Duke and Duchess of Gloucester’s South Pacific Visit Costs Revealed

  June 29, 2009 at 6:23 pm by

Last August, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester took a trip to the nation of Tonga in order to be present for the coronation ceremony of King George Tupou V. They also visited the Solomon Islands. It is now revealed that the cost to fly the Duke and Duchess to the South Pacific was £149,413, according to an article by the Press Association. The information was revealed in a report on royal accounting that was recently released.

The Duke and Duchess made this trip at the request of the Foreign Office. The money for the trip is funded by the British taxpayers. The report also revealed that in 2008, the royals took more commercial charter flights than in 2007. The cost of all royal travel in 2008 was 300,000 pounds higher than in 2007, at £6.5 million.

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