Countess of Wessex Continues To Shine During Official Visit to Canada

  June 7, 2009 at 2:59 pm by

During the past two days, Sophie Rhys-Jones, who is better known as the Countess of Wessex, has been very busy. She has participated in ceremonies honoring police and the military. Her whirlwind schedule continued today as she participated in church services at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, according to an article in the Edmonton Journal. The Countess read from the Book of Isaiah during the Sunday morning service.

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Shortly before the church service, the Countess inspected the South Alberta Light Horse Regiment. She is the colonel-in-chief of this regiment. After the inspection, the regiment joined the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Band in a parade near the church.

The Countess attracted many royal watchers and well-wishers who came to see her while on the royal visit. Shelly Kellam, a Canadian royal watcher, told the newspaper that she came to the event just to see what the Countess was wearing. She enthusiastically stated that, “She was great”.

After the church services, Sophie spent time greeting the children from Holy Trinity’s Sunday School. The children presented her with gifts of flowers and cards. The Countess took the time to take photos with the children, who were undoubtedly delighted by the opportunity to meet a real-life royal, according to an interview with some of the children by

The Countess spent the rest of the day meeting with the soldiers from her regiment and their families in honor of Regimental Family Day.

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