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Old 01-04-2012, 06:55 AM
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The jubilee stamp has been released and can be bought from today on.

According to Billed-Bladet the lions on the stamp "are identical to those guarding the
Great Hall at Rosenborg and symbolize national unity between Greenland, the Faroe
Islands and Denmark".

** BB: Nu er dronningens jubilæums-frimærke i butikkerne ** translation **
**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Old 01-04-2012, 07:02 AM
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Thanks iceflower.
Lovely stamp.
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Old 01-04-2012, 10:23 AM
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I like the stamp a lot
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Old 01-04-2012, 10:48 AM
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The Norwegian CP Couple will attend the festivities on January 15th.

Royal anniversary
Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess attend the 40th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark's Reign, Copenhagen.
Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely. - The Land Before Time
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Old 01-04-2012, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by American Dane View Post
Do you perhaps mean Frederik (as in Frederik IX, the Queen's father)?
Oh crap...did I get it wrong?...yes, Margrethe's dad...I just assumed he was a 'Christian' because of the alternating pattern, which kind of skips the generation of Margrethe and her sisters...So there will be 2 King Frederik's in a row? (Frederik IX, Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik)...shouldn't Margrethe used the name 'Christian' for Frederik? Can you imagine Fred as a Christian? Tell me how the Frederik/Christian thing works....
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Old 01-04-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by AnnaNotherThing View Post
Oh crap...did I get it wrong?...yes, Margrethe's dad...I just assumed he was a 'Christian' because of the alternating pattern, which kind of skips the generation of Margrethe and her sisters...So there will be 2 King Frederik's in a row? (Frederik IX, Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik)...shouldn't Margrethe used the name 'Christian' for Frederik? Can you imagine Fred as a Christian? Tell me how the Frederik/Christian thing works....
Marrethe sometime said that she and henrik took the name Frederik because then the numbetrs are even. Before the Christian's where always higgher then the Frederiks. Her grandfather was Christian X. and was succeeded by Frederik IX. And no after Margrethe there will be Frederik X.

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Old 01-04-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by AnnaNotherThing View Post
Oh crap...did I get it wrong?...yes, Margrethe's dad...I just assumed he was a 'Christian' because of the alternating pattern, which kind of skips the generation of Margrethe and her sisters...So there will be 2 King Frederik's in a row? (Frederik IX, Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik)...shouldn't Margrethe used the name 'Christian' for Frederik? Can you imagine Fred as a Christian? Tell me how the Frederik/Christian thing works....
Danish monarchs have always had the alternate name system - the son of a King Frederik will always be called Christian his grandson will always be called Frederik. So it is quite right that CP Frederik wasn't named Christian as it continues the alternation of the names in the right order and continued in the usual way when Queen Margrethe came to the throne. It reinforces the the fact that Danish monarchs male or female will always be on an equal footing.
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Old 01-05-2012, 07:22 AM
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I wonder if the BRF will be represented at these celebrations by Prince Philip, given the close family links?
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Old 01-05-2012, 08:05 AM
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Queen Margrethe of live TV interview
Billed-Bladet - Dronning Margrethe i direkte TV-interview

Google Google Translate
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Old 01-05-2012, 12:09 PM
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Billed-Bladet - Kongeligt jubilæums-magasin til dig

QMII has been interviewed by Annelise Weimann at Amalienborg and that interview has been published in a 36 page booklet.

The interview is based on a number of pictures shown to the Queen.

The topics are:
1972, when she became Queen.

The funeral of Frederik IX in 1972.

Her 70th birthday. OK

Her daughters-in-law. OK

The yacht Dannebrog.

Queen Ingrid.

Prince Henrik.

Her art.

The family gatherings at Gråsten Manor.

Travelling around Denmark.

M&F's wedding. OK

Travelling abroad.

Her sisters.

Her thoughts about Frederik being king. OK

- As you can tell it's extensive and varied and I haven't got the time to translate all of it.
So what I'm going to do is to take a subject and post it here, when I get around to deal with it.
Others are also very welcome to translate a bit.


I'll start lightly with M&F's wedding.

Q: What do you remember from the wedding of the Crown Prince?
QMII: "That it was a big and wonderful event. We were so happy about it. We were so pleased for our daughter-in-law and for his choice. Glad that he was so happy, yes, we were almost bursting. That was some lovely days. I can easily shed a tear on such on occasion and I'm certainly not devoid of most eye-corners, but I can't remember whether I got tears i the eyes in the church at the same time as my son. I can best remember how incredibly happy we were and how lovely it all was.
I don't think any of us had expected how colossal the interest in the wedding became, even though we were aware that it would attract some water (interest) when the Crown Prince married and everyone could see how lovely she was.
It was so sweet that people to such an extent took part in the event. That was really very warming for all of us. We after all had had the opportunity to get to know our future daughter-in-law a bit and we were very pleased with her. We thought she was such a genuine person. As she has shown herself to be".

Q: Are you pleased that the Crown Prince found a woman who wasn't Danish?
QMII: "Yes, I was. I actually believe, with all the diffculties there in coming to Denmark, it is nevertheless easier when everyone knows that all is new (to her). Then she'll have the opportunity to create her own profile. Because there are no one who already knows a lot. Or not least, believe they know (a lot).
That it was thei heir to the throne, that is the Crown Prince, was special and we knew it was very important/significant. It was obvious that it should take place here in Copenhagen, that the marriage should take place here in the city".

Q: When the first of your sons, Prince Joachim, married Alexandra in 1995, was that also a big wedding?
QMII: "It certainly was. And it was so nice with the weather. Because we had snow, as you may remember? But the latest wedding was in Møgeltønder and that was a summer-wedding. It was an adorable/lovely summer. Oh, how beautiful it was. That was a lovely occasion".
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Old 01-05-2012, 01:02 PM
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Thank you Muhler, I look forward to reading the rest of the interview :)
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Old 01-05-2012, 02:15 PM
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Thank you for that, Muhler! I always enjoy hearing or reading an interview with Queen Margrethe.
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Old 01-05-2012, 02:15 PM
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You are welcome, ZandraRae

And here is what QMII has to say about Mary and our Marie:

Q: Do you think your sons have married well?
QMII: "I think so, really well with a couple of very, very sweet and good girls. My daughters-in-law are a good support for their husbands. They really put an effort into their tasks/job and (they) are both attentive wives and extremey skilled in their roles publicly speaking. And then they both are a couple of super-mothers.
They may resemble each other in their looks, when we first saw them. And you might describe them as similar, because both are darkhaired, slim and vert pretty. But they are also very different. While at the same time being smashingly sweet both of them.
We are very, very fond of Marie, just as with Mary. We see them both reasonably regularly, even though we all are pretty busy".

Q: Are your daughters-in-law good representatives for Denmark?
QMII: "I think they manage absolutely excellent both of them. It's really a pleasure to see. And I know both have a husband, who is very proud of his wife".

Q: Do you think it has been difficult for your daughters-in-law to settle in Denmark?
QMII: "I really don't know how difficult it has been. Because I think they have managed so well, that one may not have considered that it might have been more difficult than we were really aware of. They are both two girls who rest within themselves.
After all they haven't kind of been dragged right out of the nursery. They weren't very young (*) when they came here, so that they didn't know what they were doing. Or so that they didn't know how you act/present yourself in general".

Q: Are your daughters-in-law helping to renew the monarchy?
QMII: "It's a beginning each time a couple marries into a family and a family-line. And if you have that special role as we have, it is obvious that it provides a new - speaking foreign - a new input.
I haven't specifically offered good advise for my daughters-in-law, because you shouldn't trouble people with that sort of things. But we have been talking about things and they have asked: Shall we do that? Do you, mother-in-law, think that's a good idea? That sort of things.
They are fortunately very sweet to come if there is anything they are in doubt about. But I wouldn't like to run around and be a walking index finger.
It's a couple of strong daughthers-in-law, I've got. A couple of girls with grit and spine and both legs on the ground. Also when wearing high heels.
I also thought I could wear high heels myself, back when I was in their age (**), even though the shoes didn't have that high heels. But they look well in them and they are in in control". (***)

Q: Are your daughters-in-law also different?
QMII: "Definitely, they are very different.
The Scottish in the Crown Princess is very strong, a very good strength. It's something about resting within yourself and being sober/dispassionate. To have both legs on the ground and yet more than just that. And then she's from a very good family.
And Marie, who has the French background, which we all think is lovely. We get the French one more time. For my husband (it is) naturally a great delight, but also for me. And she's really a sweet and lovely girl.
You shouldn't really grade your family, but it's difficult not to give them topmarks, both of them".

BB is up.

(*) The expression is "purung" = very young, practically adolescent or sweet sixteens if you like.

(**) QMII has a well established reputation for tripping.

(***) When walking in high heels or in general?

Originally Posted by camelot23ca View Post
Thank you for that, Muhler! I always enjoy hearing or reading an interview with Queen Margrethe.
You are welcome

Then you can look forward to the live interview with QMII on Wednesday. The interviewer is Ulla Terkelsen from TV2, who in my opinion is among the ten best and most experienced TV-journalists currently in DK. She usually cover the DRF at events and she has a very extensive and keen knowledge about the BRF as well. When she opens her mouth you can expect something intelligent to come out.

I can add that M&F will be hosts at a lunch next Sunday (15th January) for not only the Regent Couple but also the Kings and Queens of Sweden and Norway. It is hoped that the CP couples will be there as well.
Apart from them, the Greek royals will be there, as will the Berleburgs.
The lunch will take place in the Mirror Hall in M&F's home at Amalienborg. - Yes, they are taking over more and more duties....
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Old 01-05-2012, 06:11 PM
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A bit more from the interview, before it's time to go to bed.

Q: You decided that you wanted to be known as Margrethe II, instead of Queen Margrethe I. Why? (*)
QMII: "Because I thought that the historical Queen Margrethe so obviously was the first, (**) and then I shouldn't come here and pretend she hadn't been there. It was after all she, who was the Regent, which we all knew who was. She was Queen (monarch) in another way, but you have always talked about her as Queen Margrethe and it was certainly she who ran the show at the time. She was a quite exceptional lady, there is no doubt about that.
So I thought it would be wrong try and make people believe that I thought that I was the first. I wasn't.
It was my own decision, but of course I had talked with both my husband and my mother about it, while my father lay ill, and we were aware in what direction things most likely turned. But I'm almost certain that I had also mentioned it for my father. He also believed it was correct (thing to do)".

When QMII turned 70 in 2010, she and her family went out on the balcony.

Q: Which thoughts go through your mind, when you are about to step out on the balcony?
QMII: "First and foremost you get in a very good mood by seeing so many friendly people. And so many friendly smiles and people waving. My 70th birthday was such a lovely day, we all thought that. We sense a good time in advance that it's veritably boiling down at the palace-square and up around us.
We only step out on the balcony after the (relieving) guards parade has come in and has recieved the colour and is in place. And then the music corps is ready to play King Christian (the royal anthem), when I've called for a cheer. (***) I usually also say a couple of words, but not much. It's quite impossible to really say something, because no one can hear anything at all. That's why I don't say much more than thanks, because people have come.
But then one shouldn't. You shouldn't stand there and give a popular speech from a balcony. My father could shout out a reasonable distance. That I can't at all".

Q: How much can you see up from the balcony?
QMII: "You can easily see the persons down on the palace square. You really can. And all the flags. On my 70th birthday there were simply so many Danneborgs. I don't think I have ever seen so many. I also always notice if there are other flags. There can be some Greenlandic and sometimes also Faroese (flags). And from time to time some completely different.
There are nearly always some with the Australian flag here and there and that I think is so cosy. I notice that straight away".

(*) Stricktly speaking Margrethe I wasn't a monarch, she was "only" a Regent for her son and later adopted son. However she was such a formidable lady, (even in a century crawling with formidable women) that she very deservedly is known as Queen Margrethe I.

(**) That can be debated, QMI had a predecessor, also called Queen Margrethe, who was pretty sharp as well!

(***) Nine hurrahs for Denmark.
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Old 01-05-2012, 10:19 PM
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Thank you Muhler! Very interesting reading. Such an insight that we never really hear about. I wait with anticipation for more translations. Thank you.
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Old 01-05-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by muriel View Post
I wonder if the BRF will be represented at these celebrations by Prince Philip, given the close family links?
So far it looks like it will be the Swedes and the Norwegians, plus the Greek and Berlberg relatives.
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Old 01-06-2012, 03:22 AM
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Thanks Muhler as always very informative and interesting. Looking forward to the other translations but take your time.
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Old 01-06-2012, 07:23 AM
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Another event in conjunction with the jubilee:

On January 14th, the Royal Family will travel via saloon car to Roskilde Train Station. Once in Roskilde, they will lay wreaths at the graves of HM King Frederik IX and HM Queen Ingrid, before going inside the Roskilde Cathedral.
**TRF Rules and FAQ**
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Old 01-06-2012, 07:21 PM
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Once again appreciating your efforts and time Muhler. Hope Mrs Muhler doesn't mind if I send you a kiss on the cheek. I mean it in the purest sense, after all we would be virtually sitting here in the dark thousands of kilometres away, wondering what was going on over there in Denmark. Thank you.
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Old 01-07-2012, 05:34 AM
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You are welcome, Stellad & Tarlita. No, she don't mind, as long as she is doing the physical kissing.

Anyway, here is what QMII has to say in regards to Frederik taking over after her.

(The entire interview is based on pictures shown to QMII. In this case an official photo some years ago of QMII sitting and Frederik standing, with a little Christian on his arm. The background is a painting of Frederik IX at a State Council meeting).
Q: This then is the picture of four generations.
QMII: "The painting of my father is from the State Council and I now use the chair he is sitting in, when there is a State Council. And there Frederik stands with his still very little Christian. He has become a big boy now, who have already lost several teeth.
If my father had seen this picture I think he would have been proud. He would have been very, very proud to see how Frederik has developed. That on top of that became a naval officer is something my father would have found utterly wonderful.
This picture gives a special feeling of continuation and that I think is very nice".

Q: In a short while we are going to celebrate your 40th jubilee as a Regent. Do you think Crown Prince Frederik will celebaret his 40th jubilee?
QMII: "Who knows. No one can be sure of that. But I do have a feeling that there are possibillities. Frederik has a big sense of responsibillity, he is very serious about it and I think he will manage it. And both of us do mean that it is something we shall pass on to the next generation".

Q: Is the monarchy very dependent on the person?
QMII: "That it unfortunately has become, because it really shouldn't depend on the person.
But then you have to make so much more of an effort. And you do that, obviously.
But it is also dependent on the person in exactly the way that it not the same each time. (I.e. Every monarch is different). As such it has obviously been easier for me that I was a dughter, than if I had been a son. (*) But every thing do become person-oriented to a high degree nowadays, because there is so much attention on what people do. They are seen and spoken about and not least photographed".

Q: When will Frederik ascend the throne?
QMII: "That remains to be seen. (**) But I still believe it will happen when I drop from the perch. I also believe he is clear about that.
I think Frederik will become a good king. He has plenty of good prerequisites and at the same time a super support in his wife".

Q: Do you offer him good advise?
QMII: "It's not like I offer him good advise. I don't do that. But we talk about things and he asks and we talk about that. We have a fantastic good relationship to each other, I think. I think you can tell.
That is certainly also the case with Prince Joachim. We don't meet quite as often as Frederik and I (do), because we also meet in connection with our work, apart from seeing each other (privately) of course".

(This was actually a little tricky to translate, so that the somewhat guarded, thoughtful and apprehensive speechpattern by QMII on this subject are conveyed here too).

(*) It's point QMII often emphasize. That there are clear advantages of a woman succeeding a man, and then being succeeded by a man in return and so on.

(**) It sure will! The question was really: When are you going to die?

QMII on going on official visits abroad.

Q: You are on many state visits and official travels. Is there one trip you thought was special, a country or a place, you can emhasize?
QMII: "Each time you go to a place it's new - also in the instances where it's a country you know yourself. But it's obvious that the first trips within Scandinavia were something very special to me.
Partly (because) they were the first at all, partly (because) there in Stockholm and Oslo were familymembers I knew well. In Stockholm my morfar (maternal grandfather) was still king, when I came on a statevisit in '73.
It was both special and very amusing to go on a statevisit to your morfar. It was really something I looked very much forward to. I was very fond of him and respected/regarded him highly. He had always been terribly sweet towards me and we did share quite a few interests. (*) That's why it was very special to come there and suddenly be...yes, I was his grandchild, but now I came as the head of state of my country. That was very big". (**)

Q: Can you, just like the rest of us be excited, even nervous, when you are going to vist an emperor or a presidential palace?
QMII: "You are always it little excited if you go to a place you absolutely haven't been before. How is the arrangement, how do you it? And you have to be aware of bringing yourself along in the right way. (***)
It's no so much that, that you are going to meet a king and a queen or an emperor, but more: Now, do I say the things in the right manner.
The less you know about the country in question or the person in question, the more excited you are in regards to how things will turn out. Each country has its own protocol and its own way of doing things. Something is very easy to figure out and something can seen very complicated. Because you yourself isn't used to it".

Q: Do you have any influence on the destination of the trips?
QMII: "I don't know if we an influence per se, but we have to a certain degree, I guess. If there are several different options, we say: We might like to put priority on this, rather than that.
But apart from that it depends on how good the conditions are in general.
Over time we have met a lot of interesting people, but to say, who has been the most exciting, is something I've always found difficult, to be absolutely honest". (****)

(*) Among them archaeology IRRC.

(**) If grandfathers in 1973 were anything like grandfathers today, he would have been near bursting with pride.

(***) I'm not absolutely sure what she means. I believe she means you have to be authentic.

(****) here QMII suddenly became very guarded and as such what she said became almost impossible to translate, and certainly not litterally!
State visits are dictated by the government, depending what the governments find politically and commercially important. The DRF actually has limited influence on that. - Except for Greece. Greece was virtually boycotted by the DRF, until the Greek RF was allowed to return to Greece a few year ago.
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