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Old 01-19-2019, 06:18 AM
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A Memorandum signed between the Royal House of Bagrationi-Imereti and the Armenian monarchical and aristocratic organizations

The Royal House of Bagrationi-Imereti and the Armenian monarchical and aristocratic organizations (the Armenian Princely Union, the Meliq Union and the Chivalry Order of St. King Trdat the Great) signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation. The Memorandum identifies various areas and spheres of cooperation between the Royal House of Bagrationi-Imereti and the traditional Armenian nobility, including regular exchange of information on history, monarchical and aristocratic traditions and ceremonies, genealogy and heraldry; joint activities in the restoration of the moarchist traditions of Armenia and Georgia (including joint research in the above-mentioned areas); facilitation in strengthening and deepening ties between Armenian and Georgian (Imeretian) monarchical and aristocratic houses, as well as monarchist movements; cooperation in international matters, including coordination of efforts and resources in foreign monarchical and aristocratic circles. In the framework of this Memorandum, the parties pledged to develop cooperation on the basis of a non-politicized and nonreligious dialogue in the spirit of mutual respect for the history and traditions of Armenia and Georgia. As stated in the preamble of the Memorandum, the parties remain faithful to the centuries-old traditionally fraternal relations between the Armenian and Georgian peoples founded since the time of great patriarchs Hayk and Kartlos, and continued by the great Royal Houses of Armenia and Georgia.

Ողբում եմ քեզ, Հայոց աշխարհ, ողբում եմ քեզ, բոլոր հյուսիսային ազգերի մեջ վեհագույնդ, որովհետև վերացան թագավորդ ու քահանադ, խորհրդականդ և ուսուցանողդ. վրդովվեց խաղաղությունը, արմատացավ անկարգությունը, խախտվեց ուղղափառությունը, հիմնավորվեց տգիտությամբ չարափառությունը:
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Originally Posted by Artemisia View Post
You made a brilliant post on a brief history on the Kingdom of Armenia (both of them, in fact); however, the Savoy claim (which is, for whatever reason, wildly accepted) is actually inaccurate.

The House of Savoy did inherit the claim after Queen's Charlotte's death; however, at some point the pretender to the Kingdom of Armenia and the Head of House of Savoy ceased to be the same person because of Savoy's Salic Laws: Armenia (neither Kingdom of Armenia, nor Cilician Kingdom of Armenia) never had any laws that forbade women from ascending to the Throne. In fact, there had been several Queens Regnant throughout history of Armenia.

This is how the title passed from one titular Monarch to the other (not necessarily from parent to child; sometimes, more remote relatives inherited the claim):
- Leo V, King of Armenia
- James I of Cyprus
- Janus of Cyprus
- John II of Cyprus
- Charlotte I
- Charles I, Duke of Savoy (son of Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy, himself son of Anne de Lusignan, herself daughter of King Janus of Cyprus)
- Charles II, Duke of Savoy (son of Charles I)
- Yolande Louise of Savoy (daughter of Charles I)

At this point, the Houses of Savoy and claimants to the Throne of Armenia parted their ways.
- Charlotte of Naples (daughter of Anne of Savoy, herself daughter of Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy, himself son of Anne de Lusignan)
- Anne de Laval (daughter of Charlotte of Naples)
- Louis III de La Tremoille (son of Anne de Laval)
- Claude de La Tremoille (son of Louis III de La Tremoille)
- Henry III of Tremoille (son of Claude de La Tremoille)
- Henri Charles de La Tremoille, 4th Duke of Thouars (son of Henry III of Tremoille)
- Charles Belgique Hollande de La Tremoille (son of Henri Charles de La Tremoille, 4th Duke of Thouars)
- Charles Louis de La Bretagne Tremoïlle (son of Charles Belgique Hollande de La Tremoille)
- Charles Godefroy de La Tour d'Auvergne (son of Marie Armande Victoire de la Tremoïlle, herself daughter of Charles Belgique Hollande de La Tremoille)
- Jacques Leopold de La Tour d'Auvergne (son of Charles Godefroy de La Tour d'Auvergne)
- Henri Louis de Rohan, Prince de Rohan-Guemene (son of Marie-Louise de La Tour d'Auvergne. herself daughter of Charles Godefroy de La Tour d'Auvergne)
- Charles IV Alain Gabriel de Rohan, Prince de Rohan (son of Henri Louis Marie de Rohan, Prince de Rohan-Guemene)
- Jules Armand Louis de Rohan (son of Henri Louis de Rohan, Prince de Rohan-Guemene)
- Prince Benjamin Armand Rohan-Rochefort-Guemene (son of Marie Louise de Rohan, herself daughter of Henri Louis de Rohan, Prince de Rohan-Guemene)
- Prince Arthur Carl de Rohan (son of Prince Benjamin Armand Rohan-Rochefort-Guemene)
- Karl Viktor Alain de Rohan (son of Prince Arthur Carl de Rohan)
- Alain Benjamin, Furst von Rohan (son of Prince Arthur Carl de Rohan)
- Alain Anton, Furst von Rohan (son of Alain Benjamin, Furst von Rohan)
- Princess Marie-Jeanne de Rohan (daughter of Alain Anton, Furst von Rohan: she is currently alive but childless)
- Princess Marguerite Johanna de Rohan (sister of Princess Marie-Jeanne)
- Louisette Kottulinsky (daughter of Princess Marguerite Johanna de Rohan; currently alive but childless)
- Marguerite Jamila Kottulinsky (sister of Louisette Kottulinsky)
- James Alexander Maule Durie of Durie (son of Marguerite Jamila Kottulinsky; born in 1978, he has no issue as of now. James was born and lives in England)

I don't understand how or why the sequence you've presented divorces from the La Trémoïlles where it does. If the succession rule used is male-preference primogeniture, the crowns of Jerusalem, Cyprus, and Armenian Cilicia would have remained in personal union with the title of Duke of Thouars until the death of Louis Jean Marie de La Trémoïlle in 1933, at which point they would have been inherited by his eldest sister, Charlotte de La Trémoille; then by her eldest son, Jean Charles Lamoral of Ligne-La Trémoïlle; then by his ledest son, Charles-Antoine Lamoral of Ligne-La Trémoïlle, who would currently hold the pretense to those crowns, with his eldest son, Edouard Lamoral Rodolphe de Ligne, as heir apparent.

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