Ismaíl Kadaré, 2009 Prince of Asturias Award for Letters

  June 29, 2009 at 2:26 pm by

Six of the eight Awards which are presented annually by the Prince of Asturias Foundation have been bestowed already; the awards for sport and concord will be announced in September.

The Award for Letters was officially announced on Wednesday 24 June and goes to Albanian writer Ismaíl Kadaré.

The Jury considers his work to be full of beauty and profound commitment. “Using everyday language which is nonetheless full of lyricism, Ismaíl Kadaré narrates the tragedy of his land, an incessant battleground. Giving life to old myths through new words, he expresses all the grief and dramatic load of conscience. His commitment is rooted in the great literary tradition of the Hellenic world, which he projects onto the contemporary stage as an open condemnation of any form of totalitarianism and in defence of reason.”

In an official statement Ismaíl Kadaré has declared that he is honoured and grateful for having received this award, which he considers is one of most prestigious in the world, as well as for becoming part of a list of eminent writers whom he so much admires.

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One Response to Ismaíl Kadaré, 2009 Prince of Asturias Award for Letters

  1. zulejha says:

    Just go on like u have started,u r the king of our letters.we r proud to be albanians and having peoples like you.

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