Policing the World?

  June 20, 2009 at 11:04 pm by

After writing yesterday that Jordan’s King Abdullah was serious about finding a solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, I was disappointed today to read that King Abdullah is putting the onus on the USA to head a solution to the conflict.

King Abdullah, in speaking with US President Barack Obama today, told the US President that the US must take a more forceful role in spurring the peace process. What this blogger does not understand is why King Abdullah is turning to the US to help solve a problem in his backyard. It would seem that he would be far better equipped to deal with and understand the conflict than the leader of a nation stretched to the breaking point with other problems. Not to get too political, but it would stand to reason that instead of turning to those that might not understand the why’s and reasons behind the conflict enough to make an educated decision, those that do understand should be at the head of any peace process.

While the USA might understand the political reasons behind the conflict, at least to some degree, I doubt that they can truly understand the importance of the land in the middle of the dispute as well as those that live in and around the region. Given that King Abdullah’s wife is of Palestinian descent, he should have a unique outlook on the situation. King Abdullah seems to desire peace, and hopefully he will be at the forefront of any peace process that could possibly come about.

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