Approval Ratings Down for Henrik and Joachim

  June 12, 2009 at 5:45 am by

New approval ratings for the Danish Royal Family have shown that while all the royal family has dropped in approval ratings, it is Queen Margrethe II’s husband and younger son who have dropped their approval ratings dramatically since 2004.

The stats, released yesterday, show that the Danish public have lost confidence in how the two men handle their public roles. Henrik’s approval rating is down 12%, from 41.8% in 2004 to 29.8% this year. A further 30.7% believe that the 75-year-old has been doing a poor job.

But it is Prince Joachim’s approval rating that has essentially snowballed over the past five years. Back in 2004, when the Prince was still married to the Countess of Frederiksborg (the poll was taken before their divorce was announced), Joachim enjoyed at 84.6% approval rating. Today, it stands at nearly half that, at 44.6%. Joachim’s second wife, Princess Marie, has an equally dismal approval rating of almost 37%.

The heir to the Danish throne, Crown Prince Frederik, dropped 10% in his approval rating, from 90.7% to 80.4%. His wife, Crown Princess Mary – who did not appear in 2004 poll – broke into the fold with a rating higher than her husband’s, at 82.2%. Mary also slightly surpassed her mother-in-law in ratings, with Queen Margrethe receiving a 81.3% rating.

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13 Responses to Approval Ratings Down for Henrik and Joachim

  1. Biridget Holder says:

    I am not surprised. Prince Joachim’s shameful treatment of his first wife, the countess of Frederiksborg and apprearing like a leacherous man getting a virgin with Princess Marie is why his approval ratings are down. Prince Marie dated a married man in most opinions.

  2. Biridget Holder says:

    Furthermore, I think Prince Joachim’s selection of Princess Marie (who closely resembles Crown Princess Mary) makes people question why he is attracted to his second wife.

  3. Mavis Fraser says:

    Prince Joachim is not to be blamed (fully) for the breakup of his first marriage the other party is no saint. Saints are in heaven.

  4. Mavis Fraser says:

    Did anyone thought about praising Prince Joachim for marrying an older woman and making her known to the world. adding Princes and Duchess to her resume . We are imperfect beings he will learm from his mistakes like everyone else.

  5. Biridget Holder says:

    @Mavis Fraser Mavis you are correct. There are no saints on Earth. Your point is well taken. However, I find it strange that the Prince would marry someone who so closely resembles his sister in law. You are correct that he did make the countess of Frederiksborg famous, indeed.

  6. Biridget Holder says:

    @Mavis Fraser You are correct Mavis that the Prince is not the sole responsible party for the break up of his first marriage. However, like most men, he is about 80% responsible.

  7. Mavis Fraser says:

    Dearest Biridget: Thank you for understanding my views, mark my words; in the near future you will hear that the countess second marriage is a japerdy, (excuse my spelling). As for Joachim marrying someone who looks like his sister-in-law (younger brothers like to copy from their elder brothers). (between us) Some people are good at comaflauge, Alexandra at some point could not cope with Royal Protocal. I like to be fair. Joachim was 26 years old when he married give him some credit.

  8. Mavis Fraser says:

    I do not think Joachim treated his wife in a shameful way as a matter of fact his parent treated Alexandra like their own daughter since Queen Margaratte did not have a daughter Alaxendra became the one. On the other hand unfortunately like princess Diana and Joachim went through adeleasant in their late twenty. After marriage.

  9. Mavis Fraser says:

    Prince Joachim allowed Alexandra’s parents to live at the palace even when she had moved out of their home, her parents were still living at their son-in-law’s palace way into the time when he was about to announce his engagement to Maria. Joachim is a farmer and has employeea
    he is a responsible person. I wonder if Princess Alexandra’s parents paid rent while living there? wheather or not it was a gracious thing for their son-in-law to do. I do not think that they are living with this present son-in-law and their daugtjer. Some people see only one side of a coin Joachim is a very busy person he has three children to maintain and a new wife.

  10. Margaret says:

    If you look at the similarities of the Princesses – Both born in February, both became engaged in October, both married in May,had a child in May…….. Princess Marie looks like Princess Mary.???………….perhaps Joachim holds a candle to Princess Mary but I hope he really loves Princess Marie as we know what happened to Princess Diana

  11. Christie says:

    Let’s not make excuses for Joachim and Marie. It is clearly evident Marie and Joachim had an affair while he was married to the countess. Any kindness he showed the Countess and her family after the divorce and up to that time is probably, in my opinion, due to him wanting her to go quitely. The man has no brains and no heart. If he could not scarfice ”his own happiness” for the Countess and their two sons, then how can be expected to help lead Denmark?! No wonder he scored alow!

  12. Liz says:

    @Mavis Fraser
    Oh, “you will hear that the countess second marriage is a japerdy” (your spelling, not mine). From where, some tabloid? Did you know that the tabloids also declared she was pregnant at her second wedding? Well, where’s the baby? Congratulations, Joachim. Dropped 40 points to 44.6% and his new wife scored 36.6%. Henrik dropped 12% in 4 years, but dropping 40 points is a thorough repudiation. Marie behaved shamelessly in the pre-engagement period, granting so many interviews and posing endlessly for the cameras. She even signed her autograph for a tabloid. You can see the picture in the threads (I hope it’s still there.)What royal girlfriend signs her autograph? Mary managed to live in Denmark for a year without talking to the media.

  13. Liz says:

    oops, Henrik dropped 12% in 5 years,not 4.

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