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Old 02-16-2007, 04:12 PM
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Location: Costa, Spain
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Love without barriers (part 3)

When Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz met, both knew very well how to distinguish between rumor and news. So they tried their best to keep hiding it [their relationship]. Even the few people who knew the secret used nicknames to talk about the couple.

Letizia didn’t tell anything to anybody in her network, even to any of her co-workers or any of her supervisors. But one night last June a co-worker saw her sitting with some girlfriends in a centric restaurant of Madrid. The Prince arrived to the town from a trip outside Spain and wanted to see her that same day. He came to the restaurant by himself and sat next to her. Since then, the rumor began to circulate quietly around the corridors of TVE. However, Letizia Ortiz denied it.

Her friend and former boss in CNN+, Lino Ventosinos, an evening editor at the network, took out his cell phone on Friday, October 31, when the rumor had already reached the corridors of Sogecable [CNN+ mother company]. From his phonebook list, he dialed the name “Leti” and said jokingly: “Come on, Leti, we must decide what we are going to wear for the [wedding] reception.” She answered to him: “Don’t believe what the press of the heart says.” He did not want to force things.

In fact, it was not the press of the heart that spread the rumor. That Friday in the morning, the journalist of the SER radio network Rafael Manzano, the Owl, had given a hint in the morning program Hoy por hoy. Two months before, the veteran reporter Tico Medina also had announced that people were talking about the relationship of the Prince with a journalist.

But it was that comment in Rafael Manzano’s section at the SER radio broadcast what made the pair decide to take the step that rushed everything. Therefore, Letizia spoke right away with its boss, the news director of TVE, Alfredo Urdaci. “When Urdaci decided several months back that she would be one of the anchors [together with him] of the second edition of the Telediario, he could never have imagined anything about the relationship of Letizia with the Prince,” say people close to her.

The fiancée of the Prince joined the Academy of Television, the organ to which all the professionals of the sector belong, only six weeks ago, on the 29 of September. The fact that Letizia Ortiz has a commitment to present the ceremony of the Talento Prizes, that the Academy will award next 21 of November, proves that she was still thinking she would continue working in her profession.

Two reporters, one of them a photographer, recommended her for membership, and she was admitted as member number 783. Neither one of the two knew anything about the relationship of Letizia with the Prince.

In fact, neither she herself knew very well what her future was going to be until very few months ago. After returning from Iraq, when the dates with the Prince were more and more frequent, Letizia went on vacation to Costa Rica in July. The first thing she threw in the suitcase was a sort of notebook in which she would write her thoughts down. She needed to clarify her doubts.

In Costa Rica she met some Spanish journalist friends who worked there. She spent a couple of days with them and later she traveled by herself to the forest area. When she returned she went to spend one week at the beach in Tarragona.

She had clearer ideas by then. Later she would travel with the Prince in the boat of one of his friends. They sailed together on the Mediterranean. They used to see each other in public places surrounded by friends or in the houses of other friends.

By then, the relation that Letizia had maintained with the CNN+ journalist David Tejera, whom she met in 1999, was absolutely over, according to several people from the close entourage of the Prince’s fiancée.

“It is nonsense demanding that a 31-year-old woman does not have a past,” says one of her friends of CNN+, that, like all her old friends, have been harassed by the press.

For example, Almendralejo, Badajoz, will be an important part of the album of memories of the future queen of Spain. “Letizia has won the lottery, and Alonso Guerrero, a refund” is a comment often heard on the streets of this frontier town of 25,000 inhabitants.

That is the place where Letizia spent days having drinks at the Guaracha, eating tapas on the old town streets and sleeping at 4 Palomas Street, the home of her first in-laws; at the restaurant Paraíso she celebrated nothing less than the nuptial banquet, and in the palace of Monsalud, seat of the City council, she married Alonso Guerrero (Mérida, 1962) after seven years of being his girlfriend.

Letizia has a personal past. But also professional one. In 1998, Letizia Ortiz worked for EFE Television as a news anchor for the Bloomber[g] channel, specialized in economic questions.

Francisco Basterra, director of CNN+, hired her when the cable channel was at its beginning. “She passed a series of selection tests in which more than one hundred people participated,” Basterra pointed out. “In the personal interview she had with me she gave me the impression of being very self-confident and having an enormous desire for success.”

Basterra emphasizes the self-confidence of Letizia Ortiz. “She was very good at negotiating her contract. She told me she was really good and she was going to demonstrate that. And she got a contract worth half a million [pesetas] more than the average contract of the people that were hired”.

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Old 02-16-2007, 04:13 PM
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Costa, Spain
Posts: 90
Love without barriers (part 4)

Letizia Ortiz had to rise from bed at 2.30 a.m. At 4 a.m. she used to reach the CNN+ headquarters in downtown Madrid.

Those days she had to juggle the problems of her divorce and a schedule that had taken her to the limit of her forces. All her co-workers emphasize how thin Letizia was. “Once when I was greeting her I got to touch her back and there were only bones. I told her: dear, you have to take care of yourself, you must eat,” says Rafael Lechner, a former colleague of her at the network.

“But Letizia always fulfilled her duties. She was a television animal. She controlled all the details: the lighting, the make-up, the clothes, the hairstyles, the texts, everything,” remembers the assistant director of news services of the network, Victoria Lafora.

The same says about her a male hairstylist of the network with whom she got to spend many dawn hours. “She was conscious that she had to look perfect on screen. In fact, in all the images of her that have been recovered she looks perfect. When she came she already knew how to style her hair. She was self-sufficient and she could do everything all by her self without problem.” She didn’t add any product to her hair: “She is a natural blonde. Only from time to time she would have some highlights done”.

“She was in a hurry to get where she was going. And I think it is all right if a 27-year-old girl wants to eat the world,” indicates a CNN+ manager. “When she had the opportunity get on the air for ten minutes in the free-broadcast news program that we have at Canal+ on weekends, she took advantage of it. It did not matter to her if she had to work two or three hours more for the same salary. Let us say that if in a newsroom there are a 90% of people that does not like to compete, she belongs to the remaining 10%,” affirms that source.

“She is a very nervous girl and she wanted everything done right away,” comments a cameraman that worked with her. “She wanted me to capture with the camera precisely what she saw with her eyes at a given moment. If it were for her, she would have taken the camera and would have recorded the images herself. It was for that reason that some people could not work with her, because she wanted to control everything, up to the smallest detail”.

She entered CNN+ in December 1998. The following year she married in a civil ceremony Alonso Guerrero, a literature teacher at the public middle school Ramiro de Maeztu in Madrid, though he had not been a teacher of Letizia Ortiz, as has been affirmed in several media.

In a 56-page book entitled El hombre abreviado [The abbreviated man], published a year before they separated, there is a brief biographical sketch of Letizia’s ex-husband [who was the author of that novel]: “Graduated in Philosophy and Letters by the University of Extremadura, he became a novelist when he was eight years old (...). In his spare time he teaches literature at a middle school of Madrid”.

It has been said of Letizia Ortiz that she is a compulsive reader. Among her preferred readings, with which “the future princess of Asturias has grown on the inside,” one can mention Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke or Labyrinth of solitude by Octavio Paz. Also mystical poets like saint Juan de la Cruz, of whom she treasures The living flame of love, or world classics like Tender is the night by Scott Fitzgerald, The Woman in White byWilkie Collins; Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville, and American Pastoral by Philip Roth. She always reads with a pen in hand. She likes to underline, to gloss, to stress, to analyze. From now on a new chapter begins in the life of Letizia, the life of prince Felipe and the history of Spain.

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Old 02-17-2007, 04:06 AM
zaza61's Avatar
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Thank you very much Duncan. It's nice to read this article in those "sad days", it makes us come back several years ago.
I've read many things about how they met but I think nobody knows what happened, when they decided to be closed and so and so .
I remember I've read they met each other during this dinner and later in the ceremony of "Prince's Award" she didn't want to be near the Prince in the foto (Maybe they were already "good friends"). She met him again in Galicia during the boat's catastroph.
So each jornalist has his own story, his oxn "source" and we can't know exactly how they met, if it was a "coup de foudre" or not......
The result is splendid : a nice couple with a nice little girl and an other nearly. A very good couple in their job too.....
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Old 02-18-2007, 01:31 AM
madeleine victoria's Avatar
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I love the article.. it's nice that we have a bit of information about how they met and Letizia's life before she became Princess of Asturias.. she's really a very talented, smart woman..
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Old 02-18-2007, 05:08 PM
Royal Highness
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Thank you so much Duncan for a very interesting article. I had no idea Letizia had worked for CNN International. Not to insult Eva Sannum, but Felipe and Letizia are truly soul mates and I don't doubt their deep love for one another.
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Old 02-18-2007, 05:34 PM
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Location: Costa, Spain
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Not CNN International but the Spanish channel CNN+, a joint effort between TBS Networks and the Spanish company Sogecable.

Sogecable, that also comprises the TV channels Canal+, mentioned in the article, and Cuatro, belongs to the powerful media group Prisa, that also owns, among other, the newspaper El País, where this article was published.
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Old 02-18-2007, 10:55 PM
adelaide's Avatar
Heir Presumptive
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As I'm Letizia observator since the begining, id est since the famous announce of the Royal House, I knew this article yet.

It seems to be the more near of the the truth even if, as its normal in this kind of story, it's difficult to share the reality with the phantsamatic thaughts of journalist. In any way it's a fantastic story, love story, story of lovers of their country!
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Old 02-19-2007, 03:14 AM
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wow thank you soooo much duncan, it was a good read. I'm so glad there married they really do look so in love with each other. I hope one day there maybe a book about there love i would really like to read that.
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Old 02-19-2007, 02:23 PM
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Thank you very much for the article!
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Old 02-20-2007, 02:05 PM
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thank you so much for the article.
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Old 02-22-2007, 03:20 AM
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La cronología del noviazgo de Don Felipe y Letizia Ortiz · SU HISTORIA DE AMOR · Canal ACTUALIDAD · Terra

La Lengua acompañó al Imperio (Antonio de Nebrija)
The Language
accompanied to the Empire (Antonio de Nebrija)

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Old 02-22-2007, 04:30 AM
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How very romantic to say that you met your husband at an oil spill! :-)
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Old 02-25-2007, 11:45 AM
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Location: desde mi ventana veo gibraltar español,reino de espaÑa, Spain
Posts: 1,067
Compromiso real. Letizia Ortiz y Felipe de Borbón
Compromiso real. Letizia Ortiz y Felipe de Borbón

La Lengua acompañó al Imperio (Antonio de Nebrija)
The Language
accompanied to the Empire (Antonio de Nebrija)

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Old 02-25-2007, 02:06 PM
Lauritas138's Avatar
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Thanks for the article!!! Has been a pleasure to read it.
She is an incredible woman and he is a very lucky man.
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Old 04-30-2007, 09:42 AM
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This is a fictional account of their first date by a comedy program from Catalan TV (in Spanish):

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Old 05-07-2007, 01:13 AM
jspate's Avatar
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thanks Duncan, that was such good information, now I know Letizia a lot better too. thanks again because i am sure you had to translate.
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Old 07-03-2007, 05:45 AM
ikram's Avatar
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it was the first time i saw Letizia in her fantastic white suit
and her sublime hair cut and face , her way to be , to express, to move , to look at people, family, journalist, .....her fiancé
it was on november2003
I found her just so sublime beautiful , this rarely mixt of sophistication and simplicity
so classy
so natural....As i wonder that a lot of people (me included) have forgotten to look at Felipe!!!!!

this woman is really sublime , stunning and this so many times before beeing a Princess
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Old 07-08-2007, 05:11 PM
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Letizia (asked about her future professional plans and if she's going to accompany Felipe on his voyages):
What I wish, what we intend to do is that I'll slowly leave TVE, not immediately.

Felipe wants to interfere.

... Let me finish...!

She will have enough work to do and will have very busy days.
I still enjoy the pics of their engagement presentation, one of Letizia's best and most natural appearances, she simply looked beautiful and full of energy.

However, reading her statement shows that she clearly did not know yet what she was getting into, contrary to Felipe, who tried to interfere to control the damage. As I recall she only went back to TVE once, to say goodbye. I wish she had not been critizised so much afterwards and maintained her fresh personality instead.
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Old 07-13-2007, 12:31 AM
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This may be a stupid question but, is the Almudena Cathedral used for average citizen's weddings?
I am Latin and will continue being Latin in repect to some aspects of my culture. I sing, I dance, and I will keep on dancing and singing. --Princess Maxima
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Old 10-01-2008, 05:56 PM
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well im happy for both of them and the inapproporiate cartoon i saw of them really got on my nerve okay i have this to ask does nt the spanish bourbon had a law that was written by carlos iii in 1776 [pragmatic sanction of 1776] that forbade the marriage of a spanish prince and a commoner and therefore if such marriage were to take place he or she must forfeit his or her right to the spanish line of succesion.well i accept the fact that letizia is a commoner but shes a DIVORCEE and you all know that spain is a 97% catholic country but it all went well hope they have a happy life

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