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Old 09-13-2020, 02:59 AM
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From Friday, the visit to Gävle and Sandviken
Now this week it was time again for Victoria to take out the fashion trends and once again highlight the Swedish clothing design while she has embraced the big autumn trend, checkered.
Victorias vågade succéval – en sån dam med ruter i - Allt om kungligt

Nice photos of the visit to Rapatac at Rapatac's Instagram
"Wow what a day we have had with Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Carolina Klüft, all partners and of course with our lovely children and young people."

On Tuesday, September 22, 100 Trappsteg arranges the Stairs Day (Trappans Dag) in collaboration with Suicide Zero, Karolinska Institutet, The Heart-Lung Foundation and Generation Pep.
Due to covid-19, The Day of the Stairs 2020 will be a fully digital event in two hours that can be followed both on TV and on social media.
100 Trappsteg encourages everyone to climb at least 100 steps every day, the rest of their lives to get better endurance, get stronger and improve their mental health.
Daniel takes part in the Stairs Day, and Generation Pep's operations manager Carolina Klüft is one of the lecturers.

Daniel met the team of 100 Trappsteg on Thursday 10th September (and he is of course walking some stairs at the short video):
"Today we had the honor to meet nice Prince Daniel and talk about everyday exercise and #100Stairs before Stairs Day on 22 September."

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Old 09-14-2020, 08:10 AM
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Generation Pep about the visit to Gävleborg on Friday 11th September
At the invitation of Governor Per Bill, Generation Pep visited the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg on Friday. During the day, the Crown Princess couple also participated. The focus of the day was to raise the issue of children and young people's physical health, and how the various actors in society can work together to promote health.
With the Public Health Agency's restrictions as a guide in the work with the planning, about 30 people from the region, municipalities, business and civil society gathered at Dospace in Gävle on Friday morning. In addition to listening to Generation Pep who told about their activities and their annual report The Pep report, which surveys the health of children and young people in Sweden on an annual basis, the participants also got to participate in roundtable discussions. During the talks, obstacles and challenges for the health of children and young people were discussed, but great focus was also on concrete proposals on the way forward.
The visit to Gävleborg is the second visit of five that Generation Pep will make around the country during the autumn of 2020.
- Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have felt that it is important that we get to come out into the country and visit all the activities that do so much to enable a healthier life for children and young people. We bring home an incredible amount of inspiration and are really happy about all the commitment we see, says Carolina Klüft, operations manager at Generation Pep.
Generation Pep besökte Gävle och Sandviken - Generation Pep

Video of the visit
Royal-Video_ Kronprinzessin Victoria - Hier ging einiges daneben _

When they are out on assignments, they often offer small glimpses of their relationship, even privately. As in Sandviken the other day.
Victoria and Daniel were there to meet the children in the music room at the all-activity house Rapatac - and suddenly the Crown Princess stood there with a ukulele…
You can say a lot about Victoria, but she's not a full-fledged ukulele player! But the Crown Princess hung on anyway, and jammed loose with her ukulele without being able to.
Next to him stood a very amused Prince Daniel. The whole situation was so wonderful and he just could not help but tease a little his wife:
- Haha, you look super comfortable! he said, grinning happily.
Because that's the way it is, their jargon - even privately: A little charmingly rough. But cordial!
And the reaction came immediately: The Crown Princess threw her head behind and started laughing.
But then she became serious again:
- What is wonderful is to see the children's commitment to this and how they choose to come here week after week and really think that this is the highlight of their afternoon. It feels great that there is a place like this for them to come to, Crown Princess Victoria told Radio Gävleborg.
Daniels privata pik till Victoria – inför alla _ Svensk Dam

An alternative Pep Day - Try new sports for free!
Due to prevailing circumstances, there will unfortunately be no regular Pep Day in Haga Park this year. But the importance of finding a joy of movement has not changed. Generation Pep has therefore collected information from organizations in Greater Stockholm that offer free trial training throughout the month of September. Some periods also extend into October.
Are you interested? Contact the organizations below for more detailed information and find your joy of movement!
Aktuellt _ En alternativ Pep Dag – Testa på nya idrotter gratis! - Generation Pep

ICA, Mat-Tina and Generation Pep in collaboration for better health among children and young people
Almost a fifth (17 percent) of children and young people's calorie intake in Sweden consists of sweets, soft drinks, biscuits and cakes and almost half of all children eat vegetables daily. ICA, together with Mat-Tina and Generation Pep, wants to change this and is now launching Melliskockarna, which aims to inspire children and young people to eat a more varied diet.
The Melliskockarna initiative is part of ICA's concept Buddy with the Body, which since 2001 has worked to increase curiosity and interest in fruit and vegetables among children in grades 2 and 5. The purpose of Melliskockarna is for children to learn what a good snack is, through to inspire and show how varied and fun snacks can be.
ICA Stiftelsen is a founding partner of Generation Pep.
The ICA Foundation has been formed to strengthen the community involvement that has always been an important part of ICA. But also to take ICA's community involvement to the next level. We want to continue to contribute to making a positive difference in society and create opportunities to support socially important projects.
ICA, Mat-Tina och Generation Pep i samarbete för bättre hälsa bland barn och ungdomar - ICA

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Old 09-15-2020, 02:43 AM
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The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation at its website about the visit to Gävleborg, Rapatac and Fritidsbanken Sandviken.
Kronprinsessparet besökte Rapatac och Fritidsbanken i Sandviken _ Kronprinsessparets stiftelse

Anders Hansen, Pep Ambassador, doctor, psychiatrist and author, on the cover of King Magazine's autumn issue, which has interviewed him.
Author, lecturer and educator. The new issue of King is fronted by the MSc in Economics and Chief Physician Anders Hansen. With the book ”Hjärnstark – Hur motion och träning stärker din hjärna” (BrainStrong: How exercise and exercise strengthens your brain") which sold 600,000 copies and the Summer Talk from 2019 with 3.1 million listenerss, Anders Hansen has become something of a rock star in popular science.
Överläkaren och succéförfattaren Anders Hansen på omslaget av Kings stora höstnummer _ Kingmagazine

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, Daniel visits The Pep School of 2019 (Årets Pep Skola) - British Junior School in Eskilstuna. The nomination of The Pep School of the Year is a collaboration between White Guide Junior and Generation Pep.
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Old 09-16-2020, 04:36 AM
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Aggarpsskolan in Svedala named The Pep School of the Year 2020!
Yesterday, the winner was decided in the Pep School of the Year category, a category in the White Guide Junior competition that is awarded to a school for their work for an more active and healthier school day. This year's Pep School 2020 is Aggarpsskolan in Svedala!
On September 15, the 13 categories in the White Guide Junior were decided. 10 schools in Sweden were nominated for the Pep School of the Year category, for their active work with physical activity and good, nutritious meals. The winner in 2020 was Aggarpsskolan in Svedala.
All schools nominated for the award work with Generation Pep's free tools Generation Pep School. The tool, which has been developed together with researchers and schools, has been available for over two years to support schools' systematic health work. Over 1,500 schools have registered on the site.
- We know that school is an important arena that reaches all children, and that it therefore becomes extra important that schools work systematically with their health work. It feels great to be able to highlight schools that are good role models through White Guide Junior and hopefully it can be a carrot and inspire more people in their work, says Carolina Klüft, managing director for Generation Pep.
Aktuellt _ Aggarpsskolan i Svedala utsedd till Årets Pep Skola 2020! - Generation Pep


Daniel has started his visit at British Junior School in Eskilstuna, which is The Pep School of The Year 2019 (Årets Pep Skola). The nomination of The Pep School of the Year is a collaboration between White Guide Junior and Generation Pep.
The motivation of British Junior been chosen as The Pep School of the Year was
“Welcome to a world of irresistible meals and adult role models that make movement feel so much more fun than staying on the couch. A school that is easy to become PEP at!”⁣

Instagram of British Junior School:
Daniel began the visit by taking part in the school's schoolyard activities.
"Today we at British Junior were visited by Prince Daniel together with Generation Pep! In addition to information about our work with movement, Prince Daniel got to experience and take part in our Schoolyard Activities and outdoor pedagogy. The prince ended the visit by riding a mountain bike on our Biking Wednesday. We thank you for a wonderful commitment and genuine interest in our business."

Facebook of British Junior School

Rex Features
Daniel got a present

Good photos by SPA
Prince Daniel visits British Junior -... - Swedish Press Agency _ Facebook
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Old 09-16-2020, 11:32 AM
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Court website
On Wednesday 16 September, Prince Daniel, together with Generation Pep, visited the British Junior School in Eskilstuna. British Junior received the Pep School of the Year 2019 award.
The prince was welcomed to British Junior by principal Åsa Ekholm and deputy principal Linda Lindgren who showed around the schoolyard where a number of outdoor activities took place.
British Junior uses a movement concept that aims for the students to move and ultimately feel good and have energy for school work. A number of lessons are conducted outdoors, for example. In the schoolyard, two outdoor teachers work to stimulate fun activities. Every Wednesday, Biking Wednesday is held where students have the opportunity to cycle mountain bike trails during the lunch break together with educators. During the visit, the Prince took the opportunity to cycle in the track with some of the school's students.
Prins Daniel besökte Årets Pep-skola 2019 - Sveriges Kungahus

Photo at court Facebook by Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

Prince Daniel was on site in Eskilstuna to visit this year's Pep school and impressed with his tricks.
Every year, Prince Daniel nominates the Pep School of the Year through his Generation Pep Foundation to encourage schools and school children across the country to move more. Last year the prize went to the British Junior school in Eskilstuna and on Wednesday he was there on a visit.
Prince Daniel is not the one who says no to a little activity in everyday life, so the delighted school children got to play field hockey, climb obstacle courses and cycle with the prince. On the bike, Daniel excelled a little extra. In front of the impressed students, he showed his skills in climbing and cycling on a wheel, something that was very much appreciated.
Daniels oväntade agerande – på resan utan Victoria _ Svensk Dam

Mutual appreciation during the prince's school visit
Ömsesidig uppskattning vid prinsens skolbesök – Ekuriren

Prince Daniel wants more young people to move - and then he can lead by example.
When the prince visited the British Junior school in Eskilstuna, he jumped on the bike and styled in front of the school children.
Health in school children and young people is one of Prince Daniel's big heart issues, and the former gym owner is the founder of the Generation Pep foundation, which wants to promote the joy of movement in children.
On Wednesday, the prince visited the British Junior school in Eskilstuna, which last year was named Pep school of the year.
He then took the opportunity to move properly with the school children on site, and took part in both football, bandy and a lesson in nature. In addition, Prince Daniel switched on the bicycle help and tricked himself on a bicycle in front of the cameras. More joy of movement for the people!
Prins Daniel stylade på cykel för skolbarnen

Very good video and Daniel's interview at SVT News
Prince Daniel visited Eskilstuna - highlighted the school's business venture
Daniel says:
- I'm here to look at this school which is a good example of how to work with physical activity. Children and young people should preferably move at least one hour every day. Here at the school, you have received, during the school day, 60 minutes. It is really incredibly strong and good, because then you can, no matter how you have it at home, get the opportunity for this elementary physical activity that everyone needs every day. I have always been passionate about sports and physical activity because it is so important. It is a big problem that we become more passive and sedentary.
How can this negative trend be reversed?
- This is a very big and difficult issue. Many forces work in the opposite direction. We have screens, we have so many exciting TV programs ... It's all about us sitting in front of our screens or TV. We need to work well in advance. We need to set good habits early in life. This is where the school comes in as a very important player. Among the most important and best things you can do is get it into school early. And as a parent, you have a huge responsibility, said Daniel.
Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria are the initiators of Generation Pep. British Junior has been named the 2019 Pep school. On Wednesday, the school was visited by Prince Daniel.
- It feels like there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm here, says the prince.
Generation Pep's vision is that all children and young people should have an opportunity to live an active and healthy life. British Junior has worked with health issues for a long time and has been involved as a Pep school since the start in 2017.
- That the prince came here means a lot. Health issues are important for everyone and it is important to dare to make changes yourself, says the school's principal Åsa Ekholm.
Prins Daniel besökte Eskilstuna – lyfte skolas rörelsesatsning _ SVT Nyheter

Fartfylld dag med prins Daniel – imponerade på hojen - Allt om kungligt
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Old 09-17-2020, 11:37 AM
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Four great videos of Daniel at his visit to British Junior School yesterday

Instagram of British Junior

Instagram of Svensk Damtidning

"Prince Daniel visits British Junior He accompanied us on Trollisröris An outdoor lesson where we integrated movement and the Swedish National Agency for Education's compulsory mapping material - finding mathematics as a natural part of our preschool class activities."

Royal-Video_ Prinz Daniel - So lässig hat er sich noch nie gezeigt _

Prins Daniel cyklar mountainbike under skolbesök i Eskilstuna _ Aftonbladet
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Old 09-19-2020, 12:36 AM
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About the visit to British Junior School
Generation Pep Instagram
"On Wednesday, Generation Pep and H.R.H Prince Daniel visited British Junior in Eskilstuna for a school visit. Among other things, the prince got to try riding a mountain bike with the students and having an outdoor lesson.⁠
British Junior works systematically with both physical activity and healthy food, and for their work they were named Pep School of the Year in the White Guide Junior competition 2019"

He is known as a royal style icon and we rarely see him without his double-breasted jacket. Prince Daniel simply holds on tight to his suit, and maybe it's a bit of a security thing: In it, he feels well-dressed, and probably also comfortable. And he wears it like a king.
But there are limits to Prince Daniel as well. And that includes: Riding a mountain bike in the woods, wearing a power suit.
Yet this is exactly what he did. Prince Daniel was at the British Junior School in Eskilstuna with his organization Generation Pep to hear more about the school's award-winning method to get the kids moving more. Everything was peace and joy and Prince Daniel happily showed off on the bike, wearing his suit.
But when he finished a moment later, there were other tones:
- Slightly hot! I realized that I have dressed completely wrong today. I'll never ride in a suit again!
Prins Daniel om sin miss_ _Det gör jag aldrig om!_ _ Svensk Dam

Elin Annwall, the managing director of The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation, held on 16th September a webinar and digital meeting for the organizations that receive support from the Foundation. The purpose of the meeting was to gain increased knowledge about how to collaborate with municipalities.
Digital organisationsträff och webinar _ Kronprinsessparets stiftelse

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