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Charles fights to keep his trusted servant
by RICHARD KAY, Daily Mail
7th March 2003

Prince Charles faces demands to sack his most trusted aide following the inquiry into the scandals which rocked St James's Palace.

A 100-page report is to be published next week into the collapse of the Paul Burrell trial, claims of a cover-up over an alleged gay rape and the sale by servants of royal gifts.

But I can reveal that the prince is under growing pressure to fire Michael Fawcett, his former valet and longest-serving servant, ahead of the report's publication.

Forty-year-old Mr Fawcett's role in Charles's life was at the heart of the four-month investigation and he was interviewed with his lawyers present at least twice.

He is claimed to have sold unwanted gifts, pocketing a percentage of the proceeds, and there are further allegations against him.

Senior courtiers have warned the prince that Mr Fawcett "must go".

I understand that Charles's private secretary Sir Michael Peat, who has conducted the internal investigation, is urging him to dump the servant before the report is published to avoid charges of whitewash.

He wants the prince to persuade Mr Fawcett to resign.

Sir Michael, who promised that staff would be sacked if he uncovered evidence of wrongdoing, has told colleagues that failure to remove Mr Fawcett would leave Charles open to claims that the lengthy investigation was a farce.

He has also raised fears that Mr Fawcett's continuing presence on the royal staff could lead to even more lurid and damaging stories about the prince's life.

Behind the scenes
Revelations of the behind-the-scenes row emerged as St James's Palace took the extraordinary decision to announce next Thursday as the report's publication date, giving speculation a week to build, rather than simply issuing it without warning.

Charles, who has read a draft version of the report, has ordered staff to time its release for a day when he is out of the country on a royal tour. Aides are hoping that before then he can persuade Mr Fawcett to stand down.

It is understood a "barely six-figure" package has been drawn up which would effectively pay off the father of two and - royal officials hope - buy his silence.

But such is his closeness to Charles he could command a far higher figure should he decide to sell his story. And Charles, who is fiercely protective of the man he has described as the only person he could not manage without, is torn.

There are growing fears among other figures close to him that if Mr Fawcett, who has an intimate knowledge of all the Prince's secrets, is forced out he would be a "ticking timebomb".

I can reveal that yesterday the Prince summoned the servant and his wife Debbie to an hour-long meeting in his private quarters at St James's Palace. He has also been secretly paying Mr Fawcett's legal fees.

Friends of Mr Fawcett insist he has been exonerated by Sir Michael's report and that he is being offered up as a scapegoat to avoid the charge of whitewash.

They also claim that he has no wish to quit and wants to continue in his post as the prince's £100,000-a-year personal assistant, organising his private life.

He has told friends that allegations that he "fenced" gifts are untrue and that he was only ever carrying out Charles's wishes.

Charles reads report
The report, which includes interviews with dozens of the prince's staff past and present, was presented to Charles at a meeting with Sir Michael and his inquiry assistant, Edmund Lawson, QC at Highgrove on Monday.

The two men also quizzed him about certain details raised by other witnesses so he could "fill in the gaps". They then left him with a copy of their findings.

Charles's only request was that its publication date should coincide with his two-day visit to Bulgaria next Thursday.

"He wants to be out of the country when everything erupts," said an adviser.

Labour MPs already sceptical about the relevance of an internal Palace inquiry, with its implication of cover-up, are certain to examine Sir Michael's review closely.

It was denounced as "meaningless" when Sir Michael announced it days after the collapse of former royal butler Paul Burrell's Old Bailey theft trial last November.

Sir Michael was criticised for immediately asserting that he would not be interviewing the Queen, whose role in the Burrell case became pivotal after it was revealed that he confided in her that he was keeping a number of Princess Diana's possessions for safekeeping.

A former accountant, Sir Michael has staked his reputation on being open and transparent. "It will be whiter than white," he pledged.

However, it has been a complex and frustrating process with many witnesses unwilling to compromise themselves or criticise others. Some refused to co-operate.

Sir Michael has also twice delayed its publication.

Next Thursday has been chosen by St James's in an effort to have it released ahead of a war with Iraq - which might force its postponement again.

It is understood that the report will clear the royal household of improper activity in relation to Burrell's trial and the case of Harold Brown, the second butler cleared of theft charges.

It is also thought to have concluded that while there was no cover-up of claims from one-time royal valet George Smith that he was raped by one of the Prince's domestic household, the matter could have been handled better.

The report is believed to paint a damning picture of a widespread culture of selling royal gifts.

One recommendation certain to be acted on is that a gifts register be set up to monitor the dozens of presents that daily arrive at St James's Palace.

Article From:
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Britain's Prince Charles Needs Hernia Operation
Tue Mar 11, 5:45 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Charles will undergo a hernia operation at the end of the month, forcing the cancellation of an Easter skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps.

"He will go into hospital on March 28th. It's a routine operation" a spokeswoman for Charles said.

She said Britain's heir to the throne sustained the injury by "stretching awkwardly" but could not confirm one UK media report that he strained himself laying hedges at his Highgrove country residence in west England.

Charles, 54, is under the media spotlight this week due to the imminent publication on Thursday of an investigation into alleged misconduct -- including gay rape and sale of royal gifts -- by his servants.

Article From: Yahoo News
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Fawcett has resigned...

13 MARCH 2003
The results of an investigation into royal gift sales and other alleged misconduct within Prince Charles's household were released on Thursday. The report by the Prince's private secretary Sir Michael Peat and barrister Edmund Lawson QC uncovered no evidence of serious wrongdoings, but did express misgivings about some staff practices.

Accusations that Charles's most-trusted aide, Michael Fawcett, had sold unwanted royal gifts for profit were examined in the course of the inquiry. The report concluded that Fawcett had accepted numerous gifts, but was not involved in any financial impropriety.

Other findings showed that the Palace kept no proper records of gifts given to the Prince and that staff members accepted gifts and hospitality from outsiders despite rules forbidding it.

Questions about the collapsed trial of former butler Paul Burrell, who had been charged with stealing Princess Diana's possessions after her death, were also addressed. The investigation, which was sparked by the high profile court battle, found that Prince William knew of Burrell's claims that he was safeguarding the Princess' personal items 18 months before the charges were suddenly dropped.

The Palace was also criticised for the way it dealt with a male rape allegation by former royal valet George Smith in 1996. Sir Michael assesses the issue was handled badly – Prince Charles apparently said "George must go" after the claims, while Fiona Shackleton, the Prince's attorney, is reported to have said: "Make (the allegation) go away."

Upon publication of the report, Prince Charles, who is currently in Bulgaria, said: "The review does not make comfortable reading in some parts, but I accept full responsibility and all the recommendations. I am determined that the administrative procedures in my household should be to the highest standards and I have asked Michael Peat to ensure that this is the case."

The fallout from the newly-released document has already begun. Fawcett has resigned from his post, effective Thursday. This week Prince Charles was reported to have been fighting to keep the aide, calling him "indispensable".
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Charles in hospital for hernia surgery

Prince Charles was accompanied by Camilla Parker Bowles as he was admitted to hospital for an operation to repair a hernia injury.

Charles looked cheerful as the pair arrived at King Edward VII hospital in London.

He is expected to remain in the private clinic overnight following the routine surgery before being discharged tomorrow morning.

Mrs Parker Bowles smiled at photographers as she emerged from the Prince's car.

Charles, 54, dressed in a grey suit, grinned and waved as he walked up the steps.

Mrs Parker Bowles is expected to leave later tonight.

With no official engagements planned next week, Charles is likely to spend the time recuperating.

A St James's Palace spokesman said: "The operation, which is considered routine, is due to take place tonight. The Prince is expected to stay in hospital overnight, leaving tomorrow morning."

Story filed: 18:13 Friday 28th March 2003

Article From: Ananova
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Prince Charles cracks joke after surgery

The Prince of Wales has left hospital after a routine hernia operation and felt well enough to joke about his experience.

He told well-wishers: "Hernia today, gone tomorrow", as he departed from London's King Edward VII hospital.

Charles underwent the hernia operation on Friday night after arriving at the hospital in the afternoon with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Smiling broadly and waving to onlookers, he walked to his waiting car unaided.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: "As you would expect after a fairly routine operation the Prince of Wales was very cheerful as he left hospital and is looking forward to resting this weekend in Highgrove."

The Prince will stay at Highgrove all week and travel to Balmoral next weekend.

Story filed: 11:36 Saturday 29th March 2003

Article From: Ananova
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Charles 'dragging monarchy into gutter'
By Robert Jobson, Evening Standard
2 April 2003

The Queen believes Prince Charles is dragging himself and the monarchy into "the gutter", a damning television documentary claims.

The Prince's decision to "pursue popularity" and promote his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles is damaging the reputation of the royal family and causing "despair" at Buckingham Palace.

The claims are made in a Channel 4 series presented by Princess Diana's former Private Secretary Patrick Jephson.

They will cause Charles further embarrassment only weeks after the critical internal inquiry into the conduct of his office.

Jephson says the Queen made the comments to a senior Palace source, but he refuses to name him. He quotes the source saying: "The way they [St James's Palace] have pursued popularity has dragged everything into the gutter. The Queen accepts this.

"She's told me that she thinks the Prince of Wales's operation is taking him into the gutter."

Jephson adds: "If the Queen does think her son is taking the institution into the gutter it's an astonishing indictment of so much of what's been done in the name of royalty in recent years." Jephson was labelled a betrayer by Prince William after publishing a book about Diana. His decision to make such a critical documentary has caused concern at St James's Palace.

The programme also accuses Charles and his team of trying to smear Prince Edward to boost his own popularity, saying they exaggerated claims that Prince William was being stalked by Edward's film company.

The first part of Charles: The Battle With Diana will be shown on Channel 4 at 7pm on Saturday.

Article From:The Evening Standard
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Wow ! What next? I have to agree with the Queen's assessment, but what kind of mother would say such a thing about her own son? I don't think a mother that cold has a right to expect sterling behavior from her son. Poor Charles, my heart goes out to him.

That being said, I still think his continued affair with Camilla Parker Bowles is very destructive on all fronts. If he feels he can't live without her, then his duty should be to step aside and let Prince William become next in line for the throne.

I also thought the attack on Prince Edward for taking pictures of his nephew was uncalled for, but hey, where did Charles learn about love and loyalty to one's own family?

This reminds me of another family betrayal when Diana's sister said she wanted the videos Diana made so she could destroy them since Diana was too vicious in them because she was sick. With a sister like that, who needs enemies?

It's just such a shame Charles and Diana were manipulated into a divorce. My guess is they could have eventually become true friends because of their shared experiences and similar betrayals by their own family. That's more than can be said for a lot of, if not most, marriages.
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Well, I must admit even though his marriage to Diana eventually ended in divorce and he seems to really love Camilla (and she appears to be the woman for him), I do think that it is a bit strange to have an individual who is to become one's next sovereign now publicly out and about with the woman who was very well-know to be his former mistress (and now his girlfriend). Of course, it happens, but there is something rather unsettling and a tad distasteful about it at times. I suppose that if he were the "average Joe" then it would be of little consequence, but Charles is to be the next King of England and that certainly makes it different. Okay, now I'm babbling....I'll give it a rest. :)
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
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Camilla hasn't really been his one true love, there was Kanga in Australia, Janet Jenkins in Canada (says they carried on 20 years before and during marriage to Diana), & Michael Fawcett his servant. Diana supposedly says he is gay on the video tapes. This guy can't commit to anyone. It seems Camilla has been a smoke screen for the rest of his lovers. Sorry I sound pretty harsh, but I've been reading everything in the British press - so much came out during the Burrell trial. The Fawcett aspect was the most surprising. Charles had been paying rent for Fawcett at a home valued at 400,000 pounds (for the last 3 years.) Come on, a servant living a home like that? And now he is set up with his own company and was given a million pounds as a settlement? I have no pity for Charles, Diana loved him and wanted a real marriage and he threw it all away.
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I agree that Diana wanted a real marriage, but she was unfaithful as well in the long run of things. I am sure that it must have been difficult for her, but that doesn't mean that she should have gone off as she did and had affairs. She didn't make herself appear any better and in my opinion simply lowered herself to Charles level at that point. I found the behavior of both to have been tasteless.

Sure, Charles had many relationships with women, but you have to admit that Camilla is by far his most famous affair. I don't think that many people care about the others. Granted that the Michael Fawcett incident (true or false) is interesting, these other women are no longer with him and the question still remains, If Charles becomes King, then what is to become of Camilla and what will be her role then? When Charles becomes King will she simply be titled, The King of England's main squeeze?
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
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"The King of England's main squeeze? "

I have to agree that if Diana was committed to Charles, she probably would not have had affairs too.
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it is rumoured that diana had an affair with king juan carlos of spain.
Old 04-20-2003, 10:53 AM
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Diana and King Juan Carlos...that is a surprise to me.
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May 5 2003

Police seize gang in security scandal

Exclusive by Richard Smith And Rebecca Smith

FIVE building workers went on a drunken escapade in the grounds of Prince Charles' Highgrove home.

The men claimed they entered the estate unchallenged and never once saw a security guard. One of them even frolicked naked near a gazebo during the 30-minute prank.

They larked around within 200 yards of the mansion and stole a plastic owl used as a bird scarer. It will be an embarrassment to security chiefs who are supposed to be giving extra protection to royals over fears of terror attacks.

Two of the men were later arrested. One, Andrew Morgan, said: "There were no guards. We saw absolutely no-one."

A royal source said: "Charles will be absolutely livid."

ONE of the men who strolled into Highgrove said last night a small child could have scaled the fence protecting Charles' estate.

Andrew Morgan told how easily he and his drunken friends got into the grounds and larked around for 30 minutes without being stopped.

He said the gang frolicked within 200 yards of Highgrove House which Charles shares with his sons William and Harry - and never even saw a security guard.

One pranced naked outside Charles' gazebo, others strolled towards the prince's stables.

And the group photographed each other sitting inside the circular folly at the end of a tree-lined avenue which leads to the Gloucestershire home.

Andrew, who was later cautioned by police, branded the boozy prank "sheer stupidity" but spoke of his surprise at the lack of security, especially amid fears of terror attacks following the Gulf War.

The 30-year-old said: "The police told us we were lucky we didn't get shot while we were roaming around there.

"But we were in the grounds for about 30 minutes and didn't see any security guards. We saw absolutely no-one."

Both police and St James's Palace insisted security had not been breached.

But a royal insider said last night: "Charles will be absolutely livid."

Andrew told how the prank began with a few drinks after work. He said: "One thing led to another.

"We were driving home when we passed the entrance to a large estate. Somebody mentioned it was Charles' place and someone else suggested we have a look.

"We were still in our work clothes but we drove up a track, parked on the verge, walked about 150 metres and climbed over a four-bar metal fence into the Highgrove estate.

"We knew it was Prince Charles' place but I've got a three-year-old niece who could have jumped over that fence, no problem.

"We had a little wander around and saw a fox chasing a hare.

"Then we found this great big ugly plastic owl hanging from a tree so we messed around with that for five minutes. We were laughing and joking and throwing it around like a rugby ball.

"Then we spotted a gazebo with a bench outside and a plaque.

"It was at the end of a beautiful tree-lined grass walkway which led directly to Highgrove House.

"We decided to take some photos as a bit of a laugh so I could show my mum because she loves the royals. We took it in turns for everybody to pose for pictures sitting outside the gazebo and then one of the guys started running around naked.

"Suddenly there was a streaker standing in the picture, we were all in stitches.

"He was just having a p*** about. There was no damage done. It was one of those boisterous occasions when boys have fun.

"Charles has obviously got a good gardener. I wouldn't mind his number. It's a beautiful house and the grounds are very nice.

"We were all very impressed. Thinking about it now we were very silly and you would have thought with all that commotion someone would have spotted us.

"We could see the house about 200 yards away and some of the boys walked over towards the stables."

Andrew and his friends left Highgrove for a nearby pub, the Cat and Custard Pot - William and Harry's favourite bar - then went for a drink in nearby Tetbury where they were arrested.

Officers found the plastic owl in the back of one of their cars.

Andrew and a 29-year-old spent the night in police cells at Stroud. The other man was freed without charge.

Andrew said: "To be honest when the police arrested me I'd forgotten about the owl. I must have taken it as a trophy.

"They took us to the station, removed our clothes and put us in boiler suits before locking us up.

"We sang the Englebert Humperdink song Please Release Me Let Me Go all night long according to the girl in the next cell.

"In the morning the police said if I owned up to the theft of a plastic owl they would let me off with a caution.

"So I did, otherwise we would have been in there all day. We're very sorry for the problems we've caused."

Gloucestershire police said: "I can confirm that on May 1 a bird scarer was taken from Highgrove.

"The tree was situated just 20 feet into Duchy land and was outside the protected boundary area of Highgrove

"This was, therefore, not a security breach." A senior officer confirmed the two men were arrested and detained overnight on Thursday.

Charles and his two sons are not thought to have been at Highgrove when the intruders struck.

A St James's Palace spokesman said last night: "The group were a long way from the main security area of the house.

"In terms of the house and the main area, the security at Highgrove was not compromised."

But a friend of the men, the youngest was 19, the oldest in his mid 50s, insisted: "There's obviously a lack of security at Highgrove.

"This shouldn't have been allowed to happen. I don't know why the Royal Protection Squad didn't spot them."

One of the intruders, a grey haired man in his 50s who refused to be named, said: "Obviously we regret the whole episode now and all the inconvenience it caused.

"We are all totally embarrassed. My wife was not best pleased, in fact she was quite unhappy about it.

"She told me to wise up and grow up.

"We like Prince Charles. He is our Prince of Wales. The Royal Family are fine people." The group were from the Cardiff area.


It's an outrage that these lads got up so close
James Whitaker

I know that nobody got hurt but it's a disgrace that these jokers were allowed to breach the so-called ring of steel round Highgrove.

It costs a fortune to protect this estate. I don't know how many men are on duty at any given moment but it's a lot.

There's a mini police station on one wall where officers sleep and I shudder to think how many alarms are dotted around to keep the place secure.

So for anybody to get on to the land is an outrage. Don't the powers that be know we live in a world dominated by terrorism? Haven't they heard of al-Qaeda?

Admittedly these "lads" were unlikely to attack anyone.

But the fact they got as close as they did should make the police wake up.

Although St James's Palace was playing down the incident last night, it's clear that the intrusion was far greater than it should have been.

This house is important to the Waleses. It was the first place that Charles bought for himself (out of Duchy of Cornwall money) and houses many wedding gifts. It's also home for William and Harry.

The property is very different to when the Prince spent £750,000 acquiring it in 1980, exactly one year to the day before he married Diana.

Since then he's bought a lot more land and has undertaken a policy of planting trees and shrubs all over the place.

In those early days photographers could see up to the front door from many places, including a footpath (since closed) that ran right across the land. The chosen plants now give complete privacy.

But, of course, there are fences that can be climbed, trees that can offer protection from CCTV cameras and folds in the land, filled with the wild flowers so beloved by Charles, that still make Highgrove vulnerable.

The police know this, so how come this breach?

OK, they spotted the jokers on their cameras eventually but by this time they were back in nearby Tetbury boasting of their derring-do.

Quite honestly, it's just not good enough.
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Prince Charles "worried" about Harry's chain-smoking

LONDON: Prince Harry's chain-smoking habit has become a matter of grave concern for his father, Prince Charles.

The 18-year-old smokes heavily in his free time and especially at a night out where he often smokes 20 cigarettes. And he isn't bothered that his habit upsets his father, who has been keeping a close watch on him since he admitted smoking cannabis two years ago.

"Harry has been chain-smoking for years. His dad nags him constantly about it but he really doesn't care. Harry just does his own thing and won't listen to his father's advice," a Royal insider was quoted as saying by The Daily Telegraph.

"Harry really enjoys smoking. He knows his dad is very against it but he does not care. He's been smoking for the past few years, although he obviously tries not to be seen smoking in public. Behind closed doors though and at parties he is always lighting up. He loves a drink as well and the two sort of go together. Harry's never without a packet of cigarettes and he does tend to smoke quite heavily these days," added a friend.

Charles is also said to be concerned about his youngest son's relentless partying and wayward behaviour, which is affecting his studies.

"As a father, Charles worries about both his sons, but especially Harry. He is always saying how worried he is that he's going to go off the rails," said a family friend.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Palace, giving the "official" line, said: "Prince Charles has never expressed any concern about Harry chain-smoking."

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i remind when i read people magazine of him about years ago because he put drugs and smoke then his dad and Prince William been away then Prince William told his dad about Prince Harry have drugs and smoke behind the highgrove then his dad order Prince Harry to the Rehabiltion for learn lesson like that!

Sara Boyce
Old 05-26-2003, 12:36 AM
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Prince Charles's lover Camilla Parker Bowles has been personally intived by the Queen to the biggest Royal event of the year.

Camilla, 54 is to be at a Thanksgiving Services at Westminster Abbey next monday to mark the 50th anniversary of the coronation.

The move gives a massive boost to expectations that Camilla and Charles will one day marry.

A Senior aides said: " This shows the warm feelings The Queen has for Camilla. It is a significant step forward."

Camilla's father Bruce Shand, 84 will attend the service with her.

She will not arrive with Charles, nor sit near him other Royals.

He always insisted Camilla is "non negotiable" part of his life.

Another clear sign of her acceptance is Prince William's decision to intive her to his 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle.

The aide said: "The importance of the two intives cannot be underestimated. The fact the Queen has intived Camilla speaks volumes about how the two women get on."

reports from Sun Newspaper,,2-20032...3240289,00.html

Sara Boyce
Old 06-10-2003, 09:11 PM
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From Russia With Love: Charles Won't Miss Camilla's Birthday

10 JUNE 2003
Prince Charles has decided to reschedule an official visit to Russia so as to be home in time for Camilla Parker Bowles' 56th birthday. The move is being taken as further evidence of the future king's devotion to his long-time companion.

Charles rearranged his trip to St Petersburg so he could be at Camilla's side for a romantic birthday dinner on July 17th. And rumour has it that the future King will use the intimate meal to propose.

"Juggling this three-day important trip to St Petersburg so it does not clash with Camilla's birthday shows the depth of Charles' feelings," said one source. "He would not allow the affairs of state to get in the way of her birthday."

The Prince has been working for quite some time to convince the people of Britain to accept his mistress as one of the family. Just days ago she was a guest at a dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Queen's coronation.

At the event she was introduced to Prince Philip, who hasn't spoken to her since Charles' admission of adultery a decade ago. The gathering was said to be a success, with no tension between Camilla and the Royal Family.

The couple has made numerous public appearances together since they first stepped out for Camilla's sister's birthday party in 1999. Later that year they took a holiday to the Greek islands, along with Prince William and Prince Harry. And in June 2000 the Queen gave her recognition to the relationship by attending a function where Camilla was present.

Public sympathy has grown for Camilla in recent years and it's widely believed that Charles thinks the time has come to get engaged. Opinion polls suggest the people of Britain want him to marry his companion, though she cannot become Queen as she is a divorcee.

"I think we're going to see the pair getting married," said royal biographer Robert Lacey. "It's what the public opinion polls say they want. Of course, what they also say is that they don't want Camilla to become Queen. I think Camilla will be given one of Charles' titles. He's Duke of Cornwall, he's Duke of Rothesay - so she'd become the Duchess of something."
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For some reason I find this quite humorous....such devotion eh?

By the way-- do we currently have a poll running about a Yes/No question in regards to a possible marriage between the two? It would be interesting to see the results....
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"Public sympathy has grown for Camilla in recent years and it's widely believed that Charles thinks the time has come to get engaged. Opinion polls suggest the people of Britain want him to marry his companion......"

Ahhh, the power of suggestion. As if there are any such opinion polls. Marriage shouldn't be that important to them now anyway since they've rather made a mockery of the whole marriage thing.
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