I Scream, You Scream, The Queen gets some Ice Cream

  June 26, 2009 at 2:58 pm by

Agricultural shows are all part and parcel of the Windsors’ working lives but today Her Majesty got a special treat that will surely go down well in the heat-wave the UK is currently enjoying: a year’s supply of ice cream.

The gift was given by Maitland Mackie at the Royal Highland Show near Edinburgh. Mackie’s is a well-established brand and can be found in almost all British supermarkets alongside Walls and other favourites. Anyone concerned that the 83 year old monarch would have to pull a heaped cart of melting tubs around with her will be happy to know that the Queen was handed vouchers that are valid for 12 months.

This year was the 225th anniversary of the show and was the first visit by Her Majesty in 25 years and she obviously enjoyed touring the various stalls, watching a lace-making demonstration and catching up with her daughter, The Princess Royal, who was also attending. The Queen apparently chuckled at the present from Mr Mackie who said; “We gave the Queen a whole year’s supply of ice cream because we’re a bit worried about the economics of the Royal Household” before assuring us all that Her Majesty is “A lovely lady”.

We’ll see how lovely she is after 12 months of raspberry ripple and neapolitan, Mr Mackie.

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