Princess Alexia Starts School On Monday

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Princess Alexia of The Netherlands, second daughter of the prince of Orange and princess Máxima, will have her first day on school on monday. This Friday the Princess will become four years old, according tgo newspaper ‘Telegraaf’ she hopes for a ‘cool’ backpack, that she can use.

This was said in a private meeting between members of the press and the prince of Orange and his wife. Like her sister Amalia, Alexia will also go to the Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar. The little princess is looking forward to the day, according to her mother she says all day ‘I am going to school’. She also wants to know how many nights she still has to sleep before the big day. Her younger sister princess Ariane now also says she wants to go to school, but her parents have to tell her that in her case she has to wait for two years, not a few nights. According to princess Máxima, princess Ariane is a child of with an enormous will power, she talks non-stop.

Princess Alexia will however only go to school for a few days, to get acquainted with it. The summer vacation will start in a few weeks, but on 24 August it will be for real. It is unknown if the press will be invited to film princess Alexia on her first school day. When princess Amalia went to school for the first time, one camera team was allowed to film her for a few minutes.

The three princesses have not been seen in public after the winter photo shoot in Lech. They were supposed to attended the Queen’s Day parade at Het Loo palace. The princesses were looking forward to the event, but due to the tragedy on 30 April that was cancelled. Their parents kept away all images of the tragedy from their daughters.

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