Prince Charles’s Image and Vision

  June 1, 2009 at 10:34 am by

Over the last several years we have been hearing a lot about Prince Charles and who he is. It is almost as if he had just sprung onto the world stage full grown, as it were. It seemed as if we had forgotten that a very young looking Prince Charles “arrived” on the adult stage on his investiture as Prince of Wales.

Since that day his almost every move has been photographed and filmed, his behaviour analysed and critiqued to an impossibly high standard. We see him headlining around the world as a visionary; a trailblazing organic farmer, eco warrior, and entrepreneur.

And here we all are playing catch-up, trying to figure out who is this man who will, barring death, become the next King of Great Britain? We let ourselves be distracted by the culture of youth, celebrity, the look, the deeply superficial yardsticks (or metre-sticks?) by which we, in this brave new millennium have found ourselves bogged down.

Charles? A man who once joked on camera that he talked to his cabbages. Personally I think he may have been talking about journalists, but maybe that’s just me thinking he may have inherited more than a little of his father’s infamous wit. So maybe we could just start with a little light background.

Is all this eco-friendly, carbon-footprint, clean green, environmentally friendly, visionary stuff the thing of which spin is made, the hook on which to reinvent himself? This Daily Mail article gives a whimsical insight into the genus of “Charles: the Man and His Dreams.”

For more information about Charles’s many interests, see the threads about his involvement in architecture, environment, religious tolerance, rainforests, alternative medicine, charitable causes, organic farming, Duchy Originals, and Poundbury.

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