Prince Philippe not prepared?

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In a new book about King Albert and Queen Paola and their 50-year long marriage, Belgian Royalty-watcher (and -presenter) Kathy Pauwels claims that Prince Philippe feels like his father does not prepare him enough for the throne. In neighbouring countries, we see the monarchs taking their heirs along when they have functions to perform, such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Prince Willem-Alexander, or Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales, but such combined outings of King Albert and Prince Philippe are pretty rare.

The Prince is also said to be unhappy with the influence the Cabinet Chef of the King has. It is also known that Prince Philippe had been prepared by his uncle Baudouin to follow in his footsteps, but after the unexpected death of the late King, it was not Philippe, but his father Albert who succeeded to the throne.

The troubled relationship between Albert and Philippe is no secret. It probably began in the earliest years of Philippe’s childhood, when there were very big relationship troubles between Albert and Paola.

Kathy Pauwels’ book will appear this weekend, it is entitled “Albert & Paola, 50 jaar lief en leed” (Albert & Paola, 50 years for better and for worse). It is only published in Dutch at first.

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