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Old 03-19-2020, 01:15 AM
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The timeline of ML and Verrett's goings on are a cluster of confusion. First the report followed by pictures of them together in Hawaii at the end of February. No pictures of the daughters, were they even there? Next, pictures of the two lovebirds in Beverly Hills, California on March 3. On March 16, Verrett professes "best 2 days in my life" to ML on his Instagram, the first pic definitely taken in Hawaii. This all apparently before ML and daughters hightail it back to Denmark just before corona curfew, now under quarantine.

Sorry Princess Martha Louise, what a couple of drama queens you two are. And, where are ML's girls? Shouldn't they be in school, hanging out at home with family and friends. Between all the pictures and news articles and Instagram and coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic it's time for an intervention.

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Old 03-19-2020, 03:22 AM
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Now grab some tissues and turn on the violins when you read this update from Durak's Instagram:

"Love is more than words, it's an action, a declaration. My favorite scene from the @titanicmovie is when Rose said " You jump I jump" That is a declaration and a action of love. This world as we know is needing more actions of love, especially with everything going on right now. Less hate, less judgment, less pointing the fingers and a whole lot more of love please. My love @princessmarthalouise aka @iam_marthalouise without even telling me showed up at my door before being locked down. She literally flew across the world to see me before her country boarders where closed. Just to see me before she couldn't anymore, even if it was just for 2 days. It was the best 2 days in my life for me and my family. When she surprised me I cried like a baby because that is love to me. Taking action!
I know this women loves me as much as I love her. Demonstrating acts of love is far more greater than just saying it. It doesn't hurt to wash the dishes or to take out the trash or surprise your love with a gift or give them a massage. Just do something so off the wall. Like going straight to the airport with your kids no bags, no nothing and jump on a plane just to see the one you love.
Tribe, that is love.
Love you my sweet sweet Martha. You amazing, beautiful, powerful, wise women who makes me a better man. You jump I jump. ❤
Tribe, tag someone you will jump for
I love you all! We are weathering this storm with grace. You were born for victory"

Sorry for any typos, it's because my keyboard is slippery from the tears falling from my cheeks.

According to the Norwegian press ML brought her children along for this surprise visit to Durek. And as a result they were all placed in quarantine upon returning to Norway.

The comments to article that ML went to see her Shaman, are less than positive...
The last comment by a Klaus Olsen is perhaps indicative of the seriousness with which the Norwegians view this relationship. Alas, the board-rules prohibits me from translating.

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Old 03-19-2020, 05:40 AM
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The way he speaks/writes reminds me of one those try too hard hippy rejects from the 1960s. He's living in the wrong decade.
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Old 03-19-2020, 05:50 AM
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Or the wrong planet?

Well, ML can join him there, but better leave the children back here in Earth.
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Old 03-19-2020, 07:21 AM
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How could she leave Norway and coming back without any problems and savety ?
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Old 03-19-2020, 06:57 PM
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Now Durek is someone I wouldn't want to self-isolate with.

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone". Audrey Hepburn

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy". Anne Frank
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