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June 2008 Newsletter: The illegitimate children of royals

Welcome to the June 2008 Newsletter. In this month's newsletter we are focusing on the illegitimate children of royals. It is a subject that used to not be discussed in polite society. Times have changed and we decided to turn our attention to some of those royals with illegitimate children.

We hope that you enjoy this newsletter.

The Newsletter Team

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After a short absence, we would like to welcome Avalon back to the team in her role as Administrator. Welcome back Avalon!

Also, we'd like to welcome Anna_R who has joined the Newsletter team as Assistant Newsletter Editor. Welcome Anna_R.

The Royal Book Club

This month's selection is "Princess Margaret: a Life Unravelled" by Tim Heald. You can find the schedule for the weekly discussions here.

If you would like to see the books that will be read for the months of July and August you can find those here.

If you would like to make suggestions and eventually vote in the poll for the books that will be read in September-December, you may do so here.
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May 1 – Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (1963)
May 1 - Lady Sarah Chatto (1964)
May 2 – Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1975)
May 3 - Princess Haya of Jordan (1974)
May 4 – Pauline Ducruet (1994)
May 7- Prince Josef-Emanuel Leopold Marie of Liechtenstein (1989)
May 8 – Princess Elisabeth of Denmark (1935)
May 8 – Crown Prince Moulay Al-Hassan of Morocco (2003)
May 9 - Princess Nejla of Jordan (1988)
May 10 – Lalla Salma of Morocco (1978)
May 11 - Princess Basma of Jordan (1951)
May 12- Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (1974)
May 12 - Princess Maria-Annunciata Astrid Joséphine Veronica of Liechtenstein (1985)
May 13 – Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (1979)
May 13 - Lukas Maria von Lattorf (2000)
May 14 - King Sihamoni of Cambodia (1953)
May 14 - Isabella van Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (2002)
May 14 - Margarita Armstrong-Jones (2002)
May 14 - Princess Sumaya of Jordan (1971)
May 15 – Zara Phillips (1981)
May 15 – Ana Maria Morales (2003)
May 15 – Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (1957)
May 15 - Prince Jean of Luxembourg (1957)
May 15 - Don Duarte, Duke of Braganca (1945)
May 16 – Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein (1969)
May 17 – Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands (1971)
May 18 – Prince Alfons of Liechtenstein (2001)
May 19 - Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein (1972)
May 20 – Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (1967)
May 20 - Prince Rashid of Jordan (1979)
May 20 - Shaikha Najla of Bahrain (1981)
May 24 – Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein (1995)
May 25 – Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands (1966)
May 25 - Samuel van Orange-Nassau van Vollenhoven (2004)
May 26 – Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Count of Monpezat (1968)
May 27 – Prince Moritz of Liechtenstein (2003)
May 27 - Aoun Juma (1992)
May 27 - Prince Bernhard, Hereditary Prince of Baden (1970)
May 28 - Princess Marie Cecile of Prussia (1942)
May 30 - Archduchess Andrea of Austria (1953)
May 31 - Felicia van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (2005)
May 31 - Baron Nils-August Otto Carl Niclas Silfverschiöld (1934)

Weddings/Wedding Anniversaries

May 2 - Archduke Karl Peter von Habsburg & Princess Alexandra von Wrede 1998
May 6 - Princess Margaret Rose & Anthony Armstrong-Jones, May 6th 1960
May 6 - Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan & Masako Owada 1993
May 6 - Laura Parker-Bowles & Harry Lopes, May 2006
May 11 - Baroness Nicola von und zu Bodman & Mathias Schilling 2002
May 12 - Baroness Isabelle von Senden & Sebastian von Ribbentrop 2001
May 14 - Prince Juan Carlos of Spain & Princess Sofia of Greece 1962
May 14 - Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark & Mary Donaldson 2004
May 17 - Prince Heinrich Donatus von Hessen & Countess Floria-Franziska von Faber-Castell 2003
May 19 - Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands & Laurentien Brinkhorst 2001
May 22 - Felipe, Prince of Asturias & Letizia Ortiz, May 22nd, 2004
May 24 - Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Ari Behn: May 24, 2002
May 29 - Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau & Marilene van der Broek 1998


5: Official visit from Jordan to Azerbaijan:

5-7: State Visit from Sweden to Portugal:

5-8: The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark made an official visit to Iceland.

6-8: Official visit from the Prince and Princess of Asturias to Poland: Opening of the IXth Legislature. April 2008.

13-16: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh paid a State Visit from Great Britain to Turkey.

14-16: State visit from the Netherlands to Estonia.

17 - National Day of Norway - National day, 17 May 2008

17 - Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly were married: Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly to marry 17 May 2008

18-20: The Duke of York co-chaired the World Economic Forum - Middle East Forum

19: Visit by the British royals to The Chelsea Flower Show

20-22: State Visit from Greece to Sweden: State-Visit from Greece to Sweden; 20-22 May 2008

22-25: 66th Grand Prix de Monaco 66th Grand Prix de Monaco - 2008

24- Prince Joachim of Denmark and Marie Cavallier were married in Møgeltønder: Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier 24 May 2008

27-29: State Visit from Norway to Portugal:

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway visited Madagascar in connection with a UNICEF literacy programme:
"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." - Corita Kent
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June 1 - Prince Christian of Hannover (1985)
June 2 - Princess Désirée of Sweden, Baroness Silferschöld (1938)
June 2 - Ex-King Constantine of Greece (1940)
June 3 - Prince Felix of Luxembourg (1984)
June 3 - Prince Tirso of Bulgaria (2002)
June 3 - Countess Leonore of Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouw van Amsberg (2006)
June 4 - Shaikh Khalifa of Brunei (1977)
June 5 - Princess Astrid of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1962)
June 5 - Doña Irene Urdangarin y de Borbon (2005)
June 6 - King Albert II of the Belgians (1934)
June 7 - Prince Joachim of Denmark (1969)
June 8 - Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi (1984)
June 8 - Countess Eloise van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (2002)
June 9 - Princess Ragnhild of Norway, Mrs. Lorentzen (1930)
June 9 - Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (1983)
June 9 - Prince Timotheus Friedrich of Prussia (2005)
June 10 - Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921)
June 10 - Prince Hubertus of Hohenzollern (1966)
June 10 - Prince Hashim of Jordan (1981)
June 10 - Princess Madeleine of Sweden (1982)
June 11 - Queen Fabiola of Belgium (1928)
June 11 - Prince Henrik, the Prince Consort of Denmark (1934)
June 11 - Prince Alois of Liechtenstein (1968)
June 12 - Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg (1968)
June 13 - Infanta Cristina de Borbon (1965)
June 13 - Duke Kirill Friedrich-August of Oldenburg (2002)
June 16 - Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1937)
June 18 - Countess Zaria of Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (2006)
June 20 - Birgitte, The Duchess of Gloucester (1946)
June 21 - Prince William of Wales (1982)
June 22 - Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont (1972)
June 23 - Maria Carolina de Bourbon-Parma, Marchioness of Sala (1974)
June 24 - Duchess Bibiane Marie Alexandra of Oldenburg (1974)
June 26 - George, Earl of St. Andrews (1962)
June 26 - Yasmine Pahlavi (1968)
June 26 - Princess Marie-Astrid Nora Margarita Veronica of Liechtenstein (1987)
June 26 - Princess Alexia of the Netherlands (2005)
June 28 - Prince Hussein of Jordan (1994)
June 30 - Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg (1964)
June 30 - Shaikh Abdullah of Bahrain (1975)

Weddings and Anniversaries

June 4 - Hugh Van Cutsem & Rose Astor
June 5 - Princess Désirée and Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld
June 5 - Prince Edward and Sophie-Rhys Jones: 19 June 1999
June 6 - Princess Alexandra & Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellgut
June 9 - Prince Edward and Sophie-Rhys Jones: 19 June 1999
June 10 - Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik: 10 June 1967
June 10 - King Abdullah of Jordan and Queen Rania: 10 June 1993
June 19 - King Carl Gustaf & Silvia Sommerlath - June 19th 1976
June 19 - Prince Edward and Sophie-Rhys Jones: 19 June 1999
June 24 -
June 29 - Prince Akishino and Kiko Kawashima of Japan
June 29 - Princess Caroline of Monaco and Phillipe Junot / June 29th, 1978


June 1-9 - The Earl of Wessex will carry out engagements in Manitoba and Ontario, Canada

June 3-4 - State visit of The King of Spain to Germany

June 5-6 - State visit from Vietnam to Norway

June 6 - Sweden's National Day

June 10-12 - State visit of The King and Queen of Belgium to Estonia:

June 10 - Queen Margrethe II will receive Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung in a private audience at Christian IX’s Palace, Amalienborg

June 16-19 - The King and Queen of Norway will visit Nordland:

June 17-19 - Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella will tour Denmark aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog:

June 21-27 - Crown Princes Haakon, Frederik and Crown Princess Victoria will visit Svalbard:

June 24-26 - State visit of Queen Beatrix to the Republic of Lithuania:

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." - Corita Kent
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Illegitimate Children of English and British Kings

William I (the Conqueror)
William had no known illegitimate children, but he himself was the illegitimate son of Robert, Duke of Normandy. So the House of Normandy, which overthrew King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, was founded by an illegitimate son, hence William's alternative name of William the Bastard.

Henry I
Henry holds the record for having the largest number of illegitimate children of any of the kings, with several mistresses; the number is given as anywhere between 20 and 25. The eldest illegitimate child, Robert, was acknowledged by the King, who created him Earl of Gloucester. Another illegitimate son, William de Tracy, was one of the knights who murdered Thomas Becket on the orders of Henry II.
Henry had only one legitimate child, a daughter, Matilda.

Stephen is alleged to have fathered an illegitimate son, Gervais of Blois, before his marriage.

Henry II
Henry II had at least three illegitimate sons, William de Longespée (whose mother was the Countess of Norfolk), who married the Countess of Salisbury and hence became the Earl of Salisbury; Geoffrey (whose mother was a prostitute), who became Archbishop of York; and Morgan (mother unknown), who became Bishop of Durham.

Richard I
Richard the Lionheart had one illegitimate son, Philip of Cognac (mother unknown).

John had at least seven (and maybe as many as 12) illegitimate children, as well as five legitimate ones. His illegitimate children came from his affairs with several women, and the mothers of some of them are unknown. Most of them were given the traditional surname for royal bastards, FitzRoy; Joan, the eldest daughter, married the Prince of Wales, and Richard, the eldest son, was granted lands and titles. Most of John's illegitimate children did not live prominent lives.

Edward II
Surprisingly, since Edward II appeared to have been homosexual, he had at least one illegitimate son, Adam FitzRoy, as well as several legitimate children. The identity of Adam's mother is not known.

Edward III
Edward III possibly had at least one illegitmate son, John (and allegedly up to four children), by his long-time mistress Alice Perrers.
Edward's third surviving legitimate son, John of Gaunt, had several illegitimate children by his mistress, Katherine Swynford. These children, who took the surname Beaufort, were legitimised by Richard II. The sons became very powerful, and the daughter married the Earl of Westmoreland. One of her children was Cecily Neville, the mother of Edward IV and Richard III. The eldest son of John of Gaunt, John Beaufort Earl of Somerset, was the grandfather of Margaret Beaufort, who married Edmund Tudor and was the mother of Henry VII. It is his lineage from Margaret Beaufort which was the basis of Henry's claim to the throne as the Lancastrian heir after the deaths of Henry VI and his son Edward Prince of Wales.

Henry VI
Henry VI's son, Edward Prince of Wales, was conceived while the King was sufferering from one of his bouts of insanity. It was rumoured that Edward was the illegitimate child of Queen Margaret and the Duke of Suffolk, although this was never proved and Henry acknowledged the child as his own.

Edward IV
Edward IV was known to have had several mistresses, the best-known being Jane Shore. There are reports of anything between two and six illegitimate children from several mothers.
The two known illegitimate children are Arthur and Elizabeth, the children of Elizabeth Waite (or Elizabeth Lucy). Arthur was created first Viscount Lisle because of his marriage to the daughter of Edward Viscount Lisle. Unusually for the offspring of Yorkist royalty, he survived and prospered at the court of Henry VII, although he was eventually accused of treason at Calais and imprisoned in the Tower of London, where he died a couple of years later.
Edward himself was accused of being illegitimate by the Earl of Warwick (the Kingmaker) after Warwick turned against the King and planned to put Edward's younger brother, George Duke of Clarence (Warwick's son in law), on the throne. This rebellion did not succeed.

Richard III
Richard III had two children, John of Gloucester (appointed Captain of Calais in 1485) and Katherine Plantagenet (who married William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon), by an unknown woman (who has been tentatively identified as Katherine Haute).
There is possibly a third illegitimate child, known as Richard Plantangenet, whose mother is unknown.

Henry VII
There are rumours of an illegitimate son, but nothing is known about him and the rumours are probably incorrect.

Henry VIII
Henry VIII was the father of Henry Fitzroy Duke of Richmond and Somerset (15 June 1519-18 June 1536), whose mother was Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount. Henry Fitzroy was the only illegitimate child acknowledged by Henry VIII, who had no legitimate sons at the time. He was created Duke of Richmond and Somerset in 1525 and married the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk in 1533. There was talk of his taking over the crown of Ireland and even of succeeding his father to the English throne. His early death in 1536 (the same year Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn died) put paid to these plans. He had been ill for some time before he died, and the knowledge that he would not outlive his father might have played a part in the King's decision to rid himself of Queen Anne and marry again in order to get a son.
Henry also had a son by Mary Boleyn (older sister of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife) but did not acknowledge him.
There may also be two others, but no details are known about them.
At one or another time during his reign, Henry declared that one or the other of his legitimate daughters (Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth) was in fact illegitimate, depending on whether he was trying to deny the validity of his marriage to Mary's mother, Catherine of Aragon, or Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn.

Charles I
As well as several legitimate children, Charles I is believed to have fathered an illegitimate daughter, Joanna Brydges.

Charles II
Charles II had no legitimate children with his wife, Catherine of Braganza. He had several illegitimate children with a variety of mistresses, and these children are ancestors of many of the current members of the aristocracy. In 1649 he had a son, James, with his mistress Lucy Walter. James was granted the titles Duke of Monmouth and Duke of Buccleuch; he is the ancestor of Sarah Duchess of York and Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester, among many others. He was executed in 1685 after an unsuccessful attempt to take the throne after his father died with no legitimate offspring.
Charles had six children by Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine and Duchess of Cleveland. One of these children, Henry FitzRoy, was created Duke of Grafton and is an ancestor of Diana Princess of Wales.
He had two children by the actress Nell Gwyn; the elder son was created Duke of St Albans.
He had a son, Charles Lennox, by his French mistress, Louise de Keroualle (Duchess of Portsmouth). Charles was created Duke of Richmond and Duke of Lennox, and is an ancestor of Diana Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Sarah Duchess of York.
By Catherine Pegge he had two children; the son, Charles FitzCharles, was created Earl of Plymouth.

George I
George I fathered three illegitimate daughters with his mistress Ehrengard Melusine von der Schulenberg, all born before he inherited the British throne.

George II
George II had one alleged but unacknowledged illegitimate son, Johann Ludwig, by his mistress Amalie van Wallmoden.

George III
George III is rumoured to have secretly married Hannah Lightfoot in 1759, before his marriage to Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and to have had three or four children with her. The documents produced in a court of law during a trial in the 19th century were judged to be forgeries. However, if the marriage had taken place legally, it would have rendered his later marriage to Queen Charlotte invalid since it pre-dated the Royal Marriages Act.

George IV
George IV was known to have had many affairs, and there are rumours of several illegitimate children. None appear to have been confirmed.

William IV
Before his marriage to Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, William IV (at that time the Duke of Clarence, fourth son of George III) lived for many years with an actress, Dorothy Jordan; together they had 10 children, who took the surname FitzClarence. The eldest FitzClarence, George Augustus, was created Earl of Munster. The FitzClarence daughters made good marriages among the nobility.
Before meeting Mrs Jordan, William had a son whose mother's identity is not known.

Edward VII
It has been rumoured that Sonia Keppel, younger daughter of Edward VII's mistress Alice Keppel and grandmother of the Duchess of Cornwall, may have been Edward's daughter since she was born a couple of years after Alice became Edward's mistress.

George V
There were rumours that before his marriage to Princess May of Teck, George V had contracted an illegal marriage with a woman in Malta and fathered three illegitimate children. When a French magazine published the story, George sued for libel; the journalist who had written the story was convicted and imprisoned. A recent rumour alleges that Sir Anthony Blunt, Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures who was exposed as a Soviet spy in 1979, was an illegitimate son of George V. There appears to be no foundation to this story.
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Illegitimate Children of Norwegian Kings

In Norwegian royal history, there have been several kings who have been the illegitimate offspring of royals – at the time, legitimacy was less than an issue in terms of succeeding to the throne than it is today. Many of the early Norwegian monarchs were born outside of marriage.

Two examples of this is:

Magnus III, an illegitimate son of King Olav Kyrre and his mistress Tora Jonsdotter, was the King of Norway between 1093 and 1103. His father didn’t have any legitimate descendants, and as his only son, Magnus followed his father on the throne. As he settled on the throne, he expanded onto Viking crusades towards England and Scotland. He also ended up as King of Man for a period of time.

Haakon II was an illegitimate son of Sigurd Munn, who also was born outside of marriage. He succeeded his uncle Eystein II as King of Norway, after both his father and uncle were killed by their brother’s followers. A fight for the throne ensued, with Haakon II and his followers coming out on top. Haakon was given “king’s name”, an old Norwegian substitute for coronation, 12 years old. He didn’t get a long reign, and died in a battle 15 year old.

Illegitimate children of the King, or earlier Kings, could be quite the problem, and Norway in those days was often overset with civil wars wherein the potential heirs to the throne fought for what they believed to be their rights.

Illegitimate Children of Danish Kings

In Denmark, the Danish kings, Christian IV, Frederik III and Christian V, gave their illegitimate offspring the last name Gyldenløve.

Christian Ulrik Gyldenløve was the son of Christian IV. The king ensured that he got a proper education, and gave him properties that would provide an income. Later in life, the king used him as a diplomatic envoy.

Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve was another illegitimate son of Christian IV. He was the commander of the Danish army during the Northern Wars of the 17th century. He was killed in Copenhagen, in a battle between the Danish-Dutch and the Swedish-Germany armies.

Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve was the son of Frederik III. He was active in Danish politics, and the Viceroy of Norway from 1664-1699. Like Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve, he was also active in the military.

The other Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve was the illegitimate son of Christian V and the countess of Samsø. He was actively involved in the Danish-Norwegian navy, and a patron of the Norwegian sea hero, Tordenskjold.

Another well-known illegitimate child of the Danish royals in newer times is the offspring of Princess Thyra of Denmark. The young princess fell in love with a guardsman, Vilhelm Frimann Marcher, and became pregnant. The father of the child killed himself. The child was born in Athens, and adopted by Danes. It is presumed that it was a girl adopted in Odense, Marie Katerine Jørgensen, who was the child of the princess.
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Princss Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois

Princess Charlotte was the illegitimate child of Louis II, Prince of Monaco and Marie Juliette Louvet. Princess Charlotte was born September 30, 1898. In 1919 Charlotte was adopted by Louis and became his legal heir. In 1944 Charlotte renounced her place as the Hereditary Princess of Monaco to her son Rainier. She died on November 15, 1977.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco

Prince Albert has two illegitimate children, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste.
Jazmin was born on March 4, 1992 to Tamara Rotolo. In June 2006, Prince Albert admitted that he was the father of Jazmin.
Alexandre Coste was born on August 24, 2003 to Nicole Coste. In July 2005 Prince Albert admitted that he was the father of Alexandre.
Under the current constitution of Monaco, neither of Albert's two children cannot inherit the throne.


King Albert II of Belgium

Delphine Boël, born in 1968. She was made aware of her parentage when she turned 18. King Albert has not officially recognized her as his daughter as of yet.
"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." - Corita Kent
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