A Busy Week for Haakon

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In the beginning of the week, Tuesday June 9th , Crown Prince Haakon and his father King Harald V attend a ceremony at the synagogue in Oslo. Rabbi Joav Melchior welcomed the Royals to his synagogue and underlined the symbolic meaning of this visit to support the dialogue between the Jews and Christians.

You can find a gallery of the visit here.

On June 11th Haakon attended a conference about “Global Dignity” for headmasters in Oslo .
The”Global Dignity”-day has been arranged by the Bjørnholt school and the Ruseløkka school . You can find a special by kongehuset.no here.

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In the evening, Haakon and his mother, Queen Sonja, attended a gala dinner on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Henrik Prince Consort of Denmark in Fredensborg Castle, Denmark.

On June 13th, Crown Prince Haakon had an engagement called “Til topps” or “Join us at the summit”. He was going to the top of Norway’s highest mountain Galdhøpiggen. The trip is arranged by the red cross.

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