Princess Alexia’s Husband Under Investigation

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Former King Constantine II’s son-in-law, Carlos Morales Quintana, is under investigation in Spain for bribery and corruption. Morales Quintana, a Spanish architect from the Canary Islands in Spain, faces up to 4 years in prison if charged and convicted.

Under Spanish law, Morales Quintana is only a “person of interest” in an ongoing investigation. He has not been formally charged in the scandal. However, his offices have been searched and records have been seized. He has also attended an interogation with the Spanish Police, by appointment, accompanied by an attorney. Carlos Morales Quintana declined to comment on the investigation when approached outside the police station.

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Carlos and his wife, Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark, are set to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary on July 9. They have four children and currently live in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Princess Alexia is the oldest child of the Former King and Queen of Greece (the former Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark) and is an avid sailor. She and her husband both participate on the AZUR DE PUIG sailing team in Spain.

Princess Alexia, the niece of both Queen Sophia of Spain and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, was briefly the Crown Princess of Greece prior to her brother Prince Pavlos’ birth. A popular member of the family, she is frequently photographed with her Spanish Royal Cousins and most recently appeared at the First Communion celebrations with them. Carlos has also been a popular figure and was most recently photographed by Spanish photographer David Seri for the May 2009 Binter Canarias magazine. The interview and photos were conducted just before the news of the investigation broke.

The press in Denmark (where Princes Alexia’s maternal Aunt is the reigning Queen) have reported that Carlos Morales Quintana was arrested and charged, but those reports are believed to be a problem in the translation.

The news could not come at a worse time for the Deposed Greek Royals. King Constantine is recovering from major open heart surgery. He has yet to conduct official engagements and was just recently released to recover at home.

More information, as available, will be in the current events thread for Princess Alexia and Carlos Morales Quintana.

Author’s Note: Due to the serious nature of the allegations, I have chosen not to report on the speculation regarding specific charges. The investigation specifics are under confidential seal and only the judge and the investigators know for certain the scope and what the specific allegations are. Until there is an official announcement from the judge or the police, any reports of specific charges are rumors and speculation.

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