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Old 10-31-2006, 04:41 AM
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Happy Birthday!!

Old 10-31-2006, 05:00 AM
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Happy birthday Leonore!!!!! Did the family do an interview for her first birthday?

Old 10-31-2006, 05:17 AM
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Happy birthday Leonor!
Old 10-31-2006, 05:24 AM
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Leonor looks gorgeous, mashallah. Beautiful pictures.
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Old 10-31-2006, 05:30 AM
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I think they shouldn't hide her too mucht! It's a pitty that they only show three pictures of her!
Old 10-31-2006, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by crm2317
Happy birthday Leonore!!!!! Did the family do an interview for her first birthday?
No, they don´t, usually they don´t made interviews.

Here you are a very intersting article.


ON OCTOBER 30, 2006
We had not returned to see the first-born one of the Princes from the last August, one month in which the Infanta was the great protagonist of a waste of public and enterteining instantaneous appearances. But now, and on the occasion of the celebration of her first birthday, the small Leonor returns to appear in palace together with don Felipe and dona Letizia, appearing, for the first time, how it is supported in foot by the help of her parents.

Following the custom of the Spanish Royal Family, the infanta Leonor has "invited" to her birthday,s party to all her cousins, her grandparents, her uncles, and has "given" us these images in which, with her sweet, healthy plump aspect and up to smiling,she appears as a real queen of the instantaneous ones. There will not be Leonor's photographies blowing of the candle of her first birthday and not of Doña Sofía immortalizing presumably the moment that will happen to be an exclusive patrimony of the family album, but there will remain irremediably united the latter images of the Princes of Asturias posing together with dona Leonor in the lounge of hearings and in the garden of the Zarzuela Palace to the history of our monarchy.

Three teeth and some more in way.
Though the Princes of Asturias have avoided in the measurement of the possible thing to facilitate details or images on their life in family, throughout the first year of life of the Infanta we have been discovering that has not given them a bad night ; that she likes to eat - she loves the baby bottles -; that has not had an alone cold, and that already has three teeth and some more in way. Also, that has the blue eyes clearer than those of her father, Don Felipe , who, a few days before his daughter was celebrating her first year of life, told that " Leonor already travels gathering of the hand, with help " and that already "water" and "dad" has learned to say.

The celebration of the dona Leonor's first anniversary is a date indicated for the Royal Family and for the Spanish, but also for the own Infanta who, besides, of continuing expiring with " her official agenda ", soon will have to face the experience of stay for a child-care.

A few hours in the child-care.

It neither has been marked, for the present time, a concrete day in order that she starts "studying", nor has communicated officially to what infantile school she will go but, in the circle of the Prince of Asturias, it is said that, for time, both Don Felipe and Doña Letizia has quarrelled the date of her first birthday as most adapted to consider to extract totheir daughter of the Operetta two or three hours a day.

For the Princes of Asturias it is important, apparently, that the Infanta begins to be related as soon as possible to other children who are not her cousins or the children of their friends, but also, the fact that their first-born one starts discovering what means to share and to be one more between other children pupils of the school.

A few companions of games whom to invite occasionally to her fourth blue of enormous large windows where all her toys have been placed. During these infantile appointments in palace, dona Leonor will teach them how she mounts the pony of wood that there brought her parents of an official trip for Balearics and, also, for one more example put, well that leads the reply of a great car of brown sheet that they gave to the Princes of Asturias during one of their hearings.
Old 10-31-2006, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by biboquinhas
I think they shouldn't hide her too mucht! It's a pitty that they only show three pictures of her!
Hidden? I believe that this summer you have been absent enough, because there are photos of the girl this summer in 5 or 6 different days ... there are enough more Leonor's photos that of other royal babies, so I do not believe that precisely she is hidden. The photos in Lanzarote, the baptism, the photos in Easter, the photos with the Pope, Miguel's birthday, all the summers photos, the wedding in Ibiza...

What happens is that the girl is a girl, and appears when she has to appear, and it is not every day for major satisfaction of corsets and press anxious to do business.
Old 10-31-2006, 06:06 AM
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Happy Birthday Leonor

She is soooooooooooooo adorable! I love her she is so cute!
"All Hail Queen Leonor!!!"
Old 10-31-2006, 06:28 AM
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Leonor,Happy Birthday!!!!
Old 10-31-2006, 06:34 AM
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Happy birthday dear Infantita ! Long and happy life for this beautyful baby girl!
Old 10-31-2006, 06:56 AM
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Happy Birthday Leonor.. May God always bless you little Princess!!
Old 10-31-2006, 07:03 AM
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Feliz cumpleaños, pequeña!!!

Happy Birthday to my favourite cutie pie!

Have fun today, with your awesome parents, grandparents, aunties and cousins!!!


Old 10-31-2006, 07:05 AM
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Happy Birthday my beloved Leonor!
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Old 10-31-2006, 07:08 AM
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¡¡¡¡¡ Feliz cumpleaños Leonor !!!!
Old 10-31-2006, 07:20 AM
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She isn't hidden as far as I can see there are tons of pictures of her. She is also just a baby who happens to have royal parents she needs her privacy and peace. She is one year old what exactly would more pictures show her doing? I think it is nice that they show her as often as they do and there is no point to showing her any more than that let her be a baby in private.
Old 10-31-2006, 07:23 AM
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Happy 1st birthday Infanta Leonor!!!

Leonor is so beautiful, I remember that when I saw her first photos a year ago I was charmed by her lovely chubby little face and now I am totally charmed too, she`s such a big lady.
Very very beautiful family!
Old 10-31-2006, 07:25 AM
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Old 10-31-2006, 07:41 AM
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Happy Birthday Leonor!
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Old 10-31-2006, 07:42 AM
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Happy 1st birthday beautiful Leonor!!!
Old 10-31-2006, 07:49 AM
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Here you have the HQs from Casa Real. The site is too busy today, making it difficult to download the images

Copyright: Casa de Su Majestad el Rey / Borja


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