Magazine editor who criticized King questioned

  June 26, 2009 at 2:38 am by

A Moroccan magazine that criticized the Moroccan King Mohammed has been stopped by the government. The editor of the magazine was called in for questioning by police under orders of the judiciary and the Interior Ministry.

The editor questioned usefulness of the parliamentary elections in a country where the monarchy wields ultimate power. He also published an article questioning the Prophet Mohammad. “The prime minister expresses … his profound indignation at these lapses, which are against the law, the moralisation of public life and the restructuring of the media landscape …,” the prime minister’s office said. The editor was released that night by the police but no details whether he was still being investigated bu authorities.

Out of all Arab countries, Morocco has the most freedom of speech but reporters have a line they should not cross, once crossed can lead them in prison or in court.

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