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Kelly B
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The Late Diana, Princess of Wales News Thread 1: December 2002-February 2005

Arms of Diana, Princess of Wales

Welcome to the Late Diana, Princess of Wales
News Thread, Part 1

Commencing December 2002

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Mary Anne
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He is defintley not an officer or a gentleman.

How horriable those letters were private, she should ahev demanded them back when they broke off. Poor girl even in death they won't let her rest in peace. Well he will get his some day, karma works you know.
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Mary Anne
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Late royal honored on anniversary of her death

(CNN) -- Princess Diana's legacy remains intact five years after her death. Thousands have flocked to her grave site in Althorp, England, to pay homage to "the people's princess," a woman whose presence touched lives and organizations around the world.

In the early morning hours of August 31, 1997, the princess, along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul, died in a fatal car crash in a Paris, France, tunnel while speeding to elude a horde of photographers pursuing the couple's limousine.

The press and the world were caught off guard by this sudden tragedy. Images of mourning and remembrance dominated international media coverage for weeks following the accident.

Diana's brother, Charles, the ninth Earl Spencer commented on the indelible mark his sister left on the world.

"Diana was unique because she had various gifts, and they all came together in one person," Spencer said. "She was phenomenal with people, and when they saw her, they thought she was great. She was exactly who she was. She wasn't going to be crushed by the royal system; she was always going to be true to herself."

Spencer's description helps to explain the enormous appeal of Diana.

She broke the boundaries of royal life with candid public interviews that focused on her feelings and struggle with depression. With her dedication to 100-plus charities, she drew more attention than the typical royal family member to her humanitarian work.

Despite her efforts to fit in, she was shunned by many of her peers and mobbed by the press. One thing no one could have measured before her death was how beloved she was.

Diana's final resting place, on an island in the center of a lake on the Althorp estate, draws thousands of visitors. The estate, which includes the Spencer house, stables, a lake and 14,000 acres of countryside, has been home to the Spencer family for nearly 500 years.

Born into nobility
Christened Diana Frances Spencer, the future princess was born July 1, 1961, to Frances Roche and Viscount Althorp, who would become the eighth Earl Spencer. Diana was the third of four children in the aristocratic family.

Diana had two older sisters, Sarah and Jane, and one younger brother, Charles. The Spencers lived a life of luxury, spending their early years at Park House, a 10-room mansion on the queen's country estate in Sandringham, Norfolk. The boy living next door would be her future husband.

"Diana knew Charles as a child," said Diana biographer Lady Colin Campbell, but "there was a big age gap."

Charles was more than 12 years her senior, so Diana played with royal children nearer her own age, such as Charles' younger brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Her privileged upbringing did not guarantee a happy childhood. In 1969, Diana's parents divorced in a bitter and public display.

"She was being pulled back and forth between both parents who were using her and (her brother) Charles in a war of attrition," Campbell said. "She was a hostage in this war."

Her father won custody of the children. When Diana was 13, she and her siblings moved to the Spencer family home at Althorp, 75 miles north of London.

She enrolled in the fashionable West Heath boarding school, where she was called Lady Diana after her father became an earl. Diana showed interest in music and dance and a desire to work with children.

At 18, she decided to move to London and pursue her dream of helping children. She found work as a nanny and then as a kindergarten teacher.

In the summer of 1980, Diana received a phone call that would change her life. Prince Charles asked for a date. Soon Diana had a new boyfriend and an intimate relationship with the press.

"Can you imagine coming out of a door and seeing 16 flashes in your face and not having seen this before? This woman couldn't go shopping," said Marlene Eilers, a royal genealogist. "She couldn't conduct a public relationship privately; no matter what she did, the press wanted to be there."

Six months after their first date, a polo outing, Charles proposed to Diana after a candlelit dinner for two at Buckingham Palace. She accepted and would soon become the Princess of Wales.

Their wedding was an elaborate affair. Crowds packed the London streets, and millions watched worldwide on television as Charles and Diana exchanged vows at St. Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981.

Diana's relationship with the press before the wedding was a precursor of what would follow.

Royal photographer Jayne Fincher said, "Everybody had gone completely Diana mad. It was amazing the sort of mania about her."

Less than a year after the royal wedding, Diana gave birth to Prince William Arthur Philip Louis on June 21, 1982. Two years later, Prince Harry Henry Charles Albert David was born September 15.

The early years of their marriage appeared to be happy times for the royal couple, but soon there were indications of strains.

"There were signs from about '86 onward," Fincher said. "You would see them, and they would look really miserable at times. She looked really miserable."

Campbell recalls this period. "She felt that she was in a prison behind bars," Campbell said. "She couldn't stand being caged any longer."

Eventually, Diana learned that Charles was devoted to another woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles, someone the prince had been close with for years.

Struggling with an eating disorder and depression, Diana watched her marriage fall apart.

"The pressures of fame on someone who had such a fragile personality, even before she got married. ... She started to collapse and crack," Campbell said.

But instead of falling apart, Diana decided to use her fame and the media to her advantage.

She became an activist for dozens of causes, namely cancer, leprosy, homelessness and AIDS. In a visual statement about her passion for those who were suffering from AIDS, she held hands with an AIDS patient on television. The scene was played around the world.

"The image of her holding hands with HIV/AIDS. ... It shattered the stigma, prejudice and fear that surrounded HIV/AIDS in the early days," said Andrew Parkis, chief executive of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

Despite the success of her public work with charities, Diana remained troubled in her private life. Her failing marriage was the focus of much public discussion after the 1992 book "Diana: Her True Story" was published. It included allegations of Charles' long-running affair with Parker-Bowles.

By December 1992, Charles and Diana had agreed to a legal separation, which Prime Minister John Major made public in the House of Commons.

In 1993, Diana spoke out against the press. She said the media was partly to blame for the failure of her marriage.

"I realize then that their attention would focus on our private and public lives," she said, "but I was not aware of how overwhelming that attention would become and how it would affect my public duties and my personal life in a manner that's been hard to bear."

After the separation, Diana appeared more at ease with the press and herself. She acted more confident and experimented with her image, trying bolder styles and new haircuts.

"She lost her identity when she married Charles," Campbell said. "The freedom she had once out of her cage, it empowered her."

The couple eventually divorced in August 1996. Diana won a settlement estimated at $27 million but lost the right to the title, Her Royal Highness. She continued, however, to live at Kensington Palace.

After the divorce, she dug into more charity work, making appearances in support of a ban on landmines.

Romantically, Diana was linked to Fayed, the 42-year-old son of wealthy businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Dubbed the princess and the playboy, they were pictured in Britain's tabloid newspapers.

In August 1997, eight weeks after her 36th birthday, Diana joined Fayed for a vacation in France. On August 31, the couple died in a Paris car crash as they sped to elude paparazzi. Driver Paul also was killed; Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the sole survivor of the crash.

The world was shocked by Diana's death, and thousands flocked to London and Paris in mourning.

On the day of her funeral, September 6, 1997, millions of people lined the streets of London. A gun carriage brought Diana's body from her home at Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey. Prince Charles, Diana's brother, Charles, and sons William and Harry walked behind.

Humanitarian work lives on
During her lifetime, Diana was one of the most well-known faces in the world, and her humanitarian work was among her greatest achievements.

An exhibition honoring Diana's life recently opened at Althorp. Some of the dresses that she was photographed in are on display.

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, set up after her death, has raised almost $63 million and distributes funds to dozens of causes supported by Diana, including AIDS prevention, the hospice movement and landmine clearance.

"The memorial has done a lot of good ...," her brother said. "It's really sorted out the difficult causes and helped them, like Diana did. ... She didn't go for the soft option. She didn't go for the conventional charitable ideas that appealed to other people. ... She went for the messy ones, the complicated ones, the frightening ones and made them her own."

But the princess' sons are her true living legacies.

"Diana tried her best to show her sons what the world was like for people that were not royal," Campbell said. "She never tried to strip them of their royalty. She tried to top off the royal gloss with dashes of ordinariness to make them be better royals."

Spencer said he has told the boys to come to their uncle with any problems, even though he knows he can never replace his sister. He has, however, taken up some of her causes, by touring hospitals and visiting landmine victims in Cambodia.

In Althorp, he devotes himself to her legacy. A new exhibition celebrating her life and work opened July 1, 2001 to commemorate what would have been Diana's 40th birthday.

"If you go back 20 years, nobody knew how big she would be in terms of global superstar," he said.

"I just assumed she would be run-of-the-mill royal princess and go and cut some ribbons and do all the stuff they have to do. But she was way beyond all that. ... When she stepped up on that stage, she wasn't out of place. She did more than anyone could have expected."
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I read in a book by a photographer who took alot of Princess Diana's pictures that whenever Diana would wear pink or red she was happy. I thought that was interesting. Now it's interesting to go back and look at these photos of her and what she was wearing. I noticed that she was wearing red when she brought Prince Harry home from the hospital, but was wearing green when she brought William home. Alot of her formal shots showed her wearing black.
Sylvia M.
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Princess Diana Ballet to Open in Denmark

Associated Press Writer

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP)--Turning the life of Princess Diana into a ballet was not an easy project for Peter Schaufuss.

Schaufuss, a former international ballet star who has created dances based on Elvis Presley and the Beatles, said Friday that it would have been easier to do a ballet about Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish author of fairy tales.

``We all believe we know him, we have read about him and that allows us to add some more to his character,'' he said in an interview with The Associated Press.

``With Diana it was a different situation. I knew both persons _ Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, and the person behind that. Knowing her made it more difficult to make the show.''

Schaufuss spent a year creating the two-hour work, ``Diana--The Princess,'' which opens Feb. 27, in Holstebro, 190 miles northwest of Copenhagen.

British ballerina Zara Deakin, a member of Schaufuss' troupe, will play Diana, who was killed in a 1997 car crash in Paris. Sean Ganley, also of Britain, will play Prince Charles.

Other characters include Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and members of Britain's royal family. One dancer will play Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles' constant companion.

Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in London in 1981 during a ceremony often described as a fairy-tale wedding. The couple divorced in 1996.

The music is by British composer Edward Elgar, the rock band The Cure and two Danish composers. Schaufuss chose The Cure because they were ``big names in the 1980s'' when the wedding took place.

The ballet, which will eventually tour Denmark, is not a biography, Schaufuss said, it's a tribute.

``We will show parts of a person's life,'' he said. ``Performers who don't use words can do a tribute much more easily. Those who use words can be misunderstood if there are spoken nuances.''

Schaufuss met Diana in 1986 when he was in charge of the London Festival Ballet, which later became the English National Ballet. Diana eventually became its patron.

``She was a ballet dancer as a child and as an adult she was a very good amateur dancer,'' he recalled. ``I once asked her, 'Madam, don't you think somebody one day will do a ballet inspired by your life?' She replied, 'No,' and smiled.''

Schaufuss has danced with the New York City Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet and the Kirov Ballet, in the 1970s and the 1980s. He also was the artistic director of the English National Ballet, the Berlin Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet before returning to Denmark in 1997 to form his own company.

Article From: The Statesman
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Di's sister to destroy tapes
March 31, 2003

PRINCESS Diana's family will destroy six videotapes in which she talks about her disastrous sex life with Prince Charles, it has been revealed.

The tapes will be handed over to the Spencers, who have been involved in a legal battle with the man who made them.

Lawyers for the Spencers used the Metropolitan Police Property Act to settle their dispute with voice coach Peter Settelen.

Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Diana's sister and an executor of her will, viewed the six three-hour tapes for the first time two weeks ago in the presence of two police officers.

She was shocked to see Diana at her lowest ebb, miserable and downcast, attacking her own family, the royal family and servants including Charles's former closest aide Michael Fawcett.

A police source said: "Lady Sarah felt physically sick seeing her sister in such a depressed state and so vicious.

She was also alarmed at the intimate details being revealed by Diana on tape at a time when she was obviously so vulnerable.

"We understand that, once she has got the videos back, she will have them destroyed. It was quite clearly her view that no one should ever see them, especially Diana's sons."

Scotland Yard is still holding the video diaries, discovered two years ago when detectives raided the house of Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell.

Mr Settelen, 51, a former actor, has demanded their return, claiming copyright.

Sixteen tapes were made of Diana describing her failed marriage and treatment by the royals. They were recorded by Mr Settelen in the early 1990s at Kensington Palace when Diana employed him to improve her public speaking. While six were passed on to Mr Burrell, the whereabouts of the 10 others are unknown.

Some suggest that, after Diana's death, Prince Charles ordered Michael Fawcett to burn them in the gardens at Highgrove.

The sensational content of the tapes means only a handful of people have seen them on the rare occasions they have been taken out of a safe deposit box. Police sources say the Princess cuts a pathetic-looking figure – pale and drawn, presenting her side of the story of her marriage break-up, including how Charles betrayed her with Camilla Parker Bowles.

She is also said to complain of her former husband's unhealthy relationship with Fawcett, who this month resigned as his personal consultant after the Peat report into the gifts for cash scandal.

One newspaper, whose source claims to have seen some footage, says the Princess tells how she felt threatened by the friendship between the two men. And she recalls an incident when they appeared uncomfortable and uneasy after Diana saw them in one of Charles's private rooms.

Mr Settelen said in a statement: "The tapes were never intended to be viewed by anybody other than Diana and myself, and they comprise a visual record of my work."

But last night he added: "It is not the time for me to discuss this. Its not appropriate."

Because the recordings were commissioned by the Princess during their confidential business relationship, legal experts say the copyright would be hers.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Negotiations are continuing to establish ownership of property in our possession."

The Daily Telegraph

Article From: News Interactive
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Thanks for the info, Jacqueline. Will any of this ever stop? :x At least Lady Sarah is destroying the tapes.
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My hope is that Sarah doesn't destroy the tapes, but lets William & Harry decide their fate. Supposedly Diana directly addresses them in the tapes, so I believe they were meant for the boys. There is a theory that Sarah is saying she will destroy the tapes to protect her safety as Charles and his "close friend " Fawcett burned some of the other tapes in this set in the grove at Highgrove. There's no telling what Charles would do to get his hands on the rest of the tapes.
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I think that there is also a possibility that if William or Harry get their hands on the tapes, they may be willing to hand them over to their father. I don't think that letting them have the tapes ensures that Charles will never view them or do what he likes with them.

I would tend to believe that the sensible thing that any one of the above mentioned family members would do if they were to come into possession of the tapes would be to destroy them.
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Such a shame and loss when Diana was killed. Nobody could wear a hat the way she could. Diana was a real pain in the keester to the British Royals, so one can't help but wonder if they had a part in her death. It was awkward to say the least. From the past, what is the usual protocol for what a King is supposed to do with his divorced wife?
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I will send you soon i tried make scanned of her early pregnant in 1981 and 1982 and 1984 when she pregnant with Prince William and Prince Harry then she bring home with newborn Prince William and Prince Harry i promise if not you make it them !

Sara Boyce
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May 6 2003


By Jane Kerr, Royal Reporter

Princess Diana's old bed is to be the centrepiece of visits to her family home as Earl Spencer tries to tackle falling visitor numbers.

The Earl is cynically renaming the room where his sister used to sleep with Prince Charles, the Princess of Wales bedroom.
For generations it had been the Prince of Wales room in honour of a visit by Queen Victoria's son who became Edward VII.

But soon members of the public who buy a £10.50 ticket will be able to nose around the princess's private room, which has been left much as it was before her death. They will even be able to see her elaborate four-poster bed.

The ornate room is being promoted as a new attraction at the Althorp estate in Northamptonshire when it opens again in July.

The princess and Charles used the bedroom when they visited the house, particularly when they would break the journey from Balmoral at Althorp.

Diana also stayed in the room alone and it has been closed to the public since she died in 1997.
The furniture includes the double bed, draped in heavy green and red fabric, and the Georgian mahogany dressing table used by the princess.

The only change Spencer made when he dusted off the room last month in preparation for the summer opening was to re-hang some of the paintings.

According to brochure material, one of the paintings shows a "young Spanish Princess" who was "filled with unhappiness" - a reference many visitors will compare to Diana.

Allowing visitors into such an intimate place will ignite criticism of the earl from admirers of the princess.

Records show that since Diana's island grave and an exhibition which celebrates her life and work were opened in 1998, visitors figures have fallen from 140,000 to 113,000 last year.

Although Earl Spencer has denied cashing in on his sister he has admitted that she is the main attraction.

In a book on his family, he wrote: "I often wonder what would have happened if this marriage had not taken place. Althorp would have remained just another stately home on the tourist trail, rather than one of the most popular in the country."

And when the house is closed to the public, for all but 60 days each summer, Spencer uses Diana's room to put up his house guests
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pictures from
Attached Thumbnails
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Thanks Josefine for those super pictures. I'm gonna try it now to see if I can post some from the same website you mentioned.

Pictures from

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:woot: Well, it is a magnificent home to grow up.
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When Princess Diana got first time wore hats since engagements to Prince Charles in 1981 til her divorce after her divorce she wore hats in 1997 before she died for Prince William's England Church i think so.

she have more hats during tours and match purse.

but its hard search over pictures in Corbis and Rex Features of Princess Diana she wore dress with hats at church of England with her boys.

Sara Boyce
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Mar 3 2003
By Jane Kerr And Nathan Yates

THE heart surgeon who Princess Diana desperately wanted to wed has agreed to an arranged marriage in his native Pakistan.

Hasnat Khan, 44, has secretly become engaged to a young hospital doctor there.

It is understood that she was chosen for him by his parents, who were anxious for him to take a bride in the traditional style.

A family friend from Lahore said: "Her family are friends of the Khans. They got engaged at the end of December when Hasnat visited Pakistan."

Diana met Khan in the summer of 1995 when she visited a friend at the hospital where he was working, the Royal Brompton in London.

He became the only man Diana is said to have truly loved. Months before she died in August 1997, she begged him to marry her. She even asked her butler Paul Burrell to approach a priest.

At their height of the romance, she kept Khan's picture by her bedside, introduced him to William and Harry, and studied the Koran every night.

She left messages for him at his hospital under the name Dr Armani and wore a long black wig to fool photographers when meeting him at pubs and restaurants.

Although Diana later dated Dodi Fayed, her closest friends said she never stopped loving the deeply-religious doctor who she called described as her "soulmate".

Khan, unhappy in the limelight and worried it was affecting his work, began to cool the relationship in the summer of 1997.

He ruled out marriage because it would cause trouble for their families.

Khan has now qualified as a consultant and is working in the capital at St Bartholomew's and the London Chest Hospital.

He has turned down two previous arranged marriages. Last year his aunt Lubna Khan told the Mirror of the pressure he was under to marry. She said: "His parents worry about him becoming lonely in London without a wife, and they are getting old. They want him to agree to a bride very soon.

"He is over 40 now, but still some of the top Pathan families in Lahore would offer their daughters as his bride as he is widely respected in Pakistan."

Last night, one of Khan's closest friends, Bhati, who was once introduced to Diana by him, confirmed: "He has got engaged, but I have no further details."

Khan returned home to Pakistan to meet his wife-to-be at Christmas.

His father Rasheed and mother Naheed are thought to have introduced him to several girls, before he delighted them by announcing he wanted to marry the doctor.

Zealously private, Khan has sworn his relatives to secrecy over the ceremony, expected to take place in the summer.

At his home in Streatham, South London, he told the Daily Mirror: "I don't want to talk about my personal life at all."

When seeing Diana, he used to stay at her apartment in Kensington Palace - or she would slip into the flat he used near the Harefield hospital in Middlesex, where he worked at the time.

Details of their meetings emerged after the collapsed trial of Paul Burrell when a statement he had given was leaked.

Diana's fling with Dodi was designed to make Khan jealous, her friends claimed.

Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan - not a relative - revealed that Diana asked him to act as a "marriage broker", adding that she was "very deeply in love".

For his part, Khan "loved" Diana, but was never "in love" with her, say friends.

From The Mirror.
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when Princess Diana ask him for marry but he been busy at hospital she wishes wanted marry doctor.

Then later she been dated to Dodi Fayed really deeped loved at St. Tropez she been falled love with him then later the photographer getting snap pictures of her and Dodi "KISS" in the newspaper Sun newspaper and Mirror all people gets shock over the Princess gets new man on her life.

Princess Diana getting hook over Dodi then she swim with her two boys then she over with him for real deeply love but cant stop love more still real love it Diana.

Her boys been away with his dad the Prince of Wales in Scotland when Diana and Dodi been away for vacation like as Monaco, Paris same as summer romantic alone !

Sara Boyce
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May 17 2003

Family and friends rally round Diana's niece

By Jeremy Armstrong And Jane Kerr, Royal Reporter

STUDENT Emily McCorquodale was diagnosed with cancer last month after falling ill.

The 19-year-old is having radiotherapy treatment after doctors discovered several tumours close to her spine.

They told Emily, a cousin of Princes William and Harry, she has plasma cytoma, a cancer so rare it has previously been found only in elderly people.

Emily's parents - Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Princess Diana's older sister, and husband Neil - were said to be "devastated" at their daughter's illness.

A spokesman for the family said last night: "It is a very difficult time for Emily and for all of them.

"But the whole family are pulling together and Emily's friends have been fantastically supportive."

Prince Charles and his sons, who are friends of Emily's, have been told of her illness.

Diana's brother Earl Spencer and his mother Mrs Frances Shand Kydd are helping to support the family.

Emily has been receiving treatment at Nottingham Hospital - she had another session of radiotherapy yesterday afternoon.

And doctors have not ruled out chemotherapy to try to tackle the cancer.

The family's spirits have been buoyed by the reaction of their friends to the news. Dozens have sent cards and messages of support to their home near Grantham, Lincs.

One friend said: "It is very difficult to make a prognosis because this kind of cancer is unheard of in women as young as Emily.

"They have received incredible support from everyone but there is no doubt this has been an awful year for the family."

Emily, a student at Leeds Metropolitan University, was particularly close to Diana and attended her funeral in 1997. Diana doted on Emily and her brother George and would often spend weekends at the McCorquodales' farm.

George became especially close to Prince Harry and joined him on an outing to watch their hero Damon Hill at a Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Emily was a pupil at Princess Diana's old school, West Heath, near Sevenoaks, Kent.

Diana's affection for the children grew out of "idolising" their mother when they were children.

The sisters formed a strong bond when left in the care of nannies after their parents split up and their mother left home.

In the book Diana: Her True Story In her Own Words, the princess said: "I idolised my eldest sister and I used to do all her washing when she came back from school. I packed her suitcase, ran her bath, made her bed - the whole lot. I did it all and I thought it was wonderful."

Emily was 14 when Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

She attended the funeral with her grandmother Mrs Shand Kydd, her parents and Diana's other sister Lady Jane Fellowes, whose husband Sir Robert is a former private secretary to the Queen.

When she was six years old Emily was also a bridesmaid at the wedding of Earl Spencer to his first wife Victoria in 1989.

After Diana's death Emily's mother Lady Sarah became a trustee of the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial fund, the charity set up with donations which flooded in from the public.

She became involved in making difficult decisions surrounding the commercial use of her sister's name, including Diana's signature appearing on tubs of margarine.

But it was her role as executor of Diana's multi-million pound estate that propelled the farmer's wife into the spotlight she had once shunned.

First came a row about the division of gifts that Diana had left to her 17 godchildren, with Lady Sarah being accused by the parents of some of the youngsters of cheating them out of a larger inheritance.

But last year the trial of Diana's former butler Paul Burrell put the Spencer family in the spotlight.

Lady Sarah was a prosecution witness and had to answer questions about the gifts to Diana's godchildren and about the "rape tape" - alleged to have contained allegations made by former servant George Smith of a male rape in the royal household.

Lady Sarah, whose godmother was the Queen Mother, was brought up with Diana at Althorp, the Spencer family home in Northamptonshire.

After her marriage Diana often called on Lady Sarah to accompany her to public engagements and in March 1992 she took her to Budapest, Hungary.

But an enduring image of Lady Sarah came in August 1997 when she accompanied Diana's body from Paris with the Prince of Wales and Lady Jane Fellowes. The two sisters were pictured at RAF Northolt.

Lady Sarah was a girlfriend of Prince Charles before his wedding to Diana in 1981.

She married husband Neil, a former Coldstream Guards officer, in May 1980.

As well as Emily and George they have a 14-year-old daughter Celia. The children were left money in the will of the late Earl Spencer, Diana's father, when he died in 1992.

From The Mirror.
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Property belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales, has been returned to her former butler Paul Burrell.

Scotland Yard said agreement has been reached over the ownership of a "substantial amount" of the property involved in his theft trial.

Mr Burrell was accused of stealing hundreds of items from the Princess's estate but his Old Bailey trial dramatically collapsed last year following an intervention by the Queen.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "Negotiations continue to establish ownership of a small number of items still in our possession.

"If there is a dispute the matter will be taken to the High Court to be resolved by civil action.

"The Metropolitan Police remains neutral in the event of a dispute - it is not in our power to allocate ownership."

Article From: Sky News
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