First Day at Kindergarten for Alexia

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View the image at koninklijkhuis

View the image at koninklijkhuis

Yesterday morning princess Alexia of The Netherlands started her first day in kindergarten. She arrived in the company of her parents, and her older sister princess Amalia at the Bloemcamp school in Wassenaar, where she will start in group 1A.

Her teachers Carla Buijs (monday) and Yvonne van Veen (tuesday-friday) welcomed the princess in the class room, which was decorated with yellow, purple and green kites. Outside the class room, the princess got a place where she could store her new red bagback of ‘Dora the Explorer’, ‘I have received it (as a gift)’, the princess said when teacher Buijs asked her how she got such a nice bagpack. The princess already hoped she would receive a ‘cool’ bagpack for her birthday, and obviously she did. When she pushed the bagpack in the appropriate place she remarked: ‘it is a bit heavy’. After Máxima gave her daughter a red cardigan, which was hung under the bagpack, the princess could enter her classroom.

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On the blackboard it said: ‘Welcome Alexia’, and the little princess chair was next to the teacher and a friend she knew from the playgroup. The little princess looked a bit overwhelmed, and held her mothers hand and later even her fathers finger for a while. Later in the morning the other children in the class would sing to Alexia, a special welcoming ballad, in French and in Dutch. ‘We do that for all new children, or for children who have their birthday’. The song says that every child on earth twinkles like a star, ‘all children know it by heart’, said Carla Buijs.

The princess will only go to kindergarten for two weeks, as the summer vacations will start soon. According to newspaper ‘Telegraaf‘ the reason why princess Alexia did not go to school after the summer holidays was because on that day a lot of children will have their first new school day and their parents were worried that the photographers would frighten their children.

Click here and here for clips of Alexia first day at school.

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