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Old 10-30-2006, 12:21 PM
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November 2006 Newsletter

Autumn is definitely here. Although, the leaves are still on the trees here in Copenhagen, the weather is colder and the days are shorter - and we had our first snow storm this morning. But a short TRF newsletter is also here - to give a general overview over where we are, as a forum, as we move slowly towards winter, or summer for those in the Southern hemisphere.

There have been some changes in the TRF team, there have been some changes in the rules, and the royals have been getting back to work after their summer vacations. We'll be giving you an overview over it all. What happened to the royals in October? What are the major royal events to watch in November? Are there some interesting threads that you've missed around the forum? We can't promise that we'll manage to cover it all - it is a large forum, after all - but we promise that we will give it our very best.

If you have suggestion for a topic that might be covered in a future newsletter, an interesting thread that you think deserves more attention, or if you want to write a profile about something royal that is close to your heart, send us a PM!

norwegianne, Avalon & Zonk
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Changes in The Royal Forums' administrative team.

Change is inevitable! I can already see and hear your reaction, but there is no need for fear. In order to grow, we have to change. Many changes have occurred during the last few months because The Royal Forums is growing.

We have welcomed norwegianne and Warren as co-Administrators; Avalon, azile, Humera, Lady Jennifer, and Zonk as Super Moderators; and Marengo and GlitteringTiaras as Moderators.

Alexandria, our co-Administrator, has resigned to pursue other ventures. During the past three years, Alexandria had devoted much of her personal time to the Royal Forums and Les Tribunes Royales as this forum was previously known. Her contributions are far too many to list here.

GrandDuchess, Super Moderator and TRF Newsletter Editor, and Elsa M, Super Moderator have left TRF due to personal reasons. We wish to thank both GrandDuchess and Elsa M for their endless efforts and dedication to the forum and we wish them luck in all their future endeavours.

Norwegianne is TRF’s latest Newsletter Editor, and Avalon and Zonk have been named co-Editors.

Our Moderating Team now comprises 22 unique members from various countries and walks of life. I feel really privileged to be part of this Team where each member brings his/her own special talents to make this the greatest TRF team.

If anyone is interested in joining our wonderful team, please read the how-to in the following thread.

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Change in forum rules

To continue the theme of change in response to growth, we've also rewritten the forum rules. Social Knowledge, the parent company of The Royal Forums, has recently developed a set of Terms of Use, which can be found here:

This has been used as the basis for the updated forum rules, which can be found here:

Details and explanations of the rules can be found in a series of FAQs:

All these pages can be reached by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each forum page. You can also find links here:

We also have a thread in the Support and Feedback forum where our members can ask questions about the rules if there's something they don't understand:

Many of the moderators and administrators also have links to the forum rules in their signatures. Don't hesitate to PM one of the moderators or administrators if there's anything about the rules you'd like to discuss one-on-one.

Most of the rules haven't changed from the previous set. However, we do have one major change, which involves photo posting. Whenever a copyrighted photo is posted, the poster will be expected to have obtained written permission from the copyright owner to post that photo, and the poster will have to add a line saying "Posted with permission from {copyright holder's name}." This isn't just a forum rule, it's the law. Members who post photos without written permission are running the risk of legal action from the copyright owner (the photographer, publisher, or photo agency) if a representative of that company sees one of their copyrighted photos on the site and demands proof of written permission. This applies to just about all photos taken by a professional photographer in the last 100 years. It doesn't matter where you find the photo - a photo agency website, a photographer's website, a book or magazine, yahoo, google, eBay, or your own private collection of magazine clippings and online photos. All these photos are copyrighted, and none of them may be posted directly into the threads unless you can prove that you have permission from the copyright holder to do so. This also applies to the non-royal-related threads in Members' Corner.

Since photos with agency or photographer watermarks are samples, which are never released to the public for their use with permission, from now on the moderators will be deleting all watermarked photos. We won't be policing the threads to demand proof that unwatermarked photos are being posted with the correct permission, but if a copyright owner challenges any of their photos on our site, the poster will be expected to produce a copy of the written permission or face the consequences from the copyright owner.

Links to photos on agency sites, newspaper or magazine pages, photo-hosting sites, etc., are perfectly fine. We expect that most of the photos in the future will be posted as links rather than images. Since we're expecting considerably fewer photos to be posted in the future, we're once more allowing direct attachments.

The moderation team understand that this will make the forum somewhat less user friendly, but unfortunately we don't have a choice about this. Copyright owners are becoming increasingly intolerant of having their property taken without compensation and posted in public forums, websites, and blogs, and several of them have threatened legal action against both the websites and the individuals who posted the photos. Our new copyright rules are intended to protect this forum and our members.

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1st - Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (1969)
4th - Emmanuel of Belgium (2005)
6th - Leonida of Russia (1914)*
6th - Noor of Jordan (1980)
7th - Saleha of Brunei (1946)
8th - Laure Napoleon (1952)
11th - Constantijn of the Netherlands (1969)
11th – Luisa Maria of Belgium (1995)
15th - Christian of Denmark (2005)
17th – Marie Caroline of Liechtenstein (1996)
19th – Charles Napoleon (1950)
19th – Catherine Napoleon (1950)
19th – Laurent of Belgium (1963)
23rd – Mako of Japan (1991)
24th – Caroline Napoleon (1980)
25th – Michael of Romania (1921)
25th – Elisabeth of Belgium (2001)
29th – Richard zu Sayn – Wittgenstein – Berleburg (1934)
31st – Leonor of Spain (2005)
31st – Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler (1934)
31st – Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg (1916)

* Note: 23 September 1914 by the Julian Calendar, which was in use at the time in Russia

State Visits:
British state visit to the Baltic Republics - 16-20 October, 2006
Swedish state visit to Canada, 24-28 October, 2006
Willem-Alexander and Maxima visit Australia and New Zealand October 23 to November 4, 2006
State visit from Jordan to the Netherlands, 30 October to 2 November, 2006
Haakon & Mette-Marit's Official visit to India, 29 October to 4 November

Wedding Anniversaries

October 4 - Cristina of Spain and Inãki Urdangarin, 1997
October 5 - Bruno Gomez-Acebo-y-de-Borbon and Barbara Cano de la Plaza, 2002
October 8 - David, Viscount Linley and Serena Stanhope, 1993
October 18 - Archduke Paul Georg von Habsburg-Lothringen and Eilika von Oldenburg, 1997
October 20 - Prince Floris and Aimee Soehngen, 2005
October 26 - Kalina of Bulgaria and Kitin Munoz, 2002
October 31 - Charles de Bourbon Siciles and Camilla Crociani, 1998

Other events of note:

October 4/6 - Official trip of the Prince of Asturias to Washington, D.C. October 4-6
October 7 - Review of the throne accession of Grand Duke Henri
October 8 - Baptism of Countess Leonore
October 12 - Spanish National Day
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2nd – Sofia of Spain (1938)
8th – Lady Louise Windsor (2003)
11th – Guillaume of Luxembourg (1981)
14th - Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales (1948)
15th – Peter Phillips (1977)
20th – Alexandra zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1970)
26th – Louis Ducruet (1992)

State Visits/Official visits:
3rd - 7th
5th - Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium - Economic mission to Canada
6th - 17th - Queen Beatrix will visit Aruba and the Dutch Antilles.

Wedding anniversaries:


Other special events:
2nd - Queen Silvia of Sweden is present at King Hussein Foundation International Peace-Builders Dinner and award of the 7th King Hussein Leadership Prize. New York
3rd-4th "Make a Difference" day - The Netherlands.
12th - Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of Edinburg & other members of the royal family will attend the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph.
15th - Opening of Parliament in the UK.
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- Which royals are related? The King of Sweden and the Queen of Denmark are first cousins. But are there other royal cousins out there? Click here to read the discussion, and talk more about it: Royal Cousins

- After almost 80 years in Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark, Marie Feodorovna, once a Czarina of Russia, was reburied next to her husband in St. Petersburg, Russia, in September this year. The whole ceremony took several days, and many royals, and ex-royals attended. To take a closer look at the event, visit the thread dedicated to it: Reburial of Czarina Marie Feodorovna

- First they weren't getting married yet. And then they were. And then it was only a rumour. But finally the confirmation came, and the most talked about royal wedding of the year took place as Prince Louis of Luxembourg married his girlfriend, Tessy Antony, in September. - Wedding of Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony

- With the birth of a male heir in Japan - what will happen with the proposed reform of the imperial succession? - Reform of the imperial succession in Japan

- We talk a lot of what the royals are wearing, and what they shouldn't wear - but what did the royals of days long gone wear? Royal's Historical Dress is the place to discuss it.

As mentioned in the introduction, if you have a thread you think is interesting, please send us a PM.
Old 11-01-2006, 11:01 AM
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We hope you found this newsletter informative. If you have any questions to matters pertaining to any of the forums at TRF, you can find a list of current moderators here.

Have a nice November.
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