Saudi-Chinese Friendship Park

  February 12, 2009 at 5:32 pm by

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President Hu Jintao of China has just ended a three-day offiicial visit to Saudi Arabia (on 12 February) and is on his way to meet with the leaders of several African countries. The Saudi visit is aimed at fostering cooperation between China in the fields of education and culture as well as commerce and strategic relations. During his visit the President met with the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council and visited a cement production facility that was built by Chinese companies.

To commemorate the President’s visit to Saudi Arabia, a group of Saudi and Chinese students laid the foundation stone for a new park, called the Saudi-Chinese Friendship Park, in Riyadh. This park is intended to eventually be a part of the King Abdullah International Gardens, an educational project that will focus on teaching the public about climate change and its effects on the environment.

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