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Old 05-01-2010, 04:07 AM
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Posts discussing genealogy have been moved to a new thread in the Genealogy forum: Ottoman Dynasty: House of Osman
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Old 05-02-2010, 02:12 PM
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As on today, there are hundreds of Princes and Pashazades. You are all lost and some of your brothers, cousins and sisters do not know that they belongs or care blood of the Royal House of Osman. Some people trying to hide or do not recognize those titles.

As we all know, Abdil Hamid I had many sons including Mustafa IV (1807–08) (his son by Ayse Seniyeperver), Mahmud II (1808–39) (his son by Naksh-i-dil), Murad, Nusret, Mehmed, Ahmed, and Suleyman.

Some of them got married and had sons and daughters. - and some of you have their blood and roots and you belongs to Royal House of Osman and you have brothers and sisters. You are not alone.

Only in end of 1990- 2000 were found:
MUSTAFA IV - has only 1 (one) daughter ( wife's name still in research On of

Shevr-i Nur,
Seyyare, ( more likely)

Peyk-i Dil
- and name of this daughter was Nilay (Emine) Sultan ( 1808) ( confirmed). She was married to Daud Pasha and they had son Sultanzde Abdulkerim who was born in 1830.

Sultanzde Abdulkerim was also married and had children including 2 boys: Shabgul (a.k.a Shab gul Mustafa - 1860) and his younger brother Sultan Mustafa.

Sultan Mustafa died in Iraq. And his older brother Shabgul Mustafa - carried Sultan's body days and nights all over Iraq desert to bury his body near family. ( This information was confirmed in 1999) by descendants who moved from Iraq to Azerbaijan.

Shabgul Mustafa was married to women from Azerbaijan and had a son, which was named after his brother Sultan Shabgul Mustafaev ( 1889-1945)

Sultan Shabgul Mustafaev ( 1889-1945) had 3 wife and 4 issue.
  • Inna Mustafaeva
  • Kazbyla Mustafaeva
  • Nyugbar Mustafaeva
  • Malik Mustafaev
They all were born in Baku Azerbaijan

( as you can see they all carrying last name Mustafaev, since at that time governments required to have not only First name, but Lasts name. more details about it you can find in Wikpedia and Archive of Ministry of Culture of Turkey)

Note: If some one will ask why man had so many marriages? Answer: Man got married until he will have male issue. it was important to have male, who will care name of the father's family.

Son of Shabgul Mustafa was Malik Sultan Mustafa(ev) was married to Russian women Elza Klunicheva who had issues of 2 (two) sons: Vasiliy Malik Mustafaev ( 1955- alive) and Sultan Malik Mustafaev ( 1961 - alive)

Both of them had issue:
  • Vasiliy Malik Mustafaev ( 1955- alive) / Nadezhda Shabanova (1955)
    - Son: Konstantin V Mustafaev ( 1980) alive, live in Canada ( Male model)
    - Daughter: Ludmila V Mustafaeva (1979) alive, live in Russia ( military Diplomat)
  • Sultan Malik Mustafaev ( 1961 - alive)/ Flora ( unknown) (1965)
    - Son: Malik Sultan Mustafaev (1992) alive, live in Russia ( Military cadet)
    - Daughter: Fakia Sultan Mustafaeva (1990) alive, Live in Russia ( Since worker)
As you can see, roots are spreading. There are missing information on all families descendant of Mustafa IV ( and his daugther Emine Niley Sultan - married to Daud Pasha).

However they they are all Princes and Princesses with no right on throne. The only people who has right on throne ( by today is only one person)

Osman Bayezid Osmanoglu - (23 July 1924 - alive) He was born in France and become 44th Head of the House of Osman (2009-...after death of Ertugrul - Osman V, who died in 2009. ), great-grandson of Sultan Abdülmecid I.

Based on Archive and records we have. There are quite a lot of Princes and Princess which carry blood of Abdul Hamid I.

About Timur Can (1978) descendant of Mehmed Murad V (1840). Murad V was 29th Ottoman Sultan. Even he related trough Fehime Sultan Daughter of Murad V - he still has right to care title of Prince of the Royal House of Osman.

Considering that Mahmud II was brother of Mustafa IV and had same father - Abdul hamid I (1725-189) then Prince Timur Can ( 1978) Germany alive, Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev (1980) In Canada alive and Prince Malik Sultan Mustafaev (1992) in Russia alive - are relatives by blood. There are many in USA, CANADA, RUSSIA some of them returned to Turkey.

The separation starts from Abdulmecid I and Murad V - which is 2 generations

As I mentioned above, you have a lot of relatives by blood. However I can see that there are missing Parts of Prince Timur on his parents and grand parents. This information is not in public records of Ministry of Culture of Turkey.

And this is very important for all of you to keep in touch with your relatives and support each other as members of the Royal House of Osman.

This information is official from sources of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Archive of General Library of Turkey - for the public release and domain.

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Old 07-19-2010, 11:37 PM
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Turkey bids farewell to grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II

A funeral took place in Istanbul for prince Osman Nami Osmanoglu (1918-2010), grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II who reigned from 1876 to 1909.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, State Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, Interior Minister Besir Atalay, State Minister Hayati Yazici, State Minister Faruk Celik, Istanbul Governor Haseyin Avni Mutlu and Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas were in attendance at the funeral. - Full article + photos

More info
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Old 07-20-2010, 07:04 AM
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My condolences to The Imperial House of Osman and their wider Household at this time. These condolences thus extend to His Late Highness immediate family and their friends as well.
RJ TAYLER ESQ. Rightly Honoured to be a Member of The Royal Forums
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Old 07-27-2010, 07:13 PM
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Grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid the second passes away

Osman Nami Osmanoğlu, grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II who reigned from 1876 to 1909, passed away at the age of 93.
Grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid the second passes away
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Old 08-01-2010, 02:34 AM
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Given that Turkey's now a republic, will this death have any social or political outcomes, do you think?

Where are the remnants of the family? What are they now doing?

Any information gratefully received.
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Old 08-06-2010, 08:36 AM
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Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the funeral in Istanbul.The Republic honoured the late Prince and thus the Ottoman Empire.

courtesy hja
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Old 08-06-2010, 09:03 AM
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Attendance of Turkey's Prime Minister to the funeral was only a social thing to offer condolence to the family. In fact it has neither social nor political outcomes. It may come as a shock for several people but Osman Nami Osmanoğlu said to be a republican too and of course his death must be a great loss for his family but as a Turkish citizen I can admit that it's nothing to do with people because we don't know or recognise these people. Ottoman dynasty have exiled and they have no power on Turkish government or something but we do have respect to them and they live as commoners I guess all around the world. I just happen to know one of them, Roksan Kunter. She works as a reporter at SkyTürk and she is the grand daughter of Osman Nami Osmanoğlu.

You can see her photo here.

And her cousins names are:
Christine Droyfus, Ferhat Arıbaş, Feyzan Arıbaş, Audrey Ragot, Mailys Ragot, Alexıs Ragot, Naomi Droyfus (daughter of Christine Droyfus)

You may also be familiar with the name of Kenize Mourad. She was also a princess of Ottoman, daughter of Selma Rauf Hanımsultan ( who was the grand daughter of V. Murad.) Kenize Mourad is a famous writer now and you may know her book "De la part de la princesse morte. One of the bestsellers of all times.
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Old 12-12-2010, 03:36 AM
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Ottoman heir to reprise grandfather's role in Turkish TV series

Orhan Osmanoğlu will perform his own grandfather Prince Şehzade Abdülkerim, himself the eldest grandson of Sultan Abdulhamid II, in the new TV series which will be shot in various countries. - HurriyetDailyNews
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Old 12-20-2011, 08:46 AM
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Mahmud Osmanoglu: a sultan's descendant in the heart of London

Mahmud Osmanoğlu, a Turk born and bred in London, has a more interesting family tale to tell than most. The 32-year-old has never lived in Turkey but he is in fact the son of the great-grandson of the 35th Ottoman sultan, Mehmet V Reşad, who reigned at Dolmabahçe Palace, from 1909 until his death in 1918.

Osmanoğlu, who works for the London-based company Streaming Well, which produces and distributes educational health videos targeted at patients and health professionals, explained in an interview with the Anatolia news agency at his home in London's Hammersmith district that having received his Turkish citizenship card and passport last year, he wishes to visit Turkey more often and spend time there not as a foreign tourist but as a Turkish citizen.

Mahmud Osmanoğlu's grandfather, Mahmud Namık Efendi, was born in Dolmabahçe Palace in 1913. A keen traveler, he moved to Egypt with his family but decided to send Osmanoğlu's father, Ömer Abdülmecid, to England at the age of 4 in the belief that he would get a good education there. Osmanoğlu's father remained there, consequently marrying a local woman and establishing a family home in London.
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Old 01-05-2012, 12:16 AM
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It seem that the Senior line of the Osman Dynasty will die out as the current head is 87 with no children and his heir is Dündar Aliosman who also has no issue, I don't know where the succession goes after that. It seems the House of Osman is in decline far after the Empire itself was the Sick man of Europe.
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Old 03-07-2012, 09:53 AM
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here is a picture of princess reema in the birthday party of prince orhan of ottoman in 2010

the ottoman prince orhan selehattin osmanolgu gave a birthday party in 2010 in turkey. The guest was prince ali bin nayef and her wife princess reema of jordan and prince prince abbas hilmi of egypt.
some pictures
princess reem of jordan Osmanl
princess ayse gülnev sultan and her father prince orhan osmanoglu and her husband damad nicholas sutton. Her children prince ali sutton, prince tariksutton, prince cengiz sutton, prince ziya sutton and princess aliye hanimsultan Osmanl
princess ayse gülnev sultan Osmanl

a group picture of the ottoman royals princes and princesses

some pictures of princess nilhan osmanolgu who lives in turkey
Önceki Yaz

the photo gallery of the birthday party from 2010 Şehzade Osman Selaheddin Osmanoğlu'nun 70'inci doğum gününü / 1 - Hürriyet

princess ayse and her childrens

princess ayse osmanoglu
from wikipedia
from forumforfree
and a group picture

princess kadriye sultan before the exile
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	kadriye sultan.jpg
Views:	8888
Size:	18.7 KB
ID:	283809  
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Old 03-07-2012, 10:29 AM
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Thank you for the information and the picture.

Originally Posted by LordofPride View Post
It seem that the Senior line of the Osman Dynasty will die out as the current head is 87 with no children and his heir is Dündar Aliosman who also has no issue, I don't know where the succession goes after that. It seems the House of Osman is in decline far after the Empire itself was the Sick man of Europe.
While Neither the current Head of the House - Osman Bayezid III, nor his heir - Dundar Aliosman - have children, that is not necessarily an issue. According to the Ottoman succession law, the succession goes to the oldest surviving male dynast (agnatic seniority). That means that even if Osman Bayezid III had children, his brother (as a more senior dynast) would still be ahead of them in the Line of Succession.
As it is, there are enough representatives of the younger generation of the House of Osman to be certain it will not go extinct. The latest addition to the House of Osman was Batu Bayezid Osmanglu Efendi born in 2008: he is the 24th (and last) person in the current Line of Succession.

The current Line of Succession based on agnatic seniority:
- Dundar Aliosman Efendi (born 1930)
- Harun Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1932)
- Cengiz Nazim Efendi (born 1939)
- Osman Selaheddin Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1940)
- Omer Abdulmecid Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1041)
- Mehmed Selim Efendi (born 1943)
- Mehmed Ziyaeddin Efendi (born 1947)
- Roland Selim Efendi (born 1949)
- Selim Djem Efendi (born 1949)
- Orhan Ibrahim Suleiman Efendi (born 1959)
- Orhan Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1963)
- Eric Mehmed Efendi (born 1966)
- Orhan Murdan Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1972)
- Francis Mahmud Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1975)
- Rene Osman Efendi (born 1975)
- Daniel Adrian Hamid Efendi (born 1977)
- Abdulhamid Kayihan Osmanglu Efendi (born 1979)
- Selim Suleyman Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1979)
- Nazim Osmanoglu Efendi (1985)
- Yavuz Selim Osmanoglu Efendi (born 1989)
- Turan Cem Osmanoglu Efendi (born 2004)
- Tamer Nihad Osmanoglu Efendi (born 2006)
- Harun Osmanoglu Efendi (born 2007)
- Batu Bayezid Osmanglu Efendi (born 2008)
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Old 03-10-2012, 06:06 PM
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Order of the Illustrious Ottoman Dynasty

this used by members of the royal familiy between 1895 to the exile
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Ottomans Documentary.

Originally Posted by nerminSultan View Post
i see a documentary about the ottomans they exiled in 1924 the most of them are in france in england or in libanon. Many of them returned 1952 or 1974.
It`s very tragic because they haven`t money on this time they exiled.
I would love to see or know more about this documentary?
Is it in English, or only German or Turkish?
I am interested in The Ottoman Imperial Royal family, and particularly through my long interest and research in to The Albanian Zogu (Zogolli) Royal family, i'm very interested in the marriage of HM King Zog's sister, HH Princess Senije Zogu in 1936 to HIH Prince Mehmet Abid Osmani/Osmanoglu (younger son of Sultan Abdul Hamid II).

Also relatives of the extended Zogu Royal family still live in Turkey, they are Turkish/Albanian descendants of HM King Zog's uncle - General Zia Pasha Zogolli (1858-1931).
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Old 04-02-2012, 10:44 AM
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Fatma Neslisah Osmanoglu, the last registered member of Ottoman dynasty, died today

Fatma Neslisah Osmanoglu, the granddaughter of the last Ottoman ruler, Vahdettin, died on the morning of 2 April 2012. At the age of 91 she was the last member of the Ottoman ruling family born during the empire. After the death of Ertugrul Osman Osmanoglu in 2009, she also held the title of "the eldest Ottoman”.

Born on 4 February 1921 Neslisah Osmanoglu was the grandchild of the last Sultan, Vahdettin, and the last Caliph, Abdulmecit, as well as the wife of Prince Muhammed Abdel Moneim (1899-1979). Prince Muhammed Abdel Moneim was himself the son of Egypt's last Khedive, Abbas Hilmi II, and was later chosen to act as a regent for the infant King of Egypt, Fuad II. By virtue of her position, Fatma Neslisah served as First Lady of Egypt.

Prince Muhammed Abdel Moneim and the Princess were parents to two children:

- Prince Sultnzade Abbas Hilmi Abdulmunim Beyefendi, born 1941. He married Mediha Momtaz and has two children with her: Princess Nabila Sabiha Fatima Hilmi Hanim, born 1974, and Prince Nabil Daoud Abdelmoneim Hilmi Bey, born 1979.
- Princess Ikbal Hilmi Abdulmunim Hanımsultan, born 1944. She is unmarried and has no issue.

Prince Muhammed Abdel Moneim died in 1979, months after the birth of his only granddaughter.

LOCAL - Last registered member of Ottoman dynasty dies (includes photograph)
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Old 04-03-2012, 01:32 PM
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They just talked to the greek tv and they showed her giving interview to Frederik Mitterand. What a classy lady and what a rich life she had. RIP.
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Old 04-03-2012, 01:37 PM
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Members of the Imperial Family, as well as thousands of ordinary Turkish people, paid their respect to the late Princess today. She was buried in a family vault after a religious ceremony in the grounds of the former Yildiz imperial palace.

- Members of the Imperial Family
- People carrying the Princess's coffin
- People paying their respect to the late Princess

Gallery from Daylife
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Old 04-03-2012, 06:35 PM
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Noblesse & Royautés » Décès de Neslishah Sultane

Interview with the late Princess:

Her son:
Sii forte.
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Old 04-04-2012, 09:35 AM
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Neslisah Sultan Dead: Former Ottoman Princess Dies At 91
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osman, ottoman, ottoman princess ayse osmanoglu england sussex, princess, sultan, turkey

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