & Mette-Marit Tjessem Hřiby (2001)
27.08 - Prince Pieter Christiaan of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven and Anita Theodora van Eijk (2005)
27.08 - Lady Huda Bahaaul Bulqiah to Muhammad Suhaimi - August 2006 (2006)
29.08 - King Harald of Norway and Sonja Haraldsen (1968)30.08 - Prince Ferdinand-Maximilian zu Ysenburg und Büdingen & Sophie De Bois (2003)

Other Events of Note
07.08 – Anniversary of Enthronement Ceremony of King Albert II of Belgium (1993)
07.08 – Haakon and Mette-Marit's visit to Tromsř and Troms
12.08 – 18.08 – World Water Week
25.08 – Christening of Emma van Vollenhoven
31.08 – 10th Death Anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales - Memorial Service

King Albert II is forming a New Goverment
Remains of Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria might have been found

Princess Haya is pregnant!
Engagement Announcement of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly

Italian Vacation of the Jordanian Royal Family
Summer Holidays of the Swedish Royal Family
Vacations of Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg
Fotoshoot Grĺsten Slot of the Danish Royal Family

Vacations of the Belgian Royal Family in Indonesia
Summer Vacations of the Spanish Royal Family in Palma de Mallorca
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September 1st - Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
September 3rd - Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia
September 5th - Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi
September 6th - Prince Hisahito of Japan
September 7th - Prince Rudolf Ferdinand of Liechtenstein
September 8th - Duke Paul Marie of Oldenburg
September 11th - Princess Kiko of Japan
September 11th - Queen Paola of Belgium
September 11th - Prince Talal of Jordan
September 11th - Princess Iman of Iran
September 12th - Prince Mohammed of Jordan
September 13th - Princess Astrid of Liechtenstein
September 13th - Archduchesses Monika and Michaela of Austria
September 14th - Count Friedrich Richard Oscar Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth
September 15th - Prince Henry of Great Britain
September 15th - Crown Princess Letizia of Austrias
September 15th - Princess Jalilah of Jordan
September 17th - Odysseas Kimon, Prince of Greece and Denmark
September 17th - Duchess Rixa Marie-Alix of Oldenburg
September 17th - Crown Princess Pavlos Marie-Chantal of Greece and Denmark
September 22nd - Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
September 23rd - Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna of Russia
September 25th - Prince Johan Friso van Oranje-Nassau
September 26th - Princess Salma of Jordan
September 27th - Princess Iman of Jordan
September 29th - Baroness Christina Louise Silfverschiold
September 29th - Juan Urdangarín y Bórbon
September 30th - Princess Maria-Esmeralda of Belgium
September 30th - Ari Behn

Wedding Anniversaries

Sepember 4th -
September 7th -
September 8th -
September 9th -
September 10th -
September 10th -
September 11th -
September 12th -
September 13th -
September 15th -
September 16th -
September 18th -
September 18th -
September 19th -
September 21st -
September 22nd -
September 24th -
September 25th -
September 25th -
Sepember 27th -
September 29th -

Special Occasions

September 13th - Princess Grace of Monaco dies 25 years ago
September 15th - Enthronement Ceremony Anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
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When Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of King George IV, died, the unmarried sons of King George III scrambled to marry, to guarantee the line of the succession. However only one of those marriages, the union of Edward, the Duke of Kent and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld produced a child – Alexandrina Victoria, future Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India. When the little girl learnt she might become a Queen one day, she was silent for a minute, before telling her nanny: “I’ll be good” – she certainly kept that promise.
Upon King William IV's accession to the throne, Victoria became heiress presumptive. William was fond of his niece, but he disliked his sister-in-law, and all he wanted was to ‘live long to see Princess Victoria’s eighteenth birthday”, to avoid her mother’s regency. He got his wish – William died 4 weeks after Victoria’s 18th birthday. That was the beginning of what will be known in history as the Victorian Era.

Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert. Whole their life they were a great support for each other: Albert was her rock and was behind or influenced most of her decisions. Victoria made the Parliament grant Prince Albert the title of the Prince Consort, which would give him more substantial and certain role.
They marriage produced 9 children and all of them, except Princess Louise, married members of European Royal Families, which earned Victoria the affectionate nickname “the grandmother of Europe”. Currently quite a few Monarchs (or former Monarchs) are descendant from Victoria – The Queen of the United Kingdom, the King of Norway, the King of Sweden, the Queen of Denmark, the King and Queen of Spain, the King of Greece and the King of Romania. Also descendants are the pretenders to the thrones of Russia, Serbia, Prussia, Germany, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Hanover, Hesse and Baden.

Queen Victoria's reign marked the gradual establishment of modern constitutional monarchy. Her monarchy placed a strong emphasis on morality and family values, created for Britain the concept of the 'family monarchy'.
Internationally Victoria was a major figure, not just in image or in terms of Britain's influence through the empire, but also because of family links throughout Europe's royal families.
Her less positive legacy is hemophilia: Victoria was the first known carrier of hemophilia in the royal line. Victoria herself was a carrier, as were her daughters Princess Alice and Princess Beatrice. The most famous hemophilia victim among her descendants was her great-grandson, Alexei, Tsarevich of Russia: the disease of the heir of the throne speeded the Revolution that would see the end of the Russian Monarchy.

Christian was born as descendant of several Royal Houses, but he had no direct claim to any European Throne. Christian was the fourth son of Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Louise Caroline, Princess of Hesse. Through his mother, Christian was a great-grandson of Frederik V of Denmark, great-great-grandson of George II of Great Britain.
Through his father, Christian was a direct male-line descendant of King Christian III of Denmark and female-line descendant of Helwig of Schauenburg, mother of King Christian I of Denmark.

As a young man, he unsuccessfully sought the hand of his fourth cousin Queen Victoria in marriage. In 1842 he married Louise of Hesse-Kassel, a niece of Christian VIII.
Since Prince Frederik, future Frederik VII, seemed incapable of fathering children, Christian VIII chose Christian as heir presumptive to the Danish throne. The justification for this choice of heir was through Christian's wife Louise, the great-niece of Christian VII and the closest female heiress of Frederick VII. Louise's father and brothers renounced their rights in favor of Louise and her husband.

Danish people were endeared to the young Prince, because he grew up in Denmark as Danish, and was not attached to German nationalism. Although these did not mean anything legally, they made him a relatively good candidate from the Danish viewpoint.
Upon succeeding Frederik VII, Christian was immediately plunged into a crisis over the possession and status of Schleswig and Holstein, and under pressure, he signed the November Constitution, a treaty that made Schleswig part of Denmark. This resulted in a brief war between Denmark and a Prussian/Austrian alliance. This war was unfavorable to Denmark and led to the incorporation of Schleswig and Holstein into Prussia.
The defeat cast a shadow of Christian IX's rule. This unpopularity was worsened, as he sought to prevent the spread of democracy throughout Denmark by supporting the authoritarian and conservative Prime Minister Estrup whose rule as seen by many as a semi-dictatorship. However, Christian signed a treaty, which allowed Iceland, then a Danish possession, to have its own constitution, albeit one that still had Denmark ruling Iceland. Christian was also the first Danish King to visit Iceland in his official capacity. His reputation further improved after he asked Johan Henrik Deuntzer to form a government and this resulted in the formation of the Cabinet of Deuntzer. The cabinet was the first Danish government not to include the conservative party. This was the beginning of the Danish tradition of parliamentarism. Another reform was the revision of the Danish constitution, which resulted in giving Denmark’s upper chamber more power than the lower.

Christian’s greatest legacy however, just like Victoria’s, are his many descendants; he was named the father-in-law of Europe. Christian and Louise had six remarkable children, who were connected through marriage to many of Europe’s Royal Houses. Four of his children became monarchs, sitting on the thrones (either directly or as a consort) of Denmark, Great Britain, Russia and Greece. A fifth, daughter Thyra, would have become Queen of Hanover, had her husband's throne not been abolished before his reign began. The sixth, Prince Valdemar, married Princess Marie de Orleáns-Bourbon.

Christian's grandsons included Nicholas II of Russia, Constantine I of Greece, George V of the United Kingdom, Christian X of Denmark and Haakon VII of Norway. Today, most of Europe's reigning and ex-reigning royal families are direct descendants of Christian IX.
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It isn’t for nothing that Queen Victoria and King Christian were known as the grandparents of Europe. In several cases, they are also both the ancestors of today’s royals.

Many of the descendants of Queen Victoria and King Christian have married each other, and they currently have mutual descendants as head of state in Norway, Denmark and in the UK. The next generation will see another mutual descendant, Felipe, the Prince of Asturias, ascend to the throne in Spain.

One branch of mutual descendants, however talked about they might be, stopped growing in 1917. Christian’s grandson by his daughter Marie (Dagmar), Czar Nicolai II married Victoria’s granddaughter by her daughter Alice, Alix. Their five children, Olga, Marie, Tatiana, Anastasia and Alexis, in a very high likelihood despite the story of Anna Anderson, perished with their parents.

Name: Christian IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 8 Apr 1818
Death: 29 Jan 1906
Father: Friedrich Wilhelm Of Schleswig-Holstein-Sřnderborg-Glücksburg (1785-1831)
Mother: Louise Caroline Of Hesse-Cassel (1789-1867)
Spouse: Louise Of Hesse-Cassel
Marriage: 26 May 1842
Children: Marie Sophie Frederikke *Dagmar* (1847-1928)

Name: Alexandrina Victoria Of The United Kingdom
Birth: 24 May 1819
Death: 22 Jan 1901
Father: Edward Augustus Of Kent (1767-1820)
Mother: Victoria Of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1786-1861)
Spouse: Albert Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha
Marriage: 10 Feb 1840
Children: Alice (1843-1878)
Name: Marie Sophie Frederikke *Dagmar* Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 26 Nov 1847
Death: 13 Oct 1928 - reburial in September 2007.
Father: Christian IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1818-1906)
Mother: Louise Of Hesse-Cassel (1817-1898)
Spouse: Alexander III Of Russia
Marriage: 9 Nov 1866
Children: Nicholas II (1868-1918)

Name: Alice Of Great Britain
Birth: 25 Apr 1843
Death: 14 Dec 1878
Father: Albert Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha (1819-1861)
Mother: Alexandrina Victoria Of The United Kingdom (1819-1901)
Spouse: Ludwig IV Of Hesse And By Rhine
Marriage: 1 Jul 1862
Children: Victoria *Alix* Helena Louise Beatrice (1872-1918)
Name: Nicholas II Of Russia
Birth: 18 May 1868
Death: 17 Jul 1918
Father: Alexander III Of Russia (1845-1894)
Mother: Marie Sophie Frederikke *Dagmar* Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1847-1928)
Spouse: Victoria *Alix* Helena Louise Beatrice Of Hesse And By Rhine
Birth: 6 Jun 1872
Death: 17 Jul 1918
Father: Ludwig IV Of Hesse And By Rhine (1837-1892)
Mother: Alice Of Great Britain (1843-1878)
Marriage: 14 Nov 1894
Children: Olga Nikolaevna (1895-1918)
Tatiana Nikolaevna (1897-1918)
Maria Nikolaevna (1899-1918)
Anastasia Nikolaevna (1901-1918)
Alexei Nikolaiovich (1904-1918)
Alix can be said to be the most famous of Victorias grandchildren, not because of what happened in life, but because of what happened in death. Princess Alix was married to Czar Nicolas of Russia. Thus becoming the Czarina of all Russia. Alix initially refused to marry into the Russian royal family as she did not want to convert from her native religion of Lutheran. Having been raised as a very religious young woman, she felt it her duty to stay true to her religion. However, she was eventually won over by her cousin, converted to Russian Orthodoxy, and they married in Saint Petersburg. By this marriage, her sister Ella was also her aunt by marriage. Alix was also, unfortunately , a hemophila carrier, and passed this on to her only son, Alexei. She and her entire family, including her 4 daughters who went by the anacronym OTMA, were murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918. She was cononized in the Russian Orthodox church as Saint Alexandra in 2000.

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Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of Christian and Victoria through her father George IV. His father, yet another George, was the second son of King Edward VII, Victoria’s son, and Queen Alexandra, Christian’s daughter. Queen Elizabeth's descendants, on the other hand, have yet another link to King Christian and Queen Victoria, by way of her husband, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Born a prince of Greece and Denmark, his paternal grandfather Vilhelm of Denmark (later George I of the Hellenes) was a son of king Christian, and brother to Queen Alexandra. Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, on the other hand, was a daughter of Victoria of Hesse & The Rhine - who in turn was a daughter of Alice of Great Britain, younger sister of King Edward VII. The Prince of Wales is therefore related to Queen Victoria and King Christian in more than one way.
Edward VII (Albert Edward) of the United Kingdom
Born: 9 November 1841
Married: Alexandra of Denmark
Reign: 22 January 1901–6 May 1910
Died: 6 May 1910

Alexandra Carolina Marie Charlotte Louise Julia, Queen of the United Kingdom
Born: December 1, 1844, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Married: King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (then The Prince of Wales) on March 10, 1863
Died: November 20, 1925
Children related to the above:

George Frederik Ernest Albert (1865-1936)-Following the death of Prince Albert, he married his brother's fiance, Princess Victoria Mary of Teck. Was crowned King George V. Had six children. Grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.

King George I of the Hellenes (Vilhelm of Denmark – younger brother of Queen Alexandra)
Born: December 24, 1845
Ascended to Throne: March 30, 1863
Married: Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna of Russia
Died: March 18, 1913
Children related to the above:

Andrew (1882-1944)- Married Princess Alice of Battenberg. Five children. Parents of Prince Philip.

Alice Maud Mary – Grand Duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt

Born: April 25, 1843, Buckingham Palace
Married: July 1, 1841, Osborne House
Husband: HRH Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt, died March 13, 1892 (at the time of their marriage, he was known as Prince Louis of Hesse and by Rhine.)
Died: December 14, 1878, Darmstadt

  • Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie (1863-1950) Victoria was named after her maternal grandmother, and was born at Windsor after a difficult labor. She and her mother had a wonderful relationship by all accounts, and Alice instilled in her daughter the desire and notion that being a hands on royal was a good and honourable thing to do for ones people. Victoria married her first cousin once removed, Prince Louis of Battenberg, despite her father being against the marriage. They had four children. For more information see here. She is the maternal grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She is also a cousin of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth.
Click on image for a larger version of Charles' family tree:
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Through her mother, Queen Ingrid of Denmark, born Princess Ingrid of Sweden, a granddaughter of Victoria's son Arthur of Connaught, Queen Margrethe of Denmark is related to the British royals. Through the more obvious Danish connection of her father, Frederik IX, she is also a descendant of Christian IX of Denmark.
Name: Frederik VIII Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 3 Jun 1843 Copenhagen, Denmark
Death: 14 May 1912 Hamburg, Germany
Father: Christian IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1818-1906)
Mother: Louise Of Hesse-Cassel (1817-1898)
Spouse: Louise Josephine Eugenie Of Sweden (Bernadotte)
Marriage: 28 Jul 1869
Children: Christian X (1870-1947)

Name: Arthur of Connaught
Birth: 1 May 1850
Death: 16 Jan 1942 Bagshot Park, Surrey
Father: Albert Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha (1819-1861)
Mother: Alexandrina Victoria Of UK (1819-1901)
Spouse: Luise Margarete Alexandra Victoria Agnes of Prussia
Marriage: 13 Mar 1879
Children: Margaret (1882-1920)

Name: King Christian X Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Death: 20 Apr 1947
Birth: 26 Sep 1870
Father: Frederik VIII Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1843-1912)
Mother: Louise Josephine Eugenie Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1851-1926)
Spouse: Alexandrine Of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Marriage: 26 Apr 1898 Cannes, France
Children: Frederik IX (1899-1972)

Name: Margaret of Connaught
Birth: 15 Jan 1882
Death: 1 May 1920
Father: Arthur of Connaught (1850-1942)
Mother: Luise Margarete Alexandra Victoria Agnes of Prussia (1860-1917)
Spouses: Gustav VI Adolf Of Sweden (Bernadotte)
Marriage: 15 Jun 1905
Children: Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta (1910-2000)
Name: Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta Of Sweden (Bernadotte)
Birth: 28 Mar 1910
Death: 7 Nov 2000
Father: Gustav VI Adolf Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1882-1973)
Mother: Margaret of Connaught (1882-1920)
Spouse: Frederik IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 1899
Death: 1972
Father: King Christian X Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1870-1947)
Mother: Alexandrine Of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1879-1952)
Marriage: 24 May 1935
Children: Margrethe II (1940-)
Benedikte (1944-)
Anne-Marie (1946-)
Name: Margrethe II Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 16 Apr 1940
Father: Frederik IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1899-1972)
Mother: Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1910-2000)
Spouse: Henri De Laborde De Monpezat
Birth: 11 Jun 1934 Talence, France
Marriage: 10 Jun 1967 Copenhagen, Denmark
Children: Frederik (1968-)
Joachim (1969-)

King Harald V of Norway descends from both Queen Victoria and King Christian through his father, King Olav V of Norway, whose mother, Queen Maud, was the daughter of Edward and Alexandra. Furthermore he is also a descendant of King Christian through both his father's father, Prince Carl of Denmark (later to be King Haakon VII of Norway) - a grandson of King Christian through his oldest son Frederik, and through his mother, Princess Märtha of Sweden, a daughter of Princess Ingeborg of Denmark. Princess Ingeborg was the sister of King Haakon.
Name: Frederik VIII Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 3 Jun 1843 Copenhagen, Denmark
Death: 14 May 1912 Hamburg, Germany
Father: Christian IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1818-1906)
Mother: Louise Of Hesse-Cassel (1817-1898)
Spouse: Louise Josephine Eugenie Of Sweden (Bernadotte)
Marriage: 28 Jul 1869
Children: Haakon VII (1872-1957)

Name: King Edward VII of Great Britain
Birth: 9 Nov 1841 Buckingham Palace, London - UK
Death: 6 May 1910
Father: Albert Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha (1819-1861)
Mother: Alexandrina Victoria Of The United Kingdom (1819-1901)
Spouse: Alexandra Carolina Marie Charlotte Louise Julia Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 1 Dec 1844 Copenhagen, Denmark
Death: 20 Nov 1925 London
Father: Christian IX Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1818-1906)
Mother: Louise Of Hesse-Cassel (1817-1898)
Marriage: 19 Mar 1863
Children: Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria (1869-1938)
Name: King Haakon VII of Norway
Birth: 3 Aug 1872 Charlottenlund, Denmark
Death: 21 Sep 1957 Oslo, Norway
Father: Frederik VIII Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1843-1912)
Mother: Louise Josephine Eugenie Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1851-1926)
Spouse: Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Great Britain
Birth: 26 Nov 1869 Malborough House, London
Death: 20 Nov 1938 London
Father: King Edward VII of Great Britain (1841-1910)
Mother: Alexandra Carolina Marie Charlotte Louise Julia Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1844-1925)
Marriage: 22 Jul 1896
Children: Olav V (1903-1991)

Name: Ingeborg Of Denmark (Glücksburg)
Birth: 2 Aug 1878
Death: 11 Mar 1958
Father: Frederik VIII Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1843-1912)
Mother: Louise Josephine Eugenie Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1851-1926)
Spouse: Carl Of Sweden (Bernadotte)
Marriage: 27 Aug 1897
Children:Märtha Sofia Lovisa Dagmar Thyra (1901-1954)
Name: Olav V of Norway
Birth: 2 Jul 1903 Appleton, Sandringham
Death: 17 Jan 1991 Kongssetern, Oslo
Father: Kong Haakon VII of Norway (1872-1957)
Mother: Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Great Britain (1869-1938)
Spouse: Märtha Sofia Lovisa Dagmar Thyra Of Sweden (Bernadotte)
Birth: 28 Mar 1901 Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 5 Apr 1954 Oslo, Norway
Father: Carl Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1861-1951)
Mother: Ingeborg Of Denmark (Glücksburg) (1878-1958)
Marriage: 21 Mar 1929
Children: Ragnhild Alexandra (1930-)
Astrid Maud Ingeborg (1932-)
Harald V (1937-)
Name: Kong Harald V of Norway
Birth: 21 Feb 1937 Skaugum, Norway
Father: Kong Olav V of Norway (1903-1991)
Mother: Märtha Sofia Lovisa Dagmar Thyra Of Sweden (Bernadotte) (1901-1954)
Spouse: Sonja Haraldsen
Marriage: 29 Aug 1968
Children: Stillborn (Stillborn) (1970-1970)
Märtha Louise (1971-)
Stillborn (Stillborn) (1972-1972)
Haakon Magnus (1973-)
King Harald's family tree. Click for bigger size:
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The Spanish royals are yet another family that is connected to both the Danish King Christian and the British Queen Victoria. Victoria's youngest daughter, Beatrice, married prince Henry of Battenberg. Their daughter, Victoria Eugenie, or Ena as she was called, married the Spanish king - making her a grandmother to King Juan Carlos I of Spain. By marrying Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark, a descendant of both Christian's son Vilhelm and Victoria's daughter, Victoria, their offspring, Elena, Cristina and Felipe, are also related to both Victoria and Christian. See further below for a more thorough listing of the Spanish royals.

King George I of Greece (Vilhelm)
December 24, 1845
Ascended to Throne: March 30, 1863
Married: Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna of Russia
Died: March 18, 1913

Constantine (1868-1923)-Reigned from 1913-1917 before abdicating due to his siding with the Central Powers in World War I. Was voted back to the throne in 1920, before being forced to abdicate again in 1922. Married Princess Sophia of Prussia. Six children.

Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise - Crown Princess of Prussia, German Empress
Born: November 21, 1840, Buckingham Palace
Created Princess Royal: January 19, 1841
Married: January 25, 1858, Chapel Royal, St James's Palace
Husband: HIM Emperor Frederick III, died June 15, 1888 (was Crown Prince of Prussia at time of marriage.)
Died: August 5, 1901, Friedrichshof
Sophie Dorothea Ulrike Alice - (1870 - 1932) Sophie stood up to her very controlling elder brother, Wilhelm, when she decided to marry the Greek King Constantine I, thus becoming the Queen of Greece. Wilhelm completely opposed the marriage and banned her from the family for quite some time. She is the grandmother of the current Queen of Spain, who is named for her. This marriage produced 6 children, including the Lady Katherine Brandram, who is one of two of Queen Victoria's remaining great-grandchildren still alive.

Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, Princess Henry of Battenberg
Born: 14 April 1857, Buckingham Palace
Married: 23 July 1885, Whippingham Church, Osborne
Husband: HSH Prince Henry of Battenberg (created HRH by Queen Victoria), died 2 May 1914
Died: 3 December 1939, Kensington Palace
Victoria Eugenie Julia "Ena": (1887 – 1969) Queen of Spain, Grandmother to King Juan Carlos, current king of Spain.

Click on thumbnail for bigger image:

Queen Sofia's brother, King Constantine II of the Hellenes may no longer be reigning, but he, like his sister is also related to both Victoria and Christian by the same connection of Vilhelm of Denmark as Prince Phillip is. Furthermore, his mother, Queen Frederika, was also a descendant of Victoria’s daughter Victoria as well as Christian’s daughter Thyra. Marrying his own 3rd cousin (on both Victoria and Christian's side), Anne-Marie of Denmark, one can safely say that their children have royal connections.

Click on thumbnail for bigger image:
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Ernst August of Hanover, married to Caroline of Monaco, is another one non-reigning descendant of both Victoria and Christian. Monaco is one of the countries in Europe that doesn’t have, or hasn’t had, a descendant of either Christian or Victoria reigning – and with Ernst August and Caroline’s daughter Alexandra currently fifth in line to the throne in Monaco, it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

Crown Princess Thyra of Hanover (Princess Thyra Amelia Caroline Charlotte Anne of Denmark)
September 29, 1853
Married: Crown Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover
Died: February 26, 1933
Children whose descendants are descendants of both Victoria and Christian:
Ernst August Christian Georg (1887-1953)- Married Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia, a descendant of Quee Victoria. Five children. - Ernst August of Hanover married Caroline of Monaco.

Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise - Crown Princess of Prussia, German Empress
Born: November 21, 1840, Buckingham Palace
Created Princess Royal: January 19, 1841
Married: January 25, 1858, Chapel Royal, St James's Palace
Husband: HIM Emperor Frederick III, died June 15, 1888 (was Crown Prince of Prussia at time of marriage.)
Died: August 5, 1901, Friedrichshof
Friedrich Wilhelm Albert Viktor- (1859 - 1941). He did not have a good relationship with his parents. Known as Wilhelm II, he was the German Emperor and King of Prussia. Wilhelm married Augusta Victoria of Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg. They had 7 children, one of whom was Victoria Luise - spouse of Ernst August of Hanover

As Carol II of Romania, the son of Queen Marie of Romania – a granddaugher of Queen Victoria, married Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark. Through her parents, Constantine I of the Hellenes and Sophie of Prussia, she was yet another mutual descendant of both Christian and Victoria. Their son, King Michael of Romania married Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma, granddaughter of Prince Valdemar of Denmark.

Prince Valdemar of Denmark
October 27, 1858
Married: Princess Marie d'Orleans
Died: January 14, 1939
Children whose descendants are descendants of both Victoria and Christian:

Margrethe Francoise (1895-1992)-Married Rene, Principe di Parma. Four children. One of whom, Anne, married King Michael I of Romania.

Click on thumbnail for family tree.
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Victoria's oldest:
Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise - Crown Princess of Prussia, German Empress

Born: November 21, 1840, Buckingham Palace
Created Princess Royal: January 19, 1841
Married: January 25, 1858, Chapel Royal, St James's Palace
Husband: HIM Emperor Frederick III, died June 15, 1888 (was Crown Prince of Prussia at time of marriage.)
Died: August 5, 1901, Friedrichshof

Children not mentioned above:
  • Victoria Elizabeth Augusta Charlotte - (1860 - 1919)Victoria and Frederick also had a strained relationship with this child. She did have a good relationship with her paternal grandparents, which strained the relationship with her parents even further. Charlotte married her second cousin, Prince Bernhard of Saxe-Meiningen; after some time she and her husband became the Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen. They had one child.
  • Albert Wilhelm Heinrich - (1862-1929) Also known as Henry. This child had a successful naval career. Although he did not cause his parents as much grief as his two older siblings, he completed the trifecta of children who were to disappoint their parents the most. He married his first cousin, Princess Irene of Hesse. They had 3 children.
  • Franz Friedrich Sigismund - (1864-1866) This child's early death from meningitis caused his mother severe grief. Having had dificulty with her three elder children, she found Sigismund a source of joy and intelligence that seemed lacking in the older children.
  • Frederica Amalia Wilhelmine Viktoria - (1866-1929) This child emulated her mother and embraced British ways and customs. She was devoted to her mother, and brought her great comfort after Sigismund's early death. At an early age, Viktoria fell in love with Prince Alexander of Battenberg. While her parents approved of the match, the German chancellor and her grandparents did not. This made it impossible for them to marry. Eventually she married Prince Adolf of Schaumberg-Lippe. They did not have children. After Adolf's death, Viktoria remarried a Russian refugee 35 years younger than herself. This marriage was also childless..
  • Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar - (1868-1879) Waldemar was the favorite of both of his parents by a wide margin. He was a lively and cheerful child who always made everyone in the family smile. He even let his pet crocodile loose in Queen Victoria's sitting room at one point. This child's early death from diptheria completely destroyed the Crown Princess for a long while.
  • Margaret Beatrice Feodora - (1872 - 1954) This child also embraced the English ways, and was also very close to her mother. She was a great source of comfort after the death of her father. She married Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse. This marriage produced six children, including two sets of twins.
Victoria, the first-born child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was truly the apple of her parents' eyes. While not the hoped for first born son and heir, her parents nevertheless doted on her. While she was an unexpected pregnancy, given that neither parent knew how to avoid such an occurrence (Queen Victoria was even said to be highly disturbed by the idea of being pregnant), she brought much joy to her parents. In fact, none of her younger siblings were ever able to live up to her image in her parents' eyes, much to the detriment of her younger brother, the heir to the throne.

Prince Albert instilled all of his ideas for a unified and happy Germany in this oldest daughter, and even took charge of her education himself, interfering in the nursery to such an extent that he truly angered some of the people who thought their rank entitled them to certain decision-making positions for royal children.

Princess Victoria married Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia. This is said to have been a very happy and successful marriage, marred only by the strained relationship with her parents in law and the people of her new country. Unable to adapt to Prussian etiquette, and seeking to also honour her mother by remaining the "Princess Royal of Great Britain" as Queen Victoria demanded, she clung to her British ways and deepened the rift between herself and her new people. This had a disastrous effect for her. The Queen and Prince Albert hoped that Victoria's marriage to the future king of Prussia would cement close ties between London and Berlin, and possibly lead to the emergence of a unified and liberal Germany. Unfortunately, the long life of her father in law, coupled with her husband's early death, dashed these hopes completely.

She maintained a regular correspondence with her mother. According to the Royal Encyclopaedia, some 3,777 letters from Queen Victoria to her eldest daughter have been catalogued, as well as more than 4,000 from daughter to mother. Many of her letters detailed her concern over Germany's future under her son.
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But there are also royals who're just related to one of the two. Below follows Anna R's brief description of the Spanish royal genealogy, as well as Empress' of Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, Princess Henry of Battenberg

Born: 14 April 1857, Buckingham Palace
Married: 23 July 1885, Whippingham Church, Osborne
Husband: HSH Prince Henry of Battenberg (created HRH by Queen Victoria), died 2 May 1914
Died: 26 October 1944, Brantridge Park, Sussex
  • Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena: (1887 – 1969) Queen of Spain, Grandmother to King Juan Carlos, current king of Spain. She married Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, on 31 May 1906, narrowly escaping an assassination attempt on her wedding day. She was unpopular in Spain, and the hemophilia which she passed to two of her sons also made her unpopular with her husband's family and led to an estrangement from her husband. After the proclamation of the Spanish republic in 1931, she lived in exile in England and Switzerland. She died in Lausanne on 15 April 1969 and is buried in the Escorial in Spain.

Ena and Alfonso had 7 children:

- HRH Infante Don Alfonso de Borbón y Battenberg, Prince of Asturias, later Count of Covadonga (10 May 1907; 6 September 1938)
- HRH Infante Don Jaime de Borbón y Battenberg, Duke of Segovia, later Duke of Anjou, Madrid, and Segovia (23 June 1908; 20 March 1975)
- HRH Infanta Dońa Beatriz de Borbón y Battenberg (22 June 1909; 22 November 2002)
- HRH Infante Fernando de Borbón y Battenberg (1910)
- HRH Infanta Dońa María Cristina de Borbón y Battenberg (12 December 1911; 23 December 1996)
- HRH Infante Don Juan, Count of Barcelona(20 June 1913;1 April 1993)
- HRH Infante Don Gonzalo de Borbón y Battenberg (24 October 1914; 13 August 1934)

Infante Don Alfonso renounced his rights to the throne in 1933 to marry a commoner, Edelmira Ignacia Adriana Sampedro-Robato, after that Alfonso took the courtesy title Count of Covadonga. They didn't have any children and divorced four years later.

Two months after the divorce he married Marta Esther Rocafort y Altazarra. They divorced less than a year later, and also didn't have any children.

Infante Don Jaime, Duke of Segovia. Renounced all rights to the Spanish throne because of his physical infirmities, at the age of four he suffered from double mastoiditis and the resulting operation left him deaf; his speech never developed properly. He married Victoire Jeanne Joséphine Emmanuelle de Dampierre, they had 2 sons:

- HRH Don Alfonso Jaime Marcelino Manuel Victor Maria de Borbón y de Dampierre, Duke of Anjou and Cádiz (1936–1989).
- HRH Don Gonzalo Victor Alfonso José Bonifacio Antonio Maria y de Todos los Santos de Borbón y de Dampierre, Duke of Aquitaine (1937-2000)

Infanta Dońa Beatriz married Don Alessandro Torlonia, Prince of Civitella-Cesi. They had 4 children:

- Her Excellency Dońa Sandra Vittoria Torlonia dei Principi di Civitella-Cesi (b. 14 February 1936-)
- His Excellency Don Marco Alfonso Torlonia dei Principi di Civitella-Cesi (b. 2 July 1937-), later 6th Prince of Civitella-Cesi
- His Excellency Don Marino Riccardo Francesco Giuseppe Torlonia dei Principi di Civitella-Cesi (b. 13 December 1939-28 December 1995)
- Her Excellency Dońa Olimpia Emmanuela Enrichetta Maria Torlonia dei Principi di Civitella-Cesi (b. 27 December 1943-)

Infanta Dońa María Cristina married Count Enrico Marone. They had 4 daughters:

- Victoria Marone-Cinzano (1941 - present)
- Giovanna Marone-Cinzano (1943 - present)
- María Teresa Marone-Cinzano (1945 - present)
- Anna Sandra Marone-Cinzano (1948 - present)

Infante Don Juan, Count of Barcelona married Princess Maria Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, known in Spain as Dońa María de las Mercedes de Borbón Dos-Sicilias y Orleans. They had 4 children:

- HRH Infanta Dońa Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz (born 1936)
- HM Don Juan Carlos I, King of Spain (born 1938)
- HRH Infanta Dońa Margarita, Duchess of Soria, 2nd Duchess of Hernani (born 1939)
- HRH Infante Don Alfonso of Spain (1941–1956)

Infante Don Gonzalo died in a car crash.

Children of Infante Don Jaime

HRH Don Alfonso de Borbón y de Dampierre, Duke of Anjou and Cádiz General Franco's granddaughter, María del Carmen Martínez-Bordiú. They had 2 sons and divorced in 1982:

- Don Francisco Alfonso Jaime Cristobal Victor José Gonzalo Cecilio de Borbón y Martínez-Bordiú. Born in 1972, died in a car crash in 1984.
- Don Luis-Alfonso Gonzalo Victor Manuel de Borbón y Martínez-Bordiú (born 1974).

Children of Infanta Dońa Beatriz

Dońa Sandra married Count Clemente Lequio di Assaba. They had a son:

- Alessandro Lequio di Assaba y Torlonia (1960)

Don Marco Alfonso, 6th Prince of Civitella-Cesi married Donna Orsetta Caracciolo dei Duchi di Melito dei Principi di Castagneto they had a son:
- Giovanni (1962)

After his wife's death, he married Philippa McDonald, they had a daughter and divorced in 1985:
- Vittoria Eugenia (1971).

He is currently married to Blazena Svitaková. They have a daughter:
- Caterina (b. 1974) (she was born before their wedding).

Don Marino Riccardo, died unmarried and with no children.

- Dońa Olimpia married Paul-Annik Weiller. They had 6 children:

- Aliki Béatrice
- Cosima
- Domitilla
- Sibilla Sandra Weiller Torlonia, currently Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg (1968)
- Laura
- Paul

Children of Infante Don Juan

Dońa Pilar married Don Luis Gomez-Acebo y de Estrada, Vizconde de la Torre. They had five children:
- HE Simoneta Luisa Gomez-Acebo y de Borbón (October 28, 1968)
- HE Juan Filiberto Nicolás Gomez-Acebo y de Borbón (December 6, 1969), Vizconde de la Torre.
- HE Bruno Alejandro Gomez-Acebo y de Borbón (born June 15, 1971).
- HE Beltrán Luis Alfonso Gomez-Acebo y de Borbón
- HE Fernando Umberto Gomez-Acebo y de Borbón (born September 30, 1974).

Don Juan Carlos I, King of Spain married Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark (See earlier). They have 3 children:

- Infanta Dońa Elena (1963)
- Infanta Dońa Cristina (1965)
- Felipe, Prince of Asturias (1968)

Dońa Margarita, Duchess of Soria, 2nd Duchess of Hernani married Dr. Carlos Zurita. They have 2 children:
- HE Don Alfonso Juan Carlos Zurita y de Borbón (born 1973)
- HE Dońa María Sofia Emilia Carmen Zurita y de Borbón (born 1975).

Despite the close connection Sweden have with Denmark, they're one of the few royal families who are not descending from Christian IX. They are, however, descendants of Queen Victoria. Through Arthur of Connaught's daughter Margaret - or Margaretha as she was called in Sweden, the Swedish royals of today are connected with many other European royals. Carl Johan Bernadotte, Margaret's youngest son, is one of two of Victoria's great grandchildren who are alive today.

From one Victoria to another - the generations linking them together:
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Victoria's children:

Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, Princess Henry of Battenberg

Born: 14 April 1857, Buckingham Palace
Married: 23 July 1885, Whippingham Church, Osborne
Husband: HSH Prince Henry of Battenberg (created HRH by Queen Victoria), died 2 May 1914
Died: 26 October 1944, Brantridge Park, Sussex

Children not mentioned above:
  • Alexander Albert Mountbatten (1886 – 1960) Prince of Battenberg from birth until 1916, when all Germanic titles were given up and he became the Marquess of Carisbrooke. He served in the Grenadier Guards during the First World War. He married Lady Irene Denison on 19 July 1917, and they had one daughter, Lady Iris Mountbatten. He died in 1960, and the lack of a male heir meant that the Carisbrooke title went extinct.
  • Leopold Arthur Lewis: (1889 -1922) Prince of Battenberg until 1916, from that point on Lord Leopold Mountbatten. He inherited hemophilia from his mother, which prevented him from taking an active role in the First World War. He died at the age of 32 after emergency knee surgery. He never married.
  • Maurice Victor Donald: (1891-1914) Prince Maurice of Battenberg until his untimely death in WWI. Because he died before 1917, he was a Prince of Battenberg for his entire life. He enlisted in the King's Royal Fusiliers and was killed during the battle of Ypres. At his mother's request, he was buried with his comrades at Ypres rather than being repatriated for a royal burial. He never married. It is rumored, but has not been proved, that he had hemophilia.
Princess Beatrice, known in the family as Baby, was only four when her father died. As the youngest daughter, she was expected to stay at home and act as her mother's companion. However, she decided she wanted to marry, and Queen Victoria finally gave permission on the condition that the princess and her family would remain in England with the Queen. Beatrice married Prince Henry of Battenberg, a brother-in-law of Prince Louis of Battenberg, who had married Beatrice's niece Victoria of Hesse; they had four children, who grew up in their grandmother's homes and who remembered Queen Victoria as a genial grandmother, not a formidable Queen. Prince Henry died of malaria in the Ashanti war, leaving Princess Beatrice widowed, like her mother, at an early age. The Princess inherited the position of Governor of the Isle of Wight from her husband and spent most of her life living on the island.

Princess Beatrice was a carrier of hemophilia, and at least one (possibly two) of her sons suffered from the disease; her daughter was a carrier and introduced hemophilia into the Spanish royal family, which led to both personal and political problems.

The Princess acted as her mother's secretary in the Queen's later years, partly because the Queen did not trust her heir, the Prince of Wales, with matters of state or important documents. Queen Victoria had asked Princess Beatrice to edit her diaries and journals after her death and ensure that nothing sensitive or personal was left. The Princess's scorched-earth policy with these papers has been a source of great frustration to later historians.

She died in 1944, the last surviving child of Victoria and Albert, and is buried on the Isle of Wight.

Alice Maud Mary – Grand Duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt

Born: 25 April 1843, Buckingham Palace
Married: 1 July 1841, Osborne House
Husband: HRH Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt, died 13 March 1892 (at the time of their marriage, he was known as Prince Louis of Hesse and by Rhine)
Died: 14 December 1878, Darmstadt

Children not mentioned in sections above:
  • Elizabeth Alexandra Louise Alice (1864 – 1918) Known as Ella, this child was also a favorite of her mother Alice, although she was a bit of a rebel. Instilled with the same values of all of her other siblings, she was taught from birth to do for herself, and had chores such as sweeping the floors and looking after her own clothes. Princess Alice made a mini England in her own home, and thus the children grew up with British manners and habits, although with a German twist. Ella married her cousin, Grand Duke Sergei of Russia, thus becoming a Grand Duchess with the style Her Imperial Highness. Though they never had children of their own, they seemed to have a true love match. After her husband's murder, she never married again, and eventually sold all of her possessions and opened a convent. Taken by the Bolsheviks later in life, just like her younger sister the Empress of Russia, she was also brutally murdered.
  • Irene Luise Marie Anna: (1866 -1953) Married her first cousin, Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich of Prussia. This child of Alice inherited her care of other people. In addition to being a peaceful and even-tempered child, she was also accustomed, just like her sisters, to taking care of herself. Unfortunately this child was also a hemophiliac gene carrier, and passed this disease to two of her children. Having watched her brother die of hemophilia, she was devastated to find that two of her children had the same disease. None the less, the pair seemed to be very happy together.
  • Ernst Ludwig Karl Albert Wilhelm (1868 – 1937)This child of Princess Alice was one of her favorites. When confronted with having to tell him of his sister's death from diphtheria, she went against all doctors' advice and, despite having nursed the rest of the family through the illness without contracting it herself, she kissed Ernst to comfort him, and fell ill herself. Alice consequently died. Succeeding his father as Grand Duke, he married his first cousin, Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. This was not a happy marriage, and after a daughter who died early in life and a stillborn son, the two divorced. Ernst remarried, and had further issue. His son George Donatus was married to a sister of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. That branch of the family perished in an airplane crash.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm August Victor Leopold Ludwig (1870 -1873) A hemophiliac from birth, this child had a fall from a window and passed away from a brain hemhorrage. This devastated the family for quite some time, as Frittie, as he was known, was said to be a happy child, full of life, who brought joy to everyone.
  • Marie Victoria Feodore Leopoldine (1874 – 1878) This child, by all accounts a happy and joyful child, brought light to her entire family. The last child of Princess Alice, she died of diphtheria in 1878. Her death, and that of her mother, devastated the family.
Princess Alice, educated with her elder sister and brother, was considered an extremely intelligent child in her youth. She was also part of her fathers plans to bring about a unified and peaceful Germany. This was one of the aspects that decided whom she would marry. After her elder sister's marriage, she became the helpmate of her mother, Victoria, until her own marriage. She was the person who nursed Prince Albert in his illness and until his death, and became the support of her mother after the death of her father. Indeed, her own marriage was postponed, and might not have happened, had it not been the explicit wish of her father.

Known for her compassion and willingness to deal with the ordinary people, Princess Alice was at first an anomaly in her adopted country, but it was short work before she endeared herself to her new people. However, always a British princess at heart, her home was styled and ran as a British home would be. Although she and her mother had their differences, Victoria thinking that Alice was far too outspoken for a lady, Alice was actually the peacemaker in the family, and it was she who calmed her brother, the heir, when he dissapproved of the marriage of another of their siblings.

Alice died after nursing her children through diphtheria. She is buried at Frogmore.
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Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales

Born: 9 November 1841 at Buckingham Palace
Created Prince of Wales: 1841
Married:10 March 1863,St. Georges Chapel, Windsor
Wife: Princess Alexandra of Denamrk
Died: 6 May 1910, Buckingham Palace

Children not mentioned above:
  • Albert Victor Christian Edward (1864 – 1892)The crown prince who never became king. This child predeceased his father. Prince Albert Victor has been the subject of many rumours, one of which speculates that he was Jack the Ripper. Although this was never proven, or even seriously investigated, it was fact that he did have strange sexual predilections. It might be a very good thing that this prince never came to the throne. Engaged to Princess Victoria Mary (May) of Teck, he died of pneumonia at Sandringham.
  • Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar (1867 – 1931)The Princess Royal. These children did not receive the extensive education that Victoria's children did. To this end, they were schooled only in what was thought proper for a royal princess at that time. Married to the Earl of Fife, Queen Victoria quickly made him a Duke, and with letter patent issued after it became apparent that the couple would not have a son, the title passed to their daughters. A sympathetic and utterly royal Princess, she lent her name to many charities and organizations.
  • Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary (1868 – 1935)As with all of the children of this marriage, they were the grandchildren of two Regnant monarchs: the Queen of England, and the King of Denmark. Known to her family (who were obsessed with nicknames) as Toria, she never married. However, it appears that she led a happy and successful life by working with charities and spending time with her extended family. Apparently her mother discouraged her from marrying so that she would be available as a companion in her parents' later life. This was an acceptable thing in royal life in this era, as it had also been earlier.
  • Alexander John Charles Albert (1871) This child was born prematurely. He was quickly christened before he passed away several hours later. This was to be the last child of the Prince and Princess of Wales.
Unfortunately Albert did not originally live up to his parents' expectations intelligence wise. He fell in the shadow of his much more intelligent and vivacious sister, Victoria. This is not to say that he was unintelligent; indeed, he was. He was just not intelligent in the ways that his parents could see or even appreciate. As a result of this, his mother basically kept him out of all affairs of state, with the consequence that he lacked the education to be a ruler that his mother could have given him, had she just taken some time to delve a bit deeper into his character.

Furthermore, Queen Victoria blamed him for the death of his father, her beloved Albert. Albert had gone to visit him during a time when he was already ill. When he came home from that visit, it was discovered that he had typhoid. Victoria's insistence that this was the fault of the Prince of Wales drove a further divide between the two that would never really heal.

Funnily enough, Edward had an affair with Camilla Duchess of Cornwall's great grandmother, Alice Keppel. Alexandra, knowing how much this last affair meant to him, invited Keppel to her husband's deathbed, showing that she had a unique understanding of her role as a Royal Wife and further showing some humanity that seemed to be lacking in the rest of the family at this time.

By all accounts a successful king, his main interests laid in foreign affairs and naval and military matters.

Prince Alfred Ernest Albert of Edinburgh, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Born: 6 August 1844 at Windsor Castle
Married: 23 January 1874, The Winter Palace, St Petersburg
WifeGrand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna
Died: 30 July 1900, Schloss Rosenau in Coburg

Children not mentioned above:
  • Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert: (1874 – 1899) Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince of Edinburgh. Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince of Edinburgh. Thought to have syphilis, this greatly complicated his later life. He made a morganatic marriage, which was dissolved as being against family laws. He had no children and died from complications of the disease that he caught as a young soldier.
  • Victoria Melita: (1876 – 1936) A difficult child, who would become a difficult adult. Shy, serious, and sensitive, she was also incredibly strong willed. Raised with very strict standards, even that one had to eat what was put in front of one, no matter how horrible it was, it is no wonder that she rebelled when she became an adult. First married to her first cousin, Prince Ernst of Hesse, Grand Duke of Hesse, this was not a happy marriage, and instead of leading separate lives as was dictated in these times for people in unhappy relationships, she scandalized the nobility and Royalty by divorcing him after her eldest child died. The second child was stillborn. She remarried Grand Duke Kirill of Russia. By all accounts this was a happy union, and they had two daughters. After their exile, the couple were ecstatic to finally have a boy, Grand Duke Vladimir, who is the current head of the Romanov family. However, this union was shattered when Victoria found out that Kirill had other relationships during their time together, and although she kept up the charade for the sake of their children, they were never happy again.
  • Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria (1878 – 1942) She lived most of her life in Germany, and married a German prince of Hohenlohe-Langeburg. Perhaps one of the reasons that not much is known is because, along with several of her children, she joined the Nazi party.
  • Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria (1887-1966) Married to an Infante of Spain, this grandchild caused some scandal as well. She seemed to have inherited some of the rebelliousness of her sister. Rumored to have had an affair with her husbands relative, the king of Spain, she was exiled from Spain by the king at the insistence of his wife. While their marriage seemed successful, it is hard to say if they were truly happy or if the rumors are true.
Succeeding his maternal uncle as Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, as his mother was not allowed to inherit that title due to Salic law, he and his wife mover to Coburg. This child of Victoria seemed to have had a very successful Naval career. The first British prince to set foot in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and India, he was quite the explorer.

Alfred's marriage to Marie of Russia was apparently not a happy one, and while they did manage to produce several children, those children seemed to have absorbed some of their parents' unhappiness, which showed in their later relationships.

Unfortunately it appears that this Prince took happiness only out of his Naval career, and this was even denied to him once he became the Grand Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
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Princess Helena Augusta Victoria, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein:
Born: 25 May 1846, Buckingham Palace
Married: 5 July 1866, Private Chapel, Windsor
Husband: HSH Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Augustenberg, (Created HRH by Queen Victoria) died October 28, 1917
Died: 9 June 1923, Schomberg House, London
  • Christian Victor Albert Ernest Anthony (1867 – 1900) The first of the Royal family to attend a school rather than having private tutors, this seemed to suit the young child quite well. An officer in the military, he came down with malaria while on assignment and died in Pretoria. The only member of the royal family buried in Pretoria, he never married and had no children, illegitimate or otherwise, that can be found. His early death truly devastated his parents.
  • Albert John Charles Frederick Arthur George (1869 -1931)In 1921, the Prince succeeded as the head of the Augustenborg branch of the House of Schleswig-Holstein, following his childless cousin Duke Ernst Gunther of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg. Born in England, he served in the Prussian army of his uncle and cousin. Although he never married, he did father a daughter, who was recognized before his death.
  • Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena (1870-1948) Known as Helena Victoria. Although she never married, she is well known for her charitable contributions and approachability. She was by all accounts happy with her choice of lifestyle, and was a great comfort to her mother in her later years.
  • Franziska Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christina Helena (1872 – 1956) Known as Marie Louise, she married Prince Aribert of Anhalt. This was not a happy marriage, and after being married only a short time, this Princess started touring around Europe and the Americas to stay away from her husband. While in Canada, she received two telegrams. One from her father in law insisting on her return, and one to the chancellor of Canada from Queen Victoria stating “Tell my granddaughter to come home to me.” What caused this firestorm was Aribert being found in bed with a male servant. While this was not publicly acknowledged, Aribert's father, as the reigning head of house, had the marriage annulled. Marie Louise always considered herself a married woman, and never remarried. She lived the rest of her life in relative happiness in England.
  • Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward (1876) Known as Harald.
Only given permission to marry if she and her husband promised to live in England, it was agreed to, not really knowing what it would mean. Christian would have no real duties, as he would have to give up his commission in the Prussian army. They lived pretty much wherever the Queen was at the time. Although, once the children began to arrive, they were let off the hook a little bit, and the duties that Helena had naturally passed to her younger sisters.
Helena was very active in charitable causes during the war and earned a reputation as being a royal willing to roll up her sleeves and help where needed.

Helena is buried at Frogmore.

Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Marchioness of Lorne, Duchess of Argyll

Born: March 18,1848, Buckingham Palace
Married: March 21, 1871, St.Georges Chapel, Windsor
Husband: 9th Duke of Argyll (Marquess of Lorne at time of marriage) died 2 May 1914
Died: 3 December 1939, Kensington Palace

By all accounts Louise was a very talented artist; after much persuasion her mother allowed her to attend art school, where her talents really and truly began to grow. Some of her art is still to be seen in London and other places. She was also commissioned to make a sculpture of Victoria which is still in existence at Kensington Palace and has been much acclaimed.

Her husband became the governor general of Canada, and they moved to Canada. This appeared not to be a happy time in their lives, and during a carriage ride the pricess was seriously injured. After this she returned home for 2 years, with Victoria aiding her stay by saying that she was just too ill to travel and that Victoria was concerned for her safety because of threats from the Fenians.

She eventually returned to Canada, where she was very unhappy, and she and her husband took the decision to leave early and return to England. This seems to have had some calming effect on their relationship, and they settled in together. Although it was never said that they were a golden couple.
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Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany

Born: 7 April 1853, Buckingham Palace
Married: 27 April 1882, St Georges Chapel, Windsor
Wife: Princess Helene Frederica of Waldeck Pyrmont, died 1 September 1922
Died: 29 March 1884, Cannes

  • Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline: (1883-1981) Countess of Athlone. She has the distinction of remaining the longest living Princess of the Blood Royal of the British Royal Family by birth and last surviving grandchild of Queen Victoria. She also held the titles of Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Duchess in Saxony from birth as well as a Princess of Teck by marriage until 1917. She married her second cousin, and was happy in this relationship. They had three children. Like her aunt, she went with her husband to Canada when he served as governor general. She also went when her husband served as governor general of South Africa.
  • Leopold Charles Edward George Albert:(1884-1954) Duke of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Maternal Grandfather of the current King of Sweden. He was the fourth and last reigning Duke. The Duke was a controversial figure in the United Kingdom due to his enemy status as Sovereign Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, part of the German Empire, during World War I. Having joined the Nazi party, he caused considerable embarrassment for his sister, who lived in England. He married Princess Victoria Adelaide of Schleswig – Holstein, and they had children.
Diagnosed with heophilia as a child, this later led to his death as an adult. His wife was pregnant with their second child when he died.

He was his mothers helpmate when it came to matters of state. He even had a key to the state papers boxes. This was at the expense of his elder brother, who should have had this place by all rights. This did cause some enimity between the brothers.
Although, Leopold's help to his mother seemed to be the best thing at the time, as he seemed to have a good head on his shoulders for matters of state.

Incapable of having a military career due to his illness, he became a patron of arts and literature.

In an attempt to get out from under the hand of his mother, he saw marriage as his only avenue of escape. However, due to his illness he was not considered a prime catch. He eventually, albeit ironically with the help of his mother, found a bride in Princess Helene Frederica. They seemed to be happy, and were well on their way to creating a family when he tragically died.

Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

Born: 1 May 1850, Buckingham Palace
Married: 13 March 1879, St Georges Chapel, Windsor
Wife: Princess Luise Margrete of Prussia, died 14 July 1917
Died: 16 January 1942, Bagshot Park

Children not mentioned above:
  • Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert (1882-1938) Prince of Connaught. After the accession of his cousin, King George V, Prince Arthur was the most senior male member of the Royal Family over the age of 18 to reside in the United Kingdom. As such, he undertook a wide variety of royal duties on behalf of the King, and acted as a Counsellor of State during periods of the King's absence abroad. Married to the Princess Alexandra, the Duchess of Fife (in her own right), this was his first cousin, once removed.
  • Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth: (1886-1974) Later Lady Patricia Ramsey. She was the first member of the Royal Family to relinquish formally her title of a British princess and the style of Her Royal Highness. Princess Patricia travelled extensively in her early years. Her father, the Duke of Connaught, was posted to India with the army, and the young Princess spent two years living there. She was also extremely popular during her parents tour of duty in Canada. In the end, however, Patricia chose a commoner rather than a husband of royal blood
Arthur served as the Governor General of Canada from 1911 to 1916. He was created Duke of Connaught and Strathearn and Earl of Sussex in 1874. Arthur had a long and distinguished career in the Army. He was also a governor general of Canada. Arthur served as liaison between the British government and Canada during World War I. The Connaughts remained in Canada at the beginning of the war. Arthur emphasized the need for military training and readiness for Canadian troops departing for war, and gave his name to Connaught Cup.

After his term at Rideau Hall, the Duke of Connaught returned to military service for the remainder of the war. The Duchess, who had been ill during their years at Rideau Hall, died in March 1917. At the time of his death he was the last remaining son of Victoria.

He was by popular opinion, one of the most down-to-earth children of Victoria. They almost all seemed to have been able to find the right balance between remaining dignified and royal, but still approachable enough in the time of changing thoughts on the royal family.
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Christian's other descendants:

While the Belgian royals don't descend from Queen Victoria - they are also among those related to her. But their connection to King Christian is more prominent. Princess Astrid of Sweden, the youngest daughter of Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg, married into the Belgian royal family. Princess Ingeborg was born Princess Ingeborg of Denmark, a daughter of Frederik VIII and granddaughter to Christian IX. She was the sister of King Haakon of Norway and King Christian X of Denmark.

Queen Astrid and King Leopold III of the Belgians had three children in their short marriage: Baudouin, Albert II and Josephine-Charlotte. Baudouin died childless, and his brother, Albert, took over the throne. Albert has three children, and 11 grandchildren.

Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium, the daughter of Astrid of Sweden and Leopold III, married Jean of Luxembourg. Their son Henri is the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He and his wife, Maria Teresa, have five children and 1 grandchild - with one more on the way.

Grand Duke Henri's brother, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, is married to a descendant of Queen Victoria, Sibilla Weiller. Their children are therefore descendants of both King Christian and Queen Victoria.

Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, the daughter of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte, married Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein. The couple's only living son, Josef-Emanuel, is in line to the throne. As he is currently the last one in the line of succession, it would take an even bigger disaster than in Monaco, for Christian's descendants to ascend the throne in the principality.

Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia (Born Princess Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar of Denmark.)
November 26, 1847
Married:Grand Duke Alexander III of Russia
Died: October 13, 1928
Children whose descendants only descend from Christian IX of Denmark:
Alexander Alexandrovich (1869-1870)-Died of meningitis.

George Alexandrovich (1871-1899)-Suffered from tuberculosis Died at age 28.

Xenia Alexandrovna (1875-1960)-Married Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich. Seven children. Both had affairs, and the couple separated around the time of the revolution and escaped Russia.

Michael Alexandrovich (1878-1918)-Secretly married commoner Natalya Wulffert. One child. Marriage resulted in the Grand Duke being removed from the line of succession. Tsar Nicholas II restored him into the line of succession and abdicated in his favor in 1917, but he declined.

Olga Alexandrovna (1882-1960)-Married Duke Peter Alexandrovich of Oldenburg. Marriage was never consummated and was annulled by Tsar Nicholas II in 1916. Olga then married Colonel Nikolai Alexandrovich Kulikovsky. Two children.

Prince Valdemar of Denmark
October 27, 1858
Married: Princess Marie d'Orleans
Died: January 14, 1939
Children whose descendants are only descended from Christian IX:

Aage Christian Alexander Robert (1887-1940)-Married Mathilde, Contessa di Bergolo. One child.
Axel Christian George (1888-1964)-Married Princess Margareta of Sweden. Two children. One son married Anne Bowes-Lyon, a niece of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.
Erik Frederik Christian Alexander (1890-1950)-Married Lois Frances Booth. Two children. Couple divorced in 1937.
Viggo Christian Adolf George (1893-1970)-Married Eleanor Margaret Green. No children.

With the exception of Prince Axel - who married Princess Margareta of Sweden, the rest of Valdemar's male children were demoted to Count of Rosenborg upon marriage.
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Posts: 6,043 - How are the Dutch royals connected to Victoria? - Genealogical thread on Victoria's descendants. - Royal Cousins? King Christian's thread in the Danish forum - Queen Victoria's thread in the British forum. - thread dedicated to the book "Born to Rule" about five of Victoria's granddaughters. Thread dedicated to the discussion of the book and television series about King Christian's descendants. Thread dedicated to the book "Victoria's daughters" Thread dedicated to the discussion of the book "Queen Victoria's family". Thread for discussion of the book "Queen Victoria's descendants".
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