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Old 04-26-2021, 02:20 AM
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A newly recorded interview with the King ahead of his 75th birthday was published today in the interview podcast Värvet with Kristoffer Triumf.
The King talks about topics that are close to his heart, including the Swedish forest. The king also talks about his mission, his thoughts on the pandemic and its consequences and why he sees a bright future.
The interview was recorded in Princess Sibylla's apartment at the Royal Palace the week before the King's birthday.
Kungen intervjuad i Värvet - Sveriges Kungahus

The interview:
Carl XVI Gustaf _ Värvet on Acast

Who: Carl XVI Gustaf
About: The King's relationship to Prince Philip, what it was like to work during the pandemic, what the King does to relax, truffles, to philosophize in the woods, the spruce bark beetle, not to choose his job, what the King prefers to do on holiday and of course a lot about what the best thing about the moon is.
Carl XVI Gustaf Värvet

Kristoffer Triumf visited "Nyhetsmorgon" on TV4 on Monday morning to tell about the interview.
- Some guests are easy to book, others are trickier. We have been trying to get the king as a guest since August last year. It has been celebrated a lot at my home since it became clear, he says.
When asked if the court had requirements or instructions prior to the interview, he says that they do not agree.
- I have not experienced it. They have been good at giving tips on topics that the king is comfortable talking about. This is not shotgun journalism but a portrait.
The king spoke about prince Philip at his interview:
Kungen i stor intervju i podcasten ”Värvet”

The King says that he has passed the retirement age a long time ago, but has not stepped down from the business. But during the pandemic, it has been the quietest year ever. It has been nice to think about what he has done and would like to do in the future.
He loves his job which gives him the opportunity to keep up with developments and learn new things. But he also admits that there are disadvantages. When asked what it is like when there are always eyes on him wherever he goes the king answers:
- It's very hard. But I'm not the only one. All business leaders and politicians who have the same responsibility should feel the same.
To refuel energy, he goes for walks, goes out into the woods or goes by boat on the sea. He tells of an event on Gotska Sandön that he usually visits, about how he lay completely alone on a beach and enjoyed.
- I lay at the water's edge and just rested. It was wonderful to lie on this amazing beach. But then some tourists came and asked if they could take pictures. I felt like a seal the way you would go out and take pictures and take them home and then I actually said no.
The king tells that his favorite card game is a game called "Gurka" which is reminiscent of bridge and that he likes chips which taste truffles and also reveals that there are truffles in his own garden.
Kung Carl XVI Gustaf intervjuas av Kristofer Triumf i Värvet _ Aftonbladet

The King told about his private car holidays with Queen Silvia in Europe, which they have had every year for the past 10-15 years. It's very fun to drive a car, that's the best the King knows. It is freedom, he controls where he wants. The first years they went straight from Stockholm to Sainte-Maxime, to Villa Mirage they inherited from Prince Bertil. But over the years they have started to take bigger and bigger detours and longer time, and staying over in different places. They are looking for beautiful palaces, views, vineyards or whatever you can find. Sometimes they end up in places where they don't really know where they are. The King says that lying on a beach and sunbathing, you can not do that at their age, it is very useless.
The King also tells about his three "homes": The large floor at Drottningholm Palace. The weekends he and Queen Silvia spend on Stenhammar. And then the royal couple's somewhat secret floor at the Royal Palace. The king says that it was a long time ago he spent the night there. He moved there in 1972, that floor faces the Opera and they lived there also with Victoria and Carl Philip.
- I grew up here at the Royal Palace, since I was four or five years old. I lived in the south wing with my mother and my four sisters in a ... Yes, an insanely boring apartment, to be honest. It really only consisted of a single long corridor, it was like a hotel, with doors on each side, and there we had our rooms. My mother lived in a room with two small windows facing the National Museum.
The interview takes place in the royal couple's private dining room. The King says it is a room that is very dear to him, nowadays the walls are covered with red fabric, but when he was a child it was plank walls here quite simply. Raw unplaned plank. It had been Gustaf V's writing room.
- But in my time I had my electric train here and also my table tennis room, so this was my hobby room and many of my friends thought it was very exciting to come here and play with that train. Now it is our dining room with red walls and nice furniture so it is completely different, the king says to Kristoffer Triumf.
Kungen om privatlivet med drottning Silvia i Värvet _*Svensk Dam

The King says that he was very young when he took office, only 27 years old, and then he was almost always the youngest at all meetings and at all dinners. Now it is just the opposite, now he is almost always the oldest, and over the years you may become safer and take things a little calmer.
- I remember my grandfather so well, he once said to me that "you should take your life with a certain pinch of humor". If you take it with a little humor, you can handle difficult situations better.
"What does the king think of his successor, is she ready for the job?" Kristoffer Triumf asks and the king answers with a counter-question:
- Crown Princess Victoria? Yes ... When do you get ready for a job? Every new task requires new steps, so to speak. even if one has prepared. I had less time to prepare, I wished I had had longer, then a lot would have been different. But the Crown Princess takes it very seriously and feels it like a big calling. She also grew up, just like I was, to succeed at some point. And with the responsibility to pass something on. But it is not just the legacy, it is Sweden's history that we carry on. You should perhaps not think too deeply about it, but it is there basically. We were brought up with it and we take it very seriously.
Känsliga frågan om Victoria – kungen ger svar _*Svensk Dam

Kungen avslöjar stora sorgen i ny unik podcast - Allt om kungligt

I just listened the whole interview. It was very good and relaxed.

The King celebrates his 75th birthday. The King has announced that instead of birthday presents, he wishes people to make a contribution to Sweden's City Missions. We at Sweden's City Missions are extremely proud and happy about this!
Over the years, the royal family has become involved in the City Mission's activities in several places through both public and private visits and volunteer work. The commitment has been extra large during the pandemic, as the King and Queen in a meeting with the City Missions have informed themselves about the situation of people in vulnerability during this difficult period.
Many thanks to all of you who think of the most vulnerable in our society today and who donate a gift to celebrate H.M. The King's 75th birthday!
Riksföreningen Sveriges Stadsmissioner __ Kungen75

After Victoria took a stand on the important issue, the King now follows. Something that the King and Victoria have in common is their concern for the vulnerable on the streets. That concern is shown by their involvement in the City Mission, usually in Stockholm.
Victoria has been seen several times volunteering for the organization and distributing food at the soup kitchen outside St Paul's Church. She also usually brings the whole family with her to help wrap Christmas presents at Stockholm City Mission. Not even the pandemic could deter Victoria and at the royal family's channels, they shared a video where she, Prince Daniel and the children wrapped up packages and talked about Christmas.
Now the City Missions are once again being noticed by the royal family. The King wishes that everyone who wants to give him a present for his 75th birthday donates money to his fundraiser. The sum will then be reported to the royal court, so that they find out exactly how much the King's commitment can help the vulnerable.
Kungens personliga vädjan – efter bilderna på Victoria _*Svensk Dam

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Old 04-27-2021, 01:50 AM
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The court published a HQ-version of the King's photo at the birthday website, taken by Sara Friberg/The Royal Court.

The King spoke about the video meetings during the pandemic at his interview.
He says that it didn't always feel very natural in the beginning, but he thinks people have learned to talk via a screen and such a camera somewhere that you do not really see, at a reasonable distance. Often due to microphones that are built into computers, many sit very, very close so it becomes quite funny perspectives.
The King says that it is also very important to think about the background, he does it even when he is out visiting in more formal contexts.
- I am very careful with my background and what is behind, even when I am out in official contexts. If they want to take a photo, "the king can stand here", then I always look at what is behind it. Because it's always where someone can come up with certain angles. It is not known what the motive may be. So I am very careful to first look behind me and then maybe I look into the camera if I am really kind, he says.
Här är kung Carl XVI Gustafs tips för ett lyckat videomöte _ GP

Aftonbladet's royal expert Jenny Alexandersson about the King's podcast interview:
"For Sweden - With the times"
Or more aptly today: "For Sweden in a podcast".
Jenny writes that she should have seen it coming, the King's debut in a podcast. Still, she was pleasantly surprised.
The corona crisis has paved the way for new ways of meeting people also for the king and his family.
The king's motto has been his guiding light throughout his working life, for almost 50 years.
The king symbolizes an institution whose interior rests on a conservative foundation, Jenny writes. For many young people, these traditions and values ​​are not very engaging.
The king's advisers have understood that for continued relevance, the king and his family must use the new media platforms. But it is also a contradiction, if the king doesn't want to be a "celebrity", then why should he be on these platforms?
The answer is simple. That is the way the royal house must go. For Sweden - With the times.
The king is very aware of the conditions. Already in the 70's he knew that a modern monarchy is the prerequisite for people's acceptance. He banned the old-fashioned court courtseys and began to build the court as a modern company. Now he took a new step on the road to a modern royal house by speaking in a podcast.
Jenny Alexandersson om kungen i podden Värvet _ Aftonbladet

The king is known for his commitment to the Swedish forest. Kristoffer Triumf asks if the king has a favorite forest?
The king says that it's not very easy to answer, but the first comes to mind and one that he thinks of, is a tall pine forest on sandy ground with a little heather and dry pine needles on a summer day. It is dry and warm and soft in some way, it is not a real production forest. As a forest owner, it is probably not the best forest, but as an experience forest, it is like walking in a church, a cathedral. A wonderful atmosphere.
Kungen helt ställd – kan inte svara på frågan _*Svensk Dam

The king at the interview about the birthday celebration:
- It will be the family - only my family. The children and maybe grandchildren too. We will meet and have dinner. Somewhere.
Nya detaljer om kungens privata 75-årsfirande! _*Svensk Dam

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Old 04-28-2021, 02:03 AM
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The King's podcast debut has given the people a chance to get to know the King on a new and more personal level.
"A completely unstressed interview" says Kristoffer Triumf: You get "a lot from the king".
Margareta Thorgren said to Svensk Damtidning about the media strategy behind the King's podcast debut
- I and my employees have had a dialogue with Kristoffer Triumf for some time. The pandemic has meant restrictions on media opportunities, at the same time it has given us the opportunity to think in new directions. With the interviews for the king's 75th birthday, participation in the podcast Värvet felt modern and right in time.
And the king was positive, Värvet is more of a long personal conversation than an interview.
Triumf has told in interviews that the court didn't influence his choice of questions. But he received several suggestions on topics that the king likes to talk about.
Thorgren says that to have a good conversation, they have given good advice, which they always try to do before interviews. She is impressed by Triumph's calm and professional manner.
Triumf's project to have the king as a podcast guest began in August last year. Then he had his first meeting at the Palace and in January he spoke with the court again. At the interview Triumf met the king for the third time.
Hovet om kungens podd-debut_ Spelet bakom kulisserna _*Svensk Dam
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Old 04-29-2021, 10:22 AM
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Cecilia Hagen (b. 1946) writes in Expressen at her chronicle about the king
My life with Tjabo - he was more special than anyone else
Cecilia Hagen_ Dags att summera mitt liv med kungen
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Old 04-30-2021, 03:21 AM
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Lena Mellin, Political commentator and acting publisher responsible for Aftonbladet, writes at her chronicle today, among other things:
He isolated himself in the country with Silvia. Takes care of almost everything digitally. Vaccinated as soon as possible. The king has behaved exemplary during the corona year. Today he turns 75. Congratulations, the King!
Sweden has been a monarchy for over a thousand years. The king is the last monarch in the line. He has already served a record number of years, 48, the longest reign in our country to date.
From time to time, the monarchy is questioned, despite its long history as a state. It has so far never been shaken to its foundations.
The Som Institute at the University of Gothenburg annually measures citizens' attitudes to various societal issues. Despite the anachronism one must still say that the inherited power is, the king can celebrate his birthday without the ground rocking under either his or his descendants' feet.
45 years ago, 9 percent wanted to establish a republic. Nearly four decades later, the figure had risen to 20.
In 2003, 15 percent wanted to abolish the monarchy. 15 years later, it was 21 percent.
During the same period, those who want to keep the monarchy decreased by 12 percentage points to 56 percent.
A decreasing support thus. But still very stable.
Kungen har skött coronan utmärkt – nu fyller han 75 _ Aftonbladet

Svensk Damtidning about the day when Carl Gustaf became the King - and on the same day Daniel Westling was born.
The King 75 years: Here is the day that changed his life!
Kungen 75 år_ Här är dagen som förändrade hans liv! _Svensk Dam

Monarchy Sweden consists of all of us. Carl XVI Gustaf is everyone's king.
We should be happy about that! writes the historian Johan Romin on the king's 75th birthday.
Grattis kungen! Du är bra för demokratin

King Carl Gustaf as a father
Kronprinsessan Victoria_ ”Så är kungen som pappa”

The King's life in photos
Kungens liv i bilder _ Hallandsposten

Swedish Press Agency SPA congratulates the King with these photos at its Facebook

About the reception today, the Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén doesn't attend due to having cold, the Riksdag is represented by the First Deputy Speaker.
H.M. Konungens 75-årsdag - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Facebook
Two soldiers from the Life Guards have now hoisted the Palace's large flag to mark H.M. The King's 75th birthday.
Kungahuset - Två soldater ur Livgardet har nu hissat...

Do you want to send a birthday greeting to the King? Feel free to use the form at: or write a letter to:
Kungahuset - Photos _ Facebook

The reception has started at princess Sibylla's apartment at the Royal Palace. King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia received prime minister Stefan Löfven and First Deputy Speaker Åsa Lindestam.
Kungen fyller 75 år – se bilderna från firandet! _*Svensk Dam

First Deputy Speaker Åsa Lindestam and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven congratulated H.M. The King on his 75th birthday. At a reception at the Palace, a gift was handed over from the Riksdag and the government - a portrait medallion of the King that will hang in the Riksdag building.
- The king has today not only reached the respectable age of 75 years but is also the Swedish regent who has sat on the throne. It therefore feels natural that we from the Riksdag and the government give a gift that connects both to the king's accession to the throne in 1973 and to the close relations that exist between the head of state and the Riksdag, said First Deputy Speaker Åsa Lindestam at the handover of the gift.
- On behalf of the government, I would like to thank the king for his long and dutiful work for our country. When the head of state now turns 75, I can state that he successfully acts in accordance with the motto he chose in 1973: For Sweden - With the times, said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.
Riksdag och regering uppvaktade H.M. Konungen på 75-årsdagen -

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Old 04-30-2021, 08:23 AM
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Here's a gallery of the birthday programme today:

** rex gallery **
**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Old 04-30-2021, 08:42 AM
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The court tells about the birthday celebrations
Reception at the palace
A small birthday reception was arranged in the morning at the Royal Palace. The King received the Riksdag's First Deputy Speaker Åsa Lindestam and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. The king was also courted by the governor of Västmanland County, Minoo Akhtarzand, who represented all the country's governors. From Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, chairman Anders Knape congratulated. Marshal of the Realm Fredrik Wersäll congratulated on behalf of all the court staff the King on his birthday.
The official gift from the Riksdag and the government was a portrait medallion of the King that will hang in the Riksdag building.
Congratulations from the Armed Forces
The King also received representatives from the Armed Forces. The Commandant General in Stockholm, Lieutenant General Michael Claesson, presented the Armed Forces' congratulations to HM the King.
Salutes all over Sweden
The King's birthday is one of the Armed Forces' salute days. Salutes of 21 shots were therefore fired at 12.00 from the salute stations on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Kungshall in Karlskrona, Skansen Lejonet in Gothenburg, Kusthöjden in Härnösand and from a moving salute battery at Kvarnängen in Boden.
H.M. Konungens 75-årsdag - Sveriges Kungahus

Kungen rörd vid 75-årsfirandet på slottet – se bilden! _*Svensk Dam

Svensk Damtidning's editor-in-chief Johan T Lindwall speculates at his column, that it is whispered that it can be a gift that the king can only dream of: Madeleine comes home with the family from USA to the dinner this evening.
Kungen firar födelsedag – kan få otrolig present _*Svensk Dam

But Margareta Thorgren says to Expressen, that Madeleine will attend digitally.
He will be celebrated surrounded by family.
Parts of the family are missing, however. Princess Madeleine remains in the United States, so Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne will not celebrate Grandpa King on the spot.
- It is clear that Princess Madeleine wants to celebrate her father, just like the other siblings. But with the help of technology, it is possible to implement digitally, says Margareta Thorgren.
Madeleine will be on link from the US during the celebration.
The king himself has described this year's celebration as "toned down" and it only happens with the immediate family.
- That is, with children and grandchildren. This year it is toned down. The main reason is that we are in a pandemic. This means that the official parts are implemented, but based on the restrictions that Sweden has, says Margareta Thorgren.
Therefore, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel with their children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar are expected to join the celebration. And Princess Sofia with Prince Carl Philip and their children: Prince Alexander, Prince Gabriel and newborn little Prince Julian.
Kung Carl XVI Gustaf fyller 75 år – så firar han födelsedagen

Videos at court Youtube

Celebration today

The King during 75 years

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra congratulates H.M. The king on his 75th birthday, with court singers Malena Ernman and Peter Mattei

Articles in Aftonbladet
Childhood and school
Allt om kung Carl XVI Gustafs liv - barndom och skola

Adolescence - the king and love
Kungens flickvänner, romanser och kärlekar _ Aftonbladet

"It just said click"
Kungen och Silvia Sommerlath - allt om kärlekshistorien _ Aftonbladet

"The king is dead - long live the king"
Så arbetar kung Carl XVI Gustaf som regent - statsbesök _ Aftonbladet

The king gets grandchildren - the succession to the throne secured
Här är kungens alla barnbarn och pensionärsliv _ Aftonbladet

Video from today's celebrations by Swedish Press Agency SPA

Photos by SPA
Behind the king on the right is Lieutenant general Jan Salestrand, the Chief of H.M The King's Military Staff.
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Old 04-30-2021, 09:41 AM
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Here are a few more photos of the king on his 75th Birthday.
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Old 05-01-2021, 02:48 AM
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Solliden Palace congratulated the King yesterday at its Facebook
"Today, H.M. Carl XVI Gustaf is 75 years old and we celebrate that with some wonderful shots in the King's 75 summers here at Solliden Palace
The pictures are part of the exhibition Royal Summers which is shown at Solliden throughout the 2021 season"
Little Prince Carl Gustaf at Solliden in the summer of 1948
Little Prince Carl Gustaf with big sister Princess Christina at Solliden in the summer of 1950
Crown Prince Carl-Gustaf on horseback at Solliden in the summer of 1956
Postcard of a young King Carl XVI Gustaf in front of Solliden Palace
The newlywed royal couple at Solliden Palace in the summer of 1976
The entire Royal Family gathered in front of Solliden Palace in the late 1980s
The King and Queen at Solliden Palace in the summer of 1995
Family photo in the summer of 2017 at Solliden Palace
The King at the award ceremony at the Themed Gardens Competition at Solliden 2017
King Carl XVI Gustaf in the summer of 2020 at Solliden Palace

Former Marshal of the Court/Head of HRH The Crown Princess's Household Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg and royal expert Karin Lennmor about the king
Experten om när kungen lämnar över_ ”Aldrig”

Kung Carl Gustaf 75 år _ SVT Nyheter

TV4 Play
Here is your life the king - see his 75 years in 75 pictures
Nyheterna på TV4 Play - Här är ditt liv kungen – se hans 75 år i 75 bilder
The king turns 75 - has been at the throne the longest in Sweden's history
Kungen fyller 75 år – suttit längst i Sveriges historia
Here, the king receives a gift from the Riksdag on his 75th birthday
Nyheterna på TV4 Play - Här får kungen gåva från riksdagen på 75-årsdagen
Here is the king's life in headline posters - "The only kiss picture"
Här är kungens liv i löpsedlar – ”Enda pussbilden”
The king turns 75 - here are his most important moments so far
Kungen fyller 75 år - här är hans viktigaste stunder hittills
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Old 05-04-2021, 08:38 AM
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Today Sweden's City Missions thank you for all the donations that have been donated to honor the king - so far. How much money has come in, asks Svensk Damtidning.
On last Friday afternoon the donations were up to a full SEK 600,000, and the gifts continue to come in.
- It is fantastic that so many have donated gifts in connection with His Majesty the King's 75th birthday. It is difficult to say exactly what amount we land on, because we see that more gifts continue to come in. You are of course welcome to continue to donate to the important work of the city missions, which is needed even more now that unemployment and vulnerability have increased during the pandemic, says Tomas Lindroos, chairman of Sweden's City Missions.
Gåvorna till kungen – har fått mer än 600 000 kronor _*Svensk Dam
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Old 06-02-2021, 08:18 AM
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In connection with H.M. The King's 75th birthday on April 30, 2021, the King received many congratulatory greetings from near and far.
The King sends his heartfelt thanks to all who congratulated.
The King also greatly appreciated that many paid attention to the King's desire for gifts to Sweden's City Missions.
Ett tack från H.M. Konungen - Sveriges Kungahus

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