Crown Princess Mary’s Day Visit to London

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Crown Princess Mary spent the day yesterday in London, undertaking three official engagements which were all related to Denmark.

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Wearing a red and white summer dress by Strenesse, recycled from last year’s Olympic Games in Beijing and her September 2008 visit to Bulgaria with husband Frederik, and a blue-grey jacket; Mary’s first engagement was a luncheon hosted by the Ambassador to Denmark, Birger Riis-Jørgensen, at the Embassy of Denmark on Sloane Street. The luncheon was held to mark the “Building Schools for the Future – Learning from Denmark” seminar currently taking place in London, and was also attended by Danish architects and their British business relations.

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This was followed by the official announcement of the eight British students selected to take part in the Bright Green Youth! conference, which will take place between August 8 and 10 this year in the Danish city of Sønderborg. Mary presented the students with diplomas, once again at the Embassy of Denmark, this time dressed in a sleeve-less brown dress with dark brown detailing on the waist and gold sequins.

That evening, the Crown Princess visited Tate Modern for the opening of the Per Kirkeby retrospective art exhibition. Joined by the Danish artist himself, Mary was given a private tour of the exhibition.

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2 Responses to Crown Princess Mary’s Day Visit to London

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  2. Kate says:

    I just wonder why Mary is giving out diplomas?

    Is that for them to become dole bludgers too?

    I can’t help it, but I really find it quite ridiqulous that some people get paid 1 mil per year because they are a prince. And on top of that they act as if they are above everyone else!

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