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Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) and Empress Shōken (1849-1914)

Emperor Meiji
Emperor Meiji (Meiji-tennō, 3 November 1852 – 29 July 1912), also called Meiji the Great (Meiji-taitei) or Meiji the Holy Emperor (Meiji-seitei), was the 122nd emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession. Reigning from 13 February 1867 to his death, he was the first monarch of the Empire of Japan and presided over the Meiji era. He was the figurehead of the Meiji Restoration, a series of rapid changes that witnessed Japan's transformation from an isolationist, feudal state to an industrialized world power.
More information:


Empress Shōken
Empress Dowager Shōken (Shōken-kōtaigō, 9 May 1849 – 9 April 1914), born Masako Ichijō (Ichijō Masako), was the wife and adviser of Emperor Meiji of Japan. She is also known under the technically more correct name Empress Shōken (Shōken-kōgō). She was one of the founders of the Japanese Red Cross Society, whose charity work was known throughout the First Sino-Japanese War.
More information:

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Very interesting that there was already an Empress Masako.
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Originally Posted by Prinsara View Post
Very interesting that there was already an Empress Masako.
Masako is rather popular name, mostly it's just different "Masa" characters, including in the imperial family. The Empress consort of Go-Mizunoo-tennō was also named Masako. She was the daughter Tokugawa Hidetada (2nd Tokugawa shōgun). Her daughter later acceded the throne and known as Meishō-tennō.

和子 (和 means harmony/peace, can also be read as "Kazu" so can be "Kazuko"), empress consort of Go-Mizunoo.
勝子 (勝 means victory, can also be read as "Shō" so can be "Shōko"), empress consort of Meiji
雅子 (雅 means elegant/refined, can also be read as "Miya" so can be "Miyako"), the current empress consort. (Emperor Go-Shirakawa's personal name was "Masahito", using the same 雅 kanji as the current empress consort)
I'm pretty sure there were more "Masako" in the imperial family.

(When you see a name in kanji, question like "how it's read" (when seeing in writing) or "what kanji" (just as passing conversation when verbally introduced or you need to write someone else's name) is very common. It's a relief when the given name is in kana so you just have to deal with surname (which always in kanji)).
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