Buckingham Palace Security under Review after Breach

  May 27, 2009 at 9:43 am by

The security of Buckingham Palace has been questioned following the revelation that several media personnel have been able to gain access to the palace. One journalist was even employed by the Palace a few years ago, while another two are reputed to have gained entry to the palace in return for a £1,000 bribe.

The latter journalists toured the royal family’s fleet of cars, including those personally used by HM Queen Elizabeth II. The pair claims to have entered the Royal Mews unchallenged. It is believed that HM was in residence at the palace at the time. According to online reports, this security breach occurred earlier this month and a chauffeur has been suspended as a result.

The former (the employment of a journalist at the palace) occurred in 2003, and it is reported that the position he held within the palace was that of footman. He worked there for a period of two months, according to British newspapers (online editions), and took photos of the royals’ private living quarters that were published in the Daily Mirror.

For more information about royal security, including these incidents, see this thread.

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  1. Angela says:

    It’s sad that you can’t trust anybody these days.

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