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Old 07-28-2018, 02:48 PM
Heir Apparent
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Well, the republican tabloid Dagbladet is on it again.

Ipsos has conducted a survey for them who asks: Hvem i kongehuset gjør best jobb (whom in The Royal House does the best job)?
The King: 43%.
The Queen: 14%.
CP Haakon: 12%.
CP MM: 3%.
Don't know: 28%.

This is the main story on their front page today with a photo of CP MM with the text, ''needs advice'' - and a photo of the King with the text, ''praised by experts''.


Perhaps we should go into this in detail:

1. This is not an approval rating.
2. Had Ipsos asked if she does a good job as CP, then her numbers would've been MUCH higher. - But they were probably instructed by Dagbladet to make a poll that creates drama.

And nice to see that the former Sous Chief (speech writer) at the Royal Palace, and now MP for the Liberal Party, Carl-Erik Grimstad agrees with me: The King thrones in a Dagbladet survey - Norway Today
Former Sous Chief at the Royal Palace and current MP, Carl-Erik Grimstad, is not very surprised by King Harald’s popularity.

– It is a combination of his radiance, his historical role as a part of the Royal lineage, but also his formal position as the Monarch of Norway, contribute. He also gets the most attention, says Grimstad.

He points out that those who partook in the survey were not asked to rank the Royals, so that the Crown Princess is not considered as the one who does the best job, does not necessarily mean that people think that she doesn’t do a good job. Grimstad believes her results in such surveys will change when she becomes the Queen one day. Grimstad points to the sociologist Max Weber’s theories that authority can build on traditions, charisma and legal position. This King Harald presently has got more of that than the others in the Royal House, combined.

The Royal Court does as usual not want to comment on this kind of surveys.
Well, here's a bit about Carl Erik Grimstad:
He was secretary for CP Sonja in the 1980s and became the court's speechwriter after King Olav died, before he quitted a year later. - According to Ari Behn (who has been in conflict with him), he was fired.
Probably quite bitter, he then turned into an ardent critic of the monarchy, and treated the King like crap in 1998 (HM's Annus horribilis) - and said that he wanted Norway ''to become a republic.''
But he changed his mind in 2016, and is now known as ''monarchist and Haraldlist.''

What do I think about him? Well, that he's a VERY (and I mean WEEEEEERY) BIG hypocrite.


And perhaps we should go through some of the last polls about the royals personal popularity too:

Infact for VG: - February 21, 2017: Hvem synes du er den beste representanten for det norske Kongehuset (whom do you think is the best representative of the Norwegian monarchy)?

The King: 57.1%.
Men: 59.6% Women: 54.6%.

The Queen: 8.3%.
Men: 4.9% Women: 11.6%.

CP Haakon: 18.9%.
Men: 21.1% Women: 16.7%.

CP Mette-Marit: 2.6%.
Men: 2.5% Women: 2.7%.

Princess Märtha Louise: 1.8%.
Men: 1.4% Women: 2.3%.

Don't know: 11.4%.
Men: 10.5% Women: 12.2%.

An almost identical poll, with very similar numbers for CP MM.


But now to the polls that counts, the approval ratings.

The King:
2012-present: 90 to 95% (depends on how the question is asked).

The Queen:
2012-present: Around 80%.

CP Haakon:
2012-2013: Over 80%.
2014-present: Around 60%.

CP Mette-Marit:
2012-2013: 75% to 63%.
2014-present: Around 60%.

So yes, the CP couple's ratings have gone considerably down since 2013, due to all the stuff I've mentioned in previous posts, but they still have numbers politicians can only dream of.


BTW, PR adviser Beate Nossum says to Dagbladet that CP MM needs ''to be more folksy.''
Me: What??? There is no public person in Norway, other than the King and the now newly deceased politician Thorvald Stoltenberg, who is more ''folksy'' than CP MM (with folksy, I mean good at talking with people, hugging them, etc).

Norwegians are girls who love girls, boys who love boys, and girls and boys who love each other. King Harald V speaking in 2016.
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Old 07-28-2018, 03:19 PM
lucien's Avatar
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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Folksy,really.These polls are just hyped-up nonsense figures only intended to keep some people a job and their pittyfull reason for existance, I for one wouldn't be found dead with such a form of,/./what is it?...Work?...No,different breed altogether!

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Old 07-28-2018, 03:38 PM
Heir Apparent
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: somewhere, Norway
Posts: 3,808

The popular/best job polls? Yes, I agree.

The approval ratings and the polls on the monarchy as an institution? Well, those are pretty accurate and tells us what people thinks.

Norwegians are girls who love girls, boys who love boys, and girls and boys who love each other. King Harald V speaking in 2016.
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