Dutch Princess Catharina-Amalia Introduced into the Council of State

  December 8, 2021 at 5:23 pm by

Today, Wednesday December 8, Her Royal Highness Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, the day after turning 18 years old, was officially introduced into the Council of State.
At the ceremony, held in the Ballroom of Kneuterdijk Palace, seat of the Council of State, the Princess was accompanied by Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.
Upon the arrival at the Palace, the Dutch Royals were greeted by Thom de Graaf, Vice President of the Council of State and other members of the Council.
During the ceremony the King was the first to give a speech. He started the speech by saying how proud he and the Queen were “to accompany her in her entry into this Council”, adding that “We are grateful that you welcome our daughter in this warm way and that you want to introduce her to the content of your work in future years”. To her daughter the King said that sitting in the Council “gives you the opportunity to gain more insight into the issues that are important for the future of our country”. The King also remembered his own introduction to the Council of State in 1985.
Then the Princess of Orange gave her first speech. Opening her speech, the Princess thanked her father for his “warm words”. Then Princess Catharina-Amalia stated that “I will have much to learn”, adding that she realized “how little I know about the tasks of the government, the assessment of laws, the functioning of the administration and the function of the judge”. The Princess closed her speech by thanking the King, President of the Council, the Vice President and the members of the Council.
After the introduction to the Council of State, the Princess, along with the King, the Queen and the Vice President, planted a royal lime tree in the garden behind Kneuterdijk Palace as part of the introduction ceremony.
Then took place a brief press conference. The Princess said she was grateful for the privacy during her gap year and that she wants to focus on her studies.


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