33rd International Circus Festival – Monte-Carlo

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Princess Stephanie with elephant

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The 33rd International Circus Festival Monte-Carlo concluded January 25, 2009 with awards presented by Her Serene Highness Princess Stephanie. The festival included more than 15 performances (one more than previous years) and included appearances by the Princess and her children. Although the family has often appeared together in years past, neither Prince Albert II or Princess Caroline were in Monaco to attend this year’s festivities.

Princess Stephanie serves as President of the Festival and judges, actively planning each years events in addition to awarding the prizes. It was the Princess’ parents, the Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, who first invited the best acts to Monaco in 1974 and included famous friends as judges to draw tourists. Prince Rainier’s circus fascination included signing personal documents with a hand drawn clown face and the keeping of animals at the Palace Zoo. He passed along his love of the circus to his youngest daughter who spent time traveling with a circus troupe in Europe and has allowed her children to train and perform.

This year’s events included the presentation of the Clown D’Or and the Clown D’Argent to the Cirque Moranbong de Pyong Yang.

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