Mette-Marit and HIV/Aids events

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On Tuesday June 16th Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway started a campaign against prejudices against HIV in Oslo together with Roger Cassidy head of a HIV centre and the mayor of Oslo Fabian Stang.

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On Saturday June 19th the Princess was present when environmental minister Erik Solheim opened the “Access to Life” photo exhibition in Oslo, which is an AIDS photoexhibition at the Stenersen Museum. You can see some of the photos of the exhibition here.

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Later that day, Mette-Marit attended an aids event for youth. There are going to be a couple of events connected to the Crown princely’s couple work dealing with Aids this week.

On June 23rd the Crown Prince and Crown Princess will attend a reception in relation to the aids conference Young Leaders Summit II and the Aksept’s annual garden concert on the occasion of the aids conference Young Leaders Summit II. On June 24th they will host a reception on board the Royal Yacht Norway on the occasion of the aids conference.

You can find a thread about MM and Haakon and HIV/Aids here. You can read an article about Mette’s engagements dealing with HIV here.

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