Princess Alexia’s Husband Questioned by Judge

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The Associated Foreign Press (AFP) and the London Telegraph reported today that Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark’s husband Carlos Morales spent more than five hours answering questions before a Spanish judge in connection with an investigation of corruption. Twenty-One people have already been arrested or charged in connection with the investigation.

Princess Alexia and Carlos Morales in Happier Times

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As first reported on this website yesterday, and with much respect to the AFP and London Telegraph, they have made an error in translating the Spanish legal terms in reporting Morales has been “charged.” According to our Spanish readers, Carlos Morales’ status is still “imputado,” which translates closest in English as a “person of interest.” This simply means he remains under investigation. Under Spanish law, Carlos Morales’ status would be changed to “auto,” if he were indeed charged. The press release from the court does not indicate he has been charged.

Continued media speculation about the secret investigation shows that someone close to the investigation is leaking information to the press. Since the speculation is not official, any information on charges continues to be rumor. As Princes Alexia (and Carlos by marriage) is the paternal niece of Spain’s Queen Sophia and maternal niece of Denmark’s Queen, it is also certain that the media speculation will continue.

Sadly, the continued speculation will certainly dampen Carlos Morales and Princess Alexia’s upcoming tenth anniversary in early July. They have four children and currently live in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands where the investiagion is taking place.

As the Former King of Greece is still recovering from open heart surgery, it is understandable that the family has had no immediate reaction or comment. They may also be waiting until the investigation reaches some conclusion.

More information, as available, will be in the current events thread for Princess Alexia and Carlos Morales Quintana.

Author’s Note: Due to the serious nature of the allegations, I continue to chose not to report on the speculation regarding specific charges. The investigation specifics are under confidential seal and only the judge and the investigators know for certain the scope of the specific allegations. Until there is an official announcement from the judge or the police, any reports of specific charges are rumors and speculation.

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