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Old 06-15-2005, 06:05 PM
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The president of the Government of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, emphasized today the great 'emotion' which characterized the meeting of the Princes of Asturias with the soldiers of the Civil Guard and their relatives, to whom they showed all their ‘care and affection’.

In declarations to Efe, he described some moments of the visit, after the delivery of the national flag to the Civil Guard’s Unit of Rural Action (UAR). Sanz explained that Princes Felipe and Letizia met the authorities, relatives and soldiers of the Group of Rapid Action (GAR), dedicated to fight against terrorism. In his opinion, the Princes were 'enchanted' with the act, since it was ‘recognition of 25 years of intense work and public service of this unit’.

He also explained that, 'due to the attention they paid to all the assistants of this meeting, they could only prove a bit of the banquet that was prepared. Nevertheless, they toasted with wine of Rioja, and they did not leave before 4 o’clock in the afternoon, one hour after the schedule that was initially planned.

Princess Letizia, who was the godmother of the act and pronounced her first official speech, had to do a 'little struggle, due to her pregnancy’, he added. Besides, he stressed that the Princess was enchanted with the gift that the Government of La Rioja gave for their first child: two mantles of Ezcaray, two pairs of baby booties made in Arnedo and other couple of booties made by the craftswomen from Cervera del Río Alhama.

Doña Letizia explained that she already knew that kind of fabric, because in her previous visit to San Millán de la Cogolla, in October of the last year, they were presented with a shawl of the same wool. Besides, 'as she liked so much the shoes, but for herself, Sanz promised her that they would send her a pair, with her measures and in a modern design.

The regional president added that the Prince of Asturias also thanked for his 'prevision', since the three gifts were duplicate in different colours, based on the sex of the baby, which is still unknown.

Photo from EFE:
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Old 06-15-2005, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by micas
Bravo, bravo. I see all in TVE. letizia look fantastic, but a litle nervose in my opinion.
Still posting!
the woman that was telling the news about letizia said that she was very nervous.
Old 06-16-2005, 03:16 AM
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Call of the King

During the appetizer that happened to the official acts and that Princes de Asturias shared with the guests, Doña Letizia received, by surprise,a very special telephone call. To the other side of the mobile, King Don Juan Carlos, who congratulated to the Princess by her sponsorship in the delivery of the flag to the UAR.

"Talk low, they hears everything here", his husband joked, Don Felipe, while he shared the anecdote with the nourished number of people who then demanded their greeting. She, pending of her interlocutor and of those who surrounded to them, continued in the habitual tone. And she dismissed his kind father-in-law with "thank you very much for calling".

Another very special moment for the Princes agreed with the delivery of flatteries - blankets of Ezcaray for cradle, patucos and canvas shoes on the part of Pedro Sanz and his wife, Mariví Llorente
Old 06-16-2005, 03:46 AM
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Godmother and future mother

Princess de Asturias monopolized the marked one by the emotion
In black, In brought length and mantilla. Atuendo of Doña Letizia adjusted to the standards that the protocol for a godmother sets. And, like so, Princess de Asturias assumed her protagonism with solemnity during the official act that was lived yesterday in the Equestrian one on Logroño. Only after the tributes, speeches and the parade, and already once undressed of peineta and mantilla, Doña Letizia relaxed the composure. It happened during the appetizer, served outdoors and in the ample stroll that Princes de Asturias crossed to personally greet the guests. The green eyes of Doña Letizia and her ample smile captivated to those who had the privilege to agree with her in the short distance. Tens of digital cameras immortalized the greetings for the familiar albums.

Who was more sorry not to have a camera by hand was the mother of the small Nayara. Doña Letizia stopped before her sillita of baby and played seconds with the girl and her tarrito of vegetables. Like future mother, she interchanged impressions with the progenitora of Nayara on kindness of this infantile food. ' enhorabuenas' by the pregnancy followed one another to their step, while the Prince offered taste protagonism to his wife. That yes, always pending one of her through disguised commentaries, gestures affectionate and watched accomplices.

Princess de Asturias also showed special interest by flatteries of the regional Government, to her future baby. One recreated in the texture of I sing to sleep and the blanket, and in tiny of the patucos and the elaborated slippers of esparto in Cervera. Canvas shoes that - I assure ' - they enchant to her and that she has looked for by Madrid for she herself, although with wedge. afther her interest, the president of the Rioja, Pedro Sanz, guaranteed a pair to her of La Riojan invoice. Her wife, Mariví Llorente, made sure to fulfill the order.

«¿Qué guapa!»

Doña Letizia monopolized all the attentions like Princess and future mother. She suit timidly exposed a gestation of four months, in spite of the disguised thing of the black, the length of the jacket and the streamlined cut of her skirt. They completed atuendo top of black point, dense mantilla, shoes of average height and a short purse of handle. The jewels, more than discreet, like her makeup, where the sonrosada shade and the natural tone of the lips only stood out.

Piropo was unanimous: «¿Qué guapa¿». The reality of the warm day put a small one: "Letizia also sweats?".
Old 06-16-2005, 04:43 AM
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Although "peinetas" are not heavy if you want it to look good you shouldn't move your head with quick or strong moves.

Here is a sample of a peineta. But you could see more examples in this link I found.

Regarding Letizia she looked beautiful and formal as she should look in this kind of attendances.

I wish you all a Great Day!

Regards from a Sunny and Warm Portugal.
Old 06-16-2005, 08:41 AM
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Yesterday, via seegerpress:
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Old 06-16-2005, 09:07 AM
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More from contrastpress (I did not post all of them--some are very similar to already posted photos):
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Old 06-16-2005, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by lapopdiva
During the appetizer that happened to the official acts and that Princes de Asturias shared with the guests, Doña Letizia received, by surprise,a very special telephone call. To the other side of the mobile, King Don Juan Carlos, who congratulated to the Princess by her sponsorship in the delivery of the flag to the UAR.
That was a very nice gesture of King Juan Carlos. It's good to see the closeness his relationship with his daughter-in-law :)
Old 06-16-2005, 08:39 PM
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Here's Anna's translation of the speech Princess Letizia pronounced in Logroño:

Words of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Asturias, at the sponsorship of the flag to the Unity of Rural Action

Logroño, June 15th, 2005

For me, it's a great honour and a reason of special emotion to be able to preside for the first time, together with my husband, the Prince of Asturias, over an official act of delivering of the Spanish Flag, and doing it precisely at the Civil Guard’s Unit of Rural Action.

Allow me, before going any further, to express our great joy for being in Logroño and for offering our affection and admiration towards all the people of La Rioja, as well as a very cordial salutation to the authorities which accompany us and to the audience.

As the godmother of this act, I wish to start my speech fulfilling with loyalty and delight the task I have received from HM The King of transmitting to the Civil Guard, most specifically to the Unity of Rural Action, his most sincere congratulations for the 25th anniversary of the creation of this much prestigious Unity.

These are congratulations joined by me and the Prince of Asturias, with all of our hearts, and that we would like to extend to all and each one of you and your families, whose love and understanding help you, day by day, to fulfil with renewed dedication the important missions that are assigned to you.

This flag was generously donated by the Government of the Independent Community of La Rioja, which brings up again the close identification of this noble city and of its people to the Civil Guard, one of the institutions for which the Spaniards have a great affection and which they valuate so much.

For that reason, I would take advantage of this special occasion to offer every men and women who's a part of the Civil Guard our sincere recognition for all the valuable work that they develop, always guided by the love for the Nation, and destined to protect the free exercise of the citizens’ rights and liberties.

Also a recognition for their sacrificed commitment to our society, for their exemplary vocation, based on the honour, loyalty, comradeship, spirit of sacrifice and the exact fulfilment of duty.

Old 06-16-2005, 08:41 PM
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This Unit of Rural Action is recognized as a magnificent example of the permanent capacity of adaptation demonstrated by the Civil Guard, on its eagerness to fulfil the constitutional orders, to satisfy the necessities of our society in what citizen security is concerned. Throughout its twenty-five years, the Unit has been transformed and improved, until deserving the high honour symbolised by the concession of the National Flag.

The careful preparation that you receive to reach the specialization which characterizes you, as well as the tenacity and the determination in the fulfilment of your noble mission - when confronting so many risks and difficulties - are the best guarantee of success in the exercise of your important daily work.

The qualities that today adorn this Unit could not be understood without the illusion and the spirit printed by its founders, and which have been maintained by whoever preceded you. Your untiring, in many cases heroic, work in the accomplishment of your specific mission, fighting against terrorism and executing operations that involve a great risk, shows the true achievement of your firm will to serve Spain.

For all that, we express to you our gratitude (which is the one of all the Spanish society), as well as our total support to your mission, centred in the fight against terrorism, which brutally crashes our rights and liberties, and that deserves our total repulse and condemnation.

In this frame, we do not want to forget a moved tribute of respect and affection to all the victims of terrorist barbarism and to their relatives, to whom we offer today, once again, all our affection and support.

Thus, I would like to thank the Civil Guard and this Unit, for special way how they offered me the opportunity to sponsor this act.

Allow me to encourage you to continue doing your work with the same illusion, dedication and effectiveness that you always have demonstrated. May this Flag of Spain, which fills us with deep pride, serve you as permanent stimulus in the fulfilment of your mission.

As Godmother, I commit myself to always keep this Unit (and the Flag that I have the honour to give you) in a privileged place of my heart. I am sure that you will honour it with your daily work and sacrifice, in service to Spain and the Spaniards.

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