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View Poll Results: Who is Infanta Leonor more similar to?
HRH Prince Felipe 116 61.05%
HRH Princess Letizia 74 38.95%
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Old 04-17-2006, 11:08 PM
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If I had to pick I would say she looks more like Phillipe, although I will say you can see a bit of Letizia in there too.

When my youngest was born, for the first few years everyone said she looked like her dad and as she got older, she looked more and more like me and even today, people comment on how we look alike.

So I think its too early to tell which parent she will grow to look like more. But either way the girl is going to be beautiful. I mean look at her parents, she just can't go wrong.

Old 04-17-2006, 11:17 PM
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Diez Minutos says she's starting to look like her maternal grandpa Jesus Ortiz with this pic, but I couldn't see it, since probably she is [still] blonde:

i'll say, the shape of the head resembles her dad. she has amazing eyes, which i think she got from her mom.


Old 04-18-2006, 02:36 AM
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comparison on 20minutos :

Old 04-18-2006, 02:42 AM
Ariel's Avatar
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I think she resembles a lot to her mother and she has a lot from her father too. I cant see any similarities to her grandfather, but as he is an old man, it is more difficult to see the similarities. We probably need to see pictures of him when he was younger.
Old 04-18-2006, 07:24 AM
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I Think that Leonor is totaly a Borbon Gilr.
Old 04-18-2006, 10:14 AM
Piaa's Avatar
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She is the splitting image of her father.......!
Old 04-20-2006, 09:40 PM
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i think the shape of her face looks like the shape of his father's face when he's still a baby..
Old 04-20-2006, 11:25 PM
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I've been looking at pics and reading this thread and now I really don't know what to think of it. I first thought she was the spitting image of Felipe, but I also see some traits from Letizia in her, like her eyes. Oh well, she's beautiful anyway! :)
Toute royale
Old 04-21-2006, 02:08 AM
RhapsodyBrat's Avatar
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another thing I noticed, from Anna_R's post, is that she has the shape of her mother's eyes, but their color is that of her father's.
Old 04-21-2006, 06:36 AM
nayralorenzo's Avatar
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I think she is very near to her cousin Pablo....

So very very Borbon with somethings from Letizia.
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Old 04-21-2006, 12:37 PM
adelaide's Avatar
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Originally Posted by nayralorenzo

Yes, I think you are right, particulary if we are making the comparaison with the first pic above. ( thanks for the pictures )
Old 04-21-2006, 06:14 PM
Saturn's Avatar
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She is a Bourbon. I can see Infanta Elena in the little Eleonor more than her parents.
Old 04-21-2006, 06:48 PM
xicamaluca's Avatar
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After the new pics, i still thing that he looks like a Borbon, with her mom nose a shape of eyes (the colour is definitely from dad Blue!!)
Old 04-21-2006, 07:17 PM
CRIS's Avatar
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Location: Las Palmas, Spain
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Infanta Elena more than her parents? I don´t agree.
She is a pretty good mixture of both of them.:)
Old 04-21-2006, 11:12 PM
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Location: San Francisco, United States
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Originally Posted by Saturn
I can see Infanta Elena in the little Eleonor more than her parents.
No, I don't see it at all.
Old 04-21-2006, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by CRIS
Infanta Elena more than her parents? I don´t agree.
She is a pretty good mixture of both of them.:)
Right there in the picture of your avatar, you can clearly see Letizia in Leonor's eyes. Their profiles are very much alike
Old 04-23-2006, 10:54 AM
Join Date: Oct 2002
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Definitly Letizia!

Now that I´ve seen childhood pics of Letizia I think Leonor looks like her. Specially the falling off eye-lashes. It´s so amazing how babies change in between a few months. Nevertheless it´s my opinion that Leonor isn´t the cutest baby so far. The same with little Irene. She´s got the big forehead from her father.
Old 04-23-2006, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Stefanie
It´s so amazing how babies change in between a few months. Nevertheless it´s my opinion that Leonor isn´t the cutest baby so far. The same with little Irene. She´s got the big forehead from her father.
I think this post is utterly cruel. It's one thing to criticize or even insult Leonor's mom, but to criticize a baby is more a reflection of the person doing the criticizing than the person being criticized.

Leonor and Irene are innocent babies who have done nothing more than show up at the church for Easter in the arms of their mothers, and now people are criticizing them for having too big a forehead or not being cute enough for their standards.

It's one thing to criticize an adult you've never met or to judge them for their actions or what they wear. But to criticize or judge a baby is mean spirited to put it nicely.

Old 04-24-2006, 12:42 PM
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An article from "El mundo"'s suplement "Cronica" about Leonor and who she took after:

Rough translation (it's done by google, I'll check all mistakes when I have a bit of time:))
The Prince said: "I do not know who she looks like, but she is calm and very beautiful". Princess Letizia showed her to the press and asked ': "To whom you create she looks like?". The King was a little more precise: "She does not look like anybody". Jesus Ortiz, the maternal grandfather, scored playfully as much: "She looks like me'". And the internauts of showed preference mainly for the similarity with the Prince (14,538 votes, 87%) as opposed to Letizia (2,187, 13%). Six months after that first examination to the characteristics of the new born, with the new images of the baby in the hand, CRONICA has asked a fisiognomist, an expert in morphology of the face, an adviser of image, a escultora and the journalist Jaime Peñafiel: "Like whom it is really looks Infanta Leonor" But the encuestados ones far from clearing doubts on the possible similarities jump from a branch to another one of the genealogical tree of the real baby without they agree in the verdict. "the forehead is just as the one of its mother", says to Rosalina F. Hetzel, fisiognomista and grafóloga, author of Psicofisiognomía, to study the face, a discipline that is centered in examining the face characteristics for, through them, to establish the character and the capacities of a person. "the girl has two protuberances to both sides of the forehead like Princess Letizia", explains, "and that is characteristic of people who think, that they give many returns him to the things. Also it is ethics and intuition, humanity, kindness symptom ". In the form of the forehead and the fact that the Infant has the superior part of the ear slightly taken off of the skull, the fisiognomista fortune teller in Leonor aptitudes, inherited of its mother, for the media. "It is a typical characteristic of a peculiar person, who knows to listen, that she is kind to everything what happens and worries reason why happens in its surroundings", explains. That the outer trimming of the ear is quite wide is, according to the manual of the psicofisiognomista, synonymous to have a good musical ear, spiritual values and intellectual restlessness. "the mouth and the nose are identical to those of Doña Maria of the Mercedes, are no doubt", say to Rosina Hetzel drawing up a circle with the finger around the picture of the mother of the King. "It has the small mouth in heart form. When it grows, it will have a very sensual form and sweet ", it adds. Yet, the characteristic that more flame the attention of the expert is the nose, distinctive, according to the Psicofisiognomía, of will personalidad."Tendrá character and much personality ", explains Rosina. "In fact, in spite of his short age, already it has the formed personality very. Its nose, as the one of its great-grandmother [ the mother of the King ] has a marked drawing downwards and finishes in end, so it will like to investigate and to investigate ". The almost perfect roundness of its skull outlines it like a harmonious person, balanced, anything arrogant and competent. "She will be a good queen, it will know to command in his measured joust", concludes Hetzel. The hands of Aida Perez, escultora of the Wax Museum of Madrid, have given form to all the semblantes of the members of the Royal Family whom there is in the Museum. Nobody like her to pronounce itself on its factions. "the Infant not yet has the formed characteristics totally, but I would say that it is not looked nothing like the Borbones.Para me, much is resembled its mother and to Jose Luis Ortiz, the Asturian grandfathers of the Princess", the escultora inclines. By the maternal family the journalist also bets Jaime Peñafiel, but she does not indicate to the mother nor to the great-grandfather, but to Jesus Ortiz, the father of the Princess. "He is clavadita to his maternal grandfathers. It was not looked in the beginning like anybody, but as it is growing it resembles more him. Identical ", it says with conviction.
The NOSE Of the PRINCE "I do not see similarity him with Princess Letizia nor with the parents of this one", assures To pound Sa'nchez-Cano, director of the image school Enterprise Protocol, that introduces a new picture in the gallery of similar: "the Prince, by the nose always has given air me him". Julian Gabarre, morfopsicólogo, go back to one old photo in black and white in which he sees himself the Greek real family to dictate to whom he must to the Infant the form of his face. "the bony structure of the forehead and the one of the pómulos and the equal nose are morphologically that those of their maternal great-grandfather [ Pablo I of Greece, father of Doña Sofía ]. This zone, where are the feelings and the affection, is the part that the Infant has more stimulated reason why she could be a quite touching girl ", explains Gabarre, that does not find more similarities in Leonor except for the eyes whom to him Infant Elena and the jaw distantly remember to, similar to the one of Froilán, the son of this one. The Morfopsicología, university subjet in France but not in Spain, allows to know through the observation the face intelligence, the character, the aptitudes and attitudes of a person but also what qualities must harness. Infant Leonor, according to Gabarre has an atonic face, is to say I lack of firmness, own of rather passive people, introverts, anxious and little bold. "Something that could try to correct itself with motivation exercises" concludes/ANA MARIA ORTIZ

Old 04-24-2006, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by LaChicaMadrilena
An article from "El mundo"'s suplement "Cronica" about Leonor and who she took after:
This article is strange, each one says that she looks like different someone.:p

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