“Sculpture by the Sea” Exhibition to Open in Denmark

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Twelve years ago the “Sculpture by the Sea” exhibition began on the shores of Bondi Beach in Australia, it then expanded to Perth’s shores in 2004. This year for the first time, it will also run in Denmark. The exhibition will open outside of Australia for the first time in a little under a week, when it opens in Århus, Denmark on June 5 and will run until the 28th of that month.

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TRH The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark have been instrumental in bringing the exhibition to Denmark, and they will attend the official opening at 2pm. The couple are said to have visited the Sydney exhibition during their early years together (assumedly, prior to their relationship being public knowledge), and it is for this reason that 18 months ago they began the process of having a “Sculpture by the Sea” exhibition in Denmark.

More than 20 Australian sculptors are expected to contribute to the exhibition, which will feature the work of approximately 60 sculptors in total. It will be accompanied by another Australian, musician Darren Hanlon will be performing in Århus during the exhibition, also at the request the the Crown Princely Couple. It is believed that the singer’s 2002 album was amongst those Mary sent to Frederik prior to her move to Europe. Hanlon’s work is described as “indie-folk”.

In Århus, the exhibition will be free to the public.

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