Dutch Regional Visit to North Limburg

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Today, Thursday May 27, Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima paid a regional visit to North Limburg.
The visit was focused on positive health and the influence of the coronavirus outbreak on the region.
The first stop was in the municipality of Venlo where the Royal Couple was welcomed by Johan Remkes, King’s Commissioner in Limburg since April. In Venlo the King and the Queen visited the Brightlands Campus Greenport, a campus where innovative entrepreneurs, researchers and students “work together on innovations in the fields of healthy and safe nutrition, future farming and biocircular economy”.
The Royal Couple toured the campus and then attended a round table meeting focused on the concept of “positive health” and the role of voluntary work.
Then King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima moved to the municipality of Tegelen where, at the open-air theater De Doolhof, they were present at the rehearsal of the Passion Plays.
Passion Plays, a play performed in open-air theater every five years since 1931, is organized by a team of 400 volunteers from Tegelen and the region. The King and the Queen met with a few actors, employees, volunteers and the director and they talked about the importance of the local community.
Afterwards, in the municipality of Bergen, the Royal Couple visited the Maasduinen National Park where, accompanied by the administrator of the park, Michael van Roosmalen, walked through the forest of Landgoed De Hamert.
The King and the Queen ended the regional visit in the municipality of Venray. The Royal Couple was officially welcomed in the town hall where they had a meeting focused about the mental health and resilience of young people at the presence of experts, young people and people from Limburg.

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