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I assume you are speaking of Alexandra of Denmark who was Princess of Wales? Married to one of Victorias sons?
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In so far as I can tell, each new Princess that comes about changes things in some way at least for awhile. I'm not talking about each and every Princess, just those that are perhaps the heir to the throne. I mean, the current Queen (Elizabeth II) was extremely popular when she was a princess. The media loved her. Granted, it was to a completely different degree. I think one of the reasons that Diana was so huge was how many tools the media had at their disposal. Also, in the past the media was, as is often said, more respectful. They didn't necessarily chase people around, hide, stalk, etc. like they do now.

Pertaining to Diana:

I can't believe that some people think that current Royals are not effected by what she did and or who she was. Do their personal day to day decisions have anything to do with Diana? Do they think, "Well, Diana did this, so if I do it too, then I'll be exactly like her" Who knows! However, the media will keep using Diana's name for, most likely, a long time to come. And because of this, there is probably going to be a least on person that thinks something along the lines of "I'm not trying to be Diana, so please stop labeling me as such" I'm not saying that this will be said in a disrespectful manner, but I'm sure some people will think it at some point, and really, who could blame them?

To those that want her to rest in peace, please note that I am not trying to disrespect her in any way. To be honest, I admired what she did for charity, but I was then and I am now a bit skeptical as to all of her motives. Also to be honest, she kind of annoyed me sometimes. Now, since people don't seem to want to read opinions about her because she can't defend herself against said opinons, let me tell you right now that even if she was standing here in front of me listing off all of her reasons as to why she did everything she did, my opinion wouldn't change. So it makes no difference that she can't do so now. I mean even if she were alive, I would never be able to meet her and have this discussion, so why does it make any difference? I'm not trying to be rude, but people really seem to be up in arms about this.

I can't say that I know too much about all the royals before Diana, but really I think that the attention and interest in royal life was there, just much much more muted. People couldn't really do anything about it, I mean, there seemed to be more respect, of the "You're Royal, I'm not, I should mind my own business" kind. I'm not saying there isn't repect now, the kind of respect has just changed I think.

Personally, I don't really care what goes on "behind closed doors" Am I curious? Heck yeah! Do I care? Not really. Is my life going to be changed drastically because I learn what kind of cereal the Queen eats? No.....can't say as it will......though I think she eats corn flakes.....Anyway, to sum up what little I've said here:

Diana does too have an effect on current Royals....does she effect their everyday choices? Not necessarily, but she does effect how we look at them/ how we label them. (Is this true everywhere? Not necessarily)

I think there has always been at least on person that has had a similar effect to what Diana produced. Do I know all of them? Nope. But then again I wasn't alive back then so I can't feel the same way about those people. I think a huge part of someone's effect is living through those times yes?

One thing that bugs me though is that because of Diana, people have made more demands on people who have devoted their whole life to the service of the people.....that seems kind of unfair to me. It sound to me like" Well, I know you've already given me your whole life, but you aren't good enough for me, why can't you be more like Diana? Why can't you give me a hug?" I don't know.....just sounds wrong to me.

Alright, I've said what I have to say at the moment (I think) now I'll sit back and patiently wait for people to tear my opinions and thoughts apart....after all, there seem to be a few people who are quite good at that.
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