Prince Charles, The First Carbon Neutral Monarch?

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In a recent article in ‘Autopia’, Tony Borroin posited the extreme notion that Prince Charles would become the first carbon neutral Monarch. It, and related eco matters have been exercising the “Grrrrrrrr…the Royal Family are absolutely the bigest eco-wasters of all time, Piety Brigade.”

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Each and every appearance by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall is scrupulously turned inside out, upside down and thoroughly shaken to ensure that every single possible carbon toe-print has been exposed, trumpeted from the banner headlines of the leading rags and mags. Their subsequent ringing and stinging denunciations of Charles have all the stirring righteous rhetoric of a 19th Century Preacher exhorting sinners to repent!

Well now it’s official, Charles really does practice what he preaches, which is a damned sight more than the aforementioned journo’s and most of their trusty disciples.

From the Aston Martin that runs on wine ethanol (take a deep breath all you die-hard petrol-heads), to the Jag, Audi and Range Rovers that run on homemade bio diesel to the $60,000 he paid to offset the carbon footprint resulting from his over 80 ‘Official” trips, including the much maligned New York trip to speak accept and environmental award and the environmental trip to Brazil!
From the annual review of the Royal accounts, printed appropriately on recycled paper in vegetable-based ink, comes the declaration that all of the prince’s households, Highgrove, Clarence House (turn those sound systems off boys) and Birkhall, and even his wife, are now carbon neutral!
So, to all those whingers, wousers, and all-round joyless gits, think on as you decide to drive your oversized 4×4’s down to the corner shop to pick up the latest edition of your favourite rag or mag, or worse, to drive the kids to school . . . . . get on your bike!
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  1. In the words of Jean motfort in stopping conflans Edward III and the well and the only heir of France king whose current Prince Charles is heir to the throne by descent affiliate Isabella of France

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