By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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One often notices, when out shopping, that many items carry the Royal Coat of Arms and the legend “By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen….” These companies are holders of a Royal Warrant to indicate that the Royal Household uses their produce; it is the greatest honour a UK business can have.

From Smythson of Bond Street, Barbour and Fortnum & Mason to Heinz, Silver Spoon Sugar and McIlhenny Company (Tabasco Sauce), the Royal Warrant can be found on a great variety of products. The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales can all award these warrants and give their Royal seal of approval.

Since the earliest of times, Royal patronage has been highly sought after and today this continues for businesses in the form of Royal Warrants. These can be displayed on your stationery, shop front, delivery vans and produce packaging. You cannot divulge which product the Royal grantor purchases except the description in the warrant itself, for example Cadbury is “Coco and Chocolate manufacturers” – we will never know if Her Majesty prefers Bournville or Dairy Milk.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association (click here to visit their site) keeps a full database of Warrant holders and explains the history and protocol of a Royal Warrant.

The next time you’re doing your groceries look out for these Royal Warrant products and you could be eating and dressing like The Queen!

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