Summer Photo Shoot with Belgian Crown Princely Family

  July 19, 2009 at 2:42 pm by

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Today, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde kept a their yearly appointment with the press for a summer photo shoot with their family. This year, they took their children to an animal park called Parc Paradisio.

Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eléonore enjoyed seeing the animals from close up, which of course brought about a load of cute pictures of the young Princes and Princesses with birds, monkeys and even a goat.

View the image at Belga

Also, in line with tradition, the princely family was dressed similar: the two boys were wearing the same short trousers and sweaters, and the girls had T-shirts in the same pattern. Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe were also wearing the same colours, which gives all pictures an extra touch of cuteness…

For the pictures and several film captions, please see here.

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