Organic Garden Blossoming at Buckingham Palace

  June 24, 2009 at 3:37 pm by

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Back when HM The Queen was still just HRH The Princess Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace sported its own “victory” vegetable garden allotment as a way to economize during the rationing days of the Second World War. Now, following in the footsteps of American First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden, a new vegetable patch has been planted at Buckingham Palace.

The allotment is located in the “Yard Bed” section of the extensive grounds of the Palace. The organic garden measures ten yards by eight yards, according to the Telegraph. In keeping with guidelines for organic gardening, no chemicals have been used in the cultivation of the garden. To recycle Palace resources, mulch from the Palace’s own composting has been used to line the beds.

The Queen has been said to be keen to gesture to the nation that she understands the trouble in the global economy, and her vegetable garden is only one of many being planted during the recession in Britain and abroad. Many have turned to home gardening as a way to avoid paying high prices for produce.

The Queen recently toured the new garden at the Palace; the Telegraph explains: “Claire Midgley, the Deputy Gardens Manager, last week showed the Queen a variety of vegetables that are being grown, including runner beans, ‘Stuttgarter’ onions, ‘Musselburgh’ leeks, sweetcorn, ‘Red Ace’ beetroot, ‘Fly Away’ carrots and an endangered variety of climbing French beans called ‘Blue Queen.'”

For more about The Queen’s current activites, please visit this thread. To read more about Buckingham Palace, try this one.

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  1. Elen Sentier says:

    Fascinating stuff and well HM.

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